New Images of The Bat from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

     June 14, 2012


While Christopher Nolan has made it perfectly clear that The Dark Knight Rises is his last Batman film, that doesn’t mean the pic doesn’t include a good deal of new territory that wasn’t covered in the first two films.  In addition to new villain Bane and new something Catwoman, Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne also gets himself a nice new toy to play with: The Bat.  For all intents and purposes this is Nolan’s version of the Batwing, and just as his version of the Batmobile differed greatly in design and style from any other previous incarnations, his iteration of the Batwing is decidedly unique.  A batch of new images from the book The Dark Knight Manual: Tools, Weapons, Vehicles & Documents from the Batcave have landed online, giving us a much closer look at The Bat.

Hit the jump to check out the images, which also point out some of the technical aspects of the vehicle.  The Dark Knight Rises opens on July 20th.

the-dark-knight-manual-book-coverFirst off, here’s a synopsis for the Dark Knight Manual book:

In 2005, filmmaker Christopher Nolan redefined Batman for a new generation with Batman Begins, followed in 2008 by The Dark Knight, and now 2012’s conclusion to the trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. Here, for the first time, is an in-world exploration of Christopher Nolan’s Batman: The Dark Knight Manual, the definitive guide to his tools, vehicles, and technologies.

Following the destruction of Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne began to assemble key sketches, diagrams, observations, and other top-secret documents germane to becoming Batman; he then entrusted this manual to his faithful butler, Alfred. Every defining moment is detailed here, charting Wayne’s collaborations with Lucius Fox at Wayne Enterprises on the latest cutting-edge technology.

Featuring removable documents, including the design and capability of the famed utility belt, the hi-tech functions of Batman’s cowl, and every detail of his amazing arsenal of weapons and gadgets, The Dark Knight Manual reveals how Bruce Wayne operates as Gotham’s greatest protector.

And here are the scanned images of The Bat (via SHH):






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  • AlexHeyNa

    I like how Chris and his design team actually take the time to design their gadgets and vehicles. They make it seem like these things could actually be a real piece of technology today.

    Read more:

    • AlexHeyNa

      How the hell did that “Read more” link end up in my comment???

  • RTFM

    Definitely the weakest link of the Nolan franchise. That realism is the problem. It is the vehicles and gadgets from various sources with no bat theme. It could really all exist in some expensive collection. That actually makes Batman less special. That is not the “famed” utility belt. It IS a gold climbing harness.

    • Sean

      You haven’t seen the movie yet. How are you calling it the weakest link?

      • Greg

        I’m afraid I agree with RTFM, the Tumbler was cool, but I was hoping it would be replaced by some form of a legitimate Batmobile. And I have to be honest, The Bat looks terrible. The “realism” definately leaves something to be desired when it comes to batman lore.

    • Grayden

      So let me see if I got this right; Some of you are complaining because Nolan has decided to apply practical designs to Batman’s transportation in his films, which are grounded in reality, not fantasy. So you’d be happier with designs that were not practical at all and heavily influenced by bats, and put into a series that is grounded in reality, not fantasy? Riiiiight, completely understand your failure of logic now.

      • Wah

        It is logical to expect bat-themed vehicles in a story about somebody named “Batman.”
        It is also logical to expect those vehicles would function in the real world if the story is supposed to be grounded in reality, meaning physical laws.
        The complaint here is that these things are a hodge-podge of expensive protoypes haphazardly assembled by a well-to-do joyrider who is competent enough to operate them, but not able to understand how they work,n or envision their potential usefulness and create them. This a major departure from every previous portrayal of the character that would not conflict with Nolan’s “realistic” view if it were corrected.

      • bongo

        You’re right on Grayden, everything about Nolan’s Batman is that it has a “feel” that it could happen. Look how much they changed the joker. But the same thing happened with Captain america; everyone was bent that the colors of his costume was muted for the movie, then when he was full-out Cap, everyone said the costume was gay and they should have used the first.

        I like Collider but the fans just like to bitch!

    • Agent_Black

      Erm…. Greg and RTFM? WTF? For all of that cr4p you’ve had 2 TV series starring Adam West 4 extremely cheesy films kicked off by Tim Burton and finally mutilated by Joel Schumacher. I’m pretty sure that when they integrate Batman into Justice League and reboot the franchise your time of ham-fisted heroics will come once more but for the time being, can you not just shut the feck up and let us lovers of the graphic novels (Killing Joke, Batman Year One, Arkham Asylum etc) have an incarnation of Batman that actually RESEMBLES the publications in some way? For once?

      • Wah

        “the graphic novels (Killing Joke, Batman Year One, Arkham Asylum etc) have an incarnation of Batman that actually RESEMBLES the publications in some way? For once?”

        Fortunately you’re no more authorized to speak for people who love those “graphic novels” than Grayden is to determine for others what’s logical, because all of those stories feature either bat-themed vehicles or some connection between Batman and mythology.

      • Greg

        So you’re telling me that there would be no way to come up with a decent concept design of a cool looking batmobile that could be more “realistic” looking? Let’s not forget that one of the cool things about batman are his gadgets/vehicles. I don’t see how a “more grounded in reality” version of the story has to hamper that, yet it has. I said I liked the tumbler, but it served it’s purpose, I was just hoping for a more streamlined vehicle to replace it. And I still think The Bat looks tacky.

      • Grayden

        you guys still have shit for logic when it comes to the design choices for Batman’s vehicles in Nolan’s series. You’re still saying that because in every iteration on film before the Batmobile and Batwing have been themed heavily by a bat, that Nolan’s iteration should be no different. Nolan’s iteration is a reboot, therefore it doesn’t have to follow the visual style of it’s predecessors. On top of that, a streamlined car with a “bat-theme” would A) look tacky, gaudy, and comedic in this visual context and B) not look practical in reality. Can you imagine if your city’s vigilante hero rolled up in a Dodge Viper? Me either. A Tumber? Yeah..actually I could. Same can be said for the Bat. A flying jet-type thing with curved wings and no ailerons or tail-fin is not practical, nor realistic, at all. It’s cool and fantastical, but Nolan’s Batman isn’t about being cool or fantastical. Nolan was wise to extend the “Bat” half of Batman to only his persona. The emotional impact of Batman, fear of the dark and what’s in it, should only be shown by Batman; never his gadgets or vehicles. Which is why Nolan crafted his Batman and the universe he inhabits, the way he did, so we wouldn’t even be bothered by these things.

        Ultimately, I’d say you fanboys are just butthurt over the fact that your comics haven’t been followed by the letter, or worse, the designs of the previous films weren’t relied upon in the design of these films.

      • Pointy Bat Ears

        Ultimately Grayden no one would care what you say because you’re long-winded and desperate.

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  • Farzan

    “The Bat” looks pretty ugly design wise. I’ll take the bat plane from the original Burton version over this Nolan version any day.

    • Justin

      Yeah I would agree but The movie turned out alright, it had a good psychological aspect to it. Like Tom hardy having done a beast role in “the warrior” helped his image as bane a lot while still retaining the intelligence factor with the voice over even though it seems out of place at first I think people will like it more watching it from home. The Bat was needed for the nuke without it there was no way out it was also the only new toy in the entire movie and the only real mention about it is the auto pilot. It is still like the traditional helicopter but with some of the look of the plane. A plane however would be hard to use in a crowded city but would have had that nuke out of the city in hardly a second. SO i guess the comprise is kind of fair to use story wise.

  • leechenstein

    It should be called a “toad” instead of a “bat”.

  • Joe

    How does this take off actually? I can see how it’s propelled forward with the twin min turbines but the lift-off?

    Unless the turbines have a way of swiveling downward to offer VTOL capability as well…?

  • Singularity

    So this Bat thing…

    It’s basically a helicopter, with two rotors underneath the main body. The “arms” seem to house the propulsion engines. It’s sort of like a conventional chopper design, inside out.

    IMO, the design looks intriguing. But getting a closer look at it in these pictures, the cockpit seems very “blocky” when compared with anything designed after 1988.

    Optimistically hopeful.

  • Singularity

    P.S. – Sweet basketball.

  • sense 11

    Its fucking awesome is what it is, all these Smallville fans hating on Nolan need to find themselves some taste

  • The Smirking Revenge

    The Bat is obviously a flying one-off of the Tumbler design. Same front-end. I almost expected it to break from the new Tumbler at some point, but after seeing it in the trailers, I dont’ see it happening.

    It looks pretty cool, and functional for navigating through a city.

    The Bat-plane from Burton’s was cool looking, sure, but highly unnecessary and impractical for use in Gotham. It was a freakin’ jet for christ’s sake, and Joker was able to take it out with a pistol. All show, no substance. This one looks to be more practical.

    But everyone always complains about something, this is the interweb afterall.

    • Pointy Bat Ears

      Yes, all of these points getting made amount to no more than “I’m on the interweb so here’s some complaining.” Nice reading comprehension.

      Why do you guys even bother?

      Maybe sense11 can take a few more shots at Smallville fans before this story hits page 5. What an outrage.

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  • Wes

    The only glaring problem I have with the Nolan Batman is that he relies too much on Fox for his tech. Lucious Fox is in the comics, but he only comes in when Bruce needs extremely specialized weaponry. Bruce is supposed to be smart enough to build the majority of his arsenal on his own, or at least retrofit something more bat themed into everything he gets from Fox. Not just painting everything black.

  • 13steve13

    I would think the flat surfaces are part of stealth technology

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  • CapeCrusader

    I think the appearance of new vehicle aka batwing fullfill the new batman franchise theme.. “RISE” from The Dark Knight Rises…
    Wheather its practical or not we will only knew this coming July 20th..
    Sure Nolan has his own inginuity & trademark making his film… Batman Begins & The Dark Knight already proved something in box office…
    See for example even fairytale story like snow white (snow white & the huntsman), alice in wonderland, repunzel in animation etc also have different or darker storyline…
    So guys think out of box a little bit… Be original & not copy paste… Surely people ot there want to watch different versions of story telling & the film studios making money for franchise like this…
    Even spiderman get a remake for this coming amazing spiderman..

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