Honest Trailer for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

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I’m surprised it’s taken this long to happen, but the folks behind those “honest trailers” have finally tackled Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.  The trailer takes aim at a few of the larger criticisms of the trilogy closer, some more warranted than others.  They sharply tackle how weak of a Batman/Bruce Wayne story the film is and have their go at Bane’s dastardly plans.  It’s all in good fun, though, and there are a couple of solid jokes to be found thanks to the guys at Red Letter Media (famous for their brutal reviews of the Star Wars prequels).

Hit the jump to watch the “honest trailer” for The Dark Knight Rises.  The film is available now on Blu-ray and DVD.


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  • ryan

    It was pretty funny but it kinda died off toward the end. And the whole “character with downs syndrome” line coming from the guy who was either stoned or half retarded was…well, retarded.

    • Mr Kippling

      you have obviously never seen anything by redlettermedia, shut it and check them out, great reviews

    • stove

      watch their half in a bag review of DKR and you’ll get the joke… Mike and Jay were playing the roles of the average film goer who think they are smarter than the film maker. So in a sense, yeah he was being retarded (i mean an exceptional individual) but so are most audience members anyway (me included, i kinda like some Micheal Bay movies I must confess)

  • Chuckles

    Give how much of a Nolan-fan-wanking circle this website is, can’t wait for the legions of hate-mail from the rabid manchildren who thought TDKR was good because Batman is “SO GRIMDARK AND EPIC FOR THE WIN!! ^__^”

    TDKR sucked and this video was flawless. Let the Nolantard damage control begin.

    • JW.

      now look I’m not going to say the film is perfect. It is far from it. Plot holes and all. But just because a film has plot holes doesn’t make it the worst thing in the world. I actually found the story to be interesting and liked how they focused more on the character of Bruce Wayne then on Batman and making sure everything was grounded in reality. That’s not why I like the Nolan Batman films. It’s because it’s a character ark of the man not the mask. You don’t like the film and that’s fine, you might even think Dark Knight is overrated, I’m not trying to change that. All I’m saying is that it comes down to personal taste in movies. And people have different opinions on what makes a good movie. This comment is just for you but for people on the other side of the issue that were sending death threats to anyone who disliked the film.

      • Mr Kippling

        copy paste ;)

    • spongefist

      It was my firm experience that TDKR was crap and Inception was crap. Nolan creates utterly pseudo-intellectual pretentious bollocks. This review was good, but only covered about 10% of why it was so bad. They also missed the biggy. Batman not being able to scale a kids climbing wall – ridiculous !!

  • This video is a 100% accurate

    ha ha at Nolanites

    • AJ

      You’re pathetic (and delusional).

  • TotesMcGotes

    Love the movie,but had my problems with it,some are adressed in the trailer. But with all the nitpicking on the trailer,they forgot to adress a real problem in the movie,that was the plot twist. I mean,seriously,that didn’t have any impact whatsoever and only wrecked Bane as a villain.

  • Efren

    I’m a “Nolanite” I guess. I really don’t give a shit about that. I love Nolan’s movies. This was a pretty solid video. TDKR is flawed but I can’t help but like it none the less. Everything they mentioned was accurate.

  • Efren

    I\’m a \"Nolanite\" I guess. I really don\’t give a shit about that. I love Nolan\’s movies. This was a pretty solid video. TDKR is flawed but I can\’t help but like it none the less. Everything they mentioned was accurate.

  • tarek

    Well.. to be honest, I didn’t find it so funny. I prefer Red Letter Media style.
    while some of their questioning were worth asking. Most of their “???? look at the ceiling” thing was dull.

    why didn’t she kill Batman when she had the opportunity to do it? Well. it was the same motivation that made Bane not killing him when he broke his back. that it : to let him watch the doom of Gotham as it was planned initially by Ras al Ghul.

    the only thing that annoyed me somehow in TDKR, was the time it took to annihilate Gotham.
    Bane came to free people from the corrupted system. but no one can save see his live spared anyway…so what’s the purpose ?

    Maybe to send a strong message to the planet. ?…

  • The13thDoctor

    Meh, “How It Should Have Ended” Spoofed It Better and didn’t come off as douches while spoofing it.

    • Nitsuj Relis

      agreed. I also love how hipsters are now flooding the internet hating things that others enjoy just because it’s “cool”

      • Pocketses

        Even more hipsterish is the idea that only the people who hated something others loved is to be hipster.

        Maybe let people have their own opinions without assuming you know what those opinions mean?

  • Mars

    The fake movie trailer voice is annoying, but this was much needed. Rises sucked. If anything, these guys went really easy on Nolan, as most people tend to do. The whole movie was just one dumb scene after another with a really unspectacular villain. Hathaway was trying so hard to be sassy, and her lack of acting ability destroyed this flick.

    The second fight between Bane and Bats was hilarious. All the background extras pretending to fight made me laugh out loud when I saw it. Then Batman kicks Bane through the doors and the goon WITH THE GUN runs towards him instead of just shooting him. Then Miranda stabs him through his armor incredibly easily and goes on a long winded explanation for like 5 minutes. Then Bane, known for his hand to hand combat and killing people with his pure strength…tries to shoot Batman with a shotgun, but Catwoman shows up…..somehow she got past all the mercenaries on the steps outside. Then in later scenes, Batman shows no sign of injury even though he’s been stabbed badly.

    Dumbest scene in the movie: When the two goons run and try to beat up a random kid for stealing an APPLE. Then Hathaway shows up and twists their arms and they lie on the ground in agony for the rest of the scene.

    • Steve

      “somehow she got past all the mercenaries on the steps outside.”

      Being catwoman might have had something to do with it. Just a wild guess.

    • DG

      “All the background extras pretending to fight made me laugh out loud when I saw it.”

      You mean, extras aren’t supposed to pretend to fight for a movie scene? WHOA consider my mind blown. I could of sworn they had to near kill each other to get that realistic tone. smh

    • REALLY?

      “Hathaway’s lack of acting ability?” – how about you wait until Les Miserables comes out and try making that comment again.

      This movie may have it’s flaws but having bad actors in key roles is definitely not one of them.

  • Danny

    It was meh in the beginning but died when they brought in the two guys acting slow/retarded to be funny. Only good part was the ending cast names. Least funny honest trailer so far. And no, I’m not a “nolanite.”

  • Brett

    Loved the movie and thought this was funny. Not as funny as their Twilight trailers though lol.

  • Clay

    “My Cocaine”


  • Micodin

    “Meh, “How It Should Have Ended” Spoofed It Better and didn’t come off as douches while spoofing it.”


  • Ivan

    It took this long because they need footage to put in the video, so they have to wait to be released in dvd/blu ray or for download. That’s why there isn’t one of the last Twilight movie yet.

  • Johnson

    Ph, seriously, everyone here using the word “nolanites” (even though no such thing exists…) suffers from some kind of mental problems or a lack of attention and social contacts. That video is not the best parody, and to be honest that entire channel sucks rally bad but they must have paid a lot to get it listed here because it’s hardly newsworthy.

    • AU


  • internetasshole

    TDKR made more money than your favorite movies, so lol @ you homos.

    • MrNateathon

      My favorite movie is The Dark Knight. So lol at you. POW!

      • Angel of Death

        And my favorite movie is The Avengers, so lol @ you being a f**king idiot…yeah cuz you know…none of the Batman or Chris Nolan movies have come close to reaching THAT box office gross, so…

        Also, I love how the butthurt Nolanites can’t defend the actual truths this Honest Trailer is throwing out there. Your movie sucked balls bitches!!!

      • REALLY?

        Your favorite movie is The Avengers? Really? I feel sorry for you.

        FACT! Anyone who says their favoroite movie is a super hero movie has zero credibility.

  • Steve

    The above exchange is why the movie Idiocracy isn’t just a movie… it’s an inevitability.

  • Angel of Death


    FACT! Anyone who tries to insult anyone else by spelling “favorite” like “favoroite” is a tard and has less than zero credibility.

    Go back to first grade bitch!

    • REALLY?

      I think I just got grammar policed by Jesse Pinkman?

  • WolfPunch

    Now that Batman is over check out the new Superhero in Failure to Launch.


  • James

    Haha, it was pretty funny but i still freakin love the movie! My favorite of the 3.

  • terry

    That movies was a flaming piece of pig turd. TDKR can kiss my ass!!!!!!

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