Warner Bros. Launches Awards Campaign for THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

     November 13, 2012

the dark knight rises batman bane

As we move closer towards awards season, studios are busy finalizing which of their films to push in which categories in order to give them the best shot at winning.  Given that the Best Picture snub for The Dark Knight in 2008 is widely considered a large reason why the Academy subsequently expanded the category to a larger number of nominees, we knew Warner Bros. would be launching a campaign for The Dark Knight Rises.  Alas, the “For Your Consideration” campaign for Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy closer is off and running, and we’ve got a look at which categories WB is pulling for.  Hit the jump for more.

the-dark-knight-rises-christopher-nolan-imageIt’s pretty standard for major studios to put their big films under consideration for a large number of categories, and that’s exactly what Warner Bros. has done with The Dark Knight Rises.  Honestly, the film is really only a player in the technical categories for Oscar, as a Best Picture or Best Director nomination seems like a longshot. 2012 has been a banner year for film and there’s a lot of competition, so it makes it a lot harder for a blockbuster like The Dark Knight Rises to break into the major categories.

Nevertheless, Wally Pfister has a fair chance at being nominated for Best Cinematography, and I expect the film will pick up a good number of nominations in the other technical categories.

Take a look at the full slate of categories in which Warner Bros. is offering The Dark Knight Rises up for consideration below.  The nominations for the 85th Academy Awards will be announced on January 10th.

the-dark-knight-rises-for-your-consideration-coverVia the film’s awards site.




Screenplay by

Story by






Production Designers

Set Decorator



Makeup Department Head

Hair Department Head

Production Sound Mixer

Re-Recording Mixers





  • Chris Nolan is a Fraud

    This movie is a shoe in for the ‘Total Bullshit’ award. Fingers crossed

  • Voice of the people

    What a disappointing film! Oscars will loses all cred if its nominated.

    • stove

      didn’t the oscars lose credibility long ago?

  • Tony

    They should give an academy award to Prometheus because it was waaaaay better. Best of the summer!

  • rob

    Did anyone even like this movie? No one I talked to did

    • Chad

      I liked it, and so did many others. Stop pretending the movie is an unliked flop. Any movie that makes a billion plus worldwide is probably well liked

      • Rob

        Hey transformers 1-3 must be well-liked high quality films too!

      • Steve

        Transformers 1-3 didn’t come anywhere near getting the critical praise that TDKR did. So when you combine the money TDKR made world wide with its critical reception, you have a bonafide hit. It’s fine that you and your friends did not like it. But stop behaving as if your opinion speaks for the majority when clearly it does not.

    • dobby

      your momma doesn’t count.

      • ha ha

        For somebody with a low enough I.Q. to enjoy Rises a your momma joke is par for the course.

    • Matt

      Did anyone like this movie?

      It is my favorite movie of the year and I’ve seen 38 so far. It is currently…

      - The highest rated movie of 2012 on IMDB with 415,000 votes. Sorry, there are not enough Nolan / Batman fanboys to skew the results on this one.

      - 87% on RottenTomatoes with 292 critics voting

      - 92% on RottenTomatoes with 450,000 users voting

      Yes, people liked it.

      • reality check

        The critics on rottentomatoes were afraid to give a rotten review for fear of being beaten to death by Dark Knight’s idiot fanboys. If you actually read those reviews most call it for being bullshit, hedge their bets, or outright say it isn’t good then give it a fresh rating anyway. That’s why Rotten tomatoes is bull. The first guy to post a negative review got like 40 death threats instantly (just shows you the mentality of the people who like this film). Just like you and your ilk can’t handle a differing opinion about a film without setting the mob of haters on it. Take a peek at Metacritic (way more trustworthy than tomatoes). Dark Knight has a far far lower score. Learn to think damnit!

      • reality check

        (sorry if this is a repeat but the comments system is messed up)
        Most Rotten Tomatoes critics were afraid of posting a negative review for fear of receiving deaththreats from DKR fanboys (shows you what kind of people they are).The first guy who called it for what it was got like 40 death threats immediately. If you read the reviews most call it for being mediocre, hedge their bets, or outright say they hated it but give it a fresh review anyway. At metacritic ( a way better website for determining critical response) Rises scores waaay lower. Use your brain damnit!

      • TwoCentsTooMuch

        The movie succeeded critically, financially, and in the public opinion. People will throw extreme and unfounded statements out there that are backed by what boils down to little more than ad hominems or red herrings. Sorry “Prometheus Script” Apologists (Personally I give it a solid 3 out of 5), but the best movie of the summer was “The Dark Knight Rises.”

        Many of the plot holes submitted by critics (critics being people that offer more than “Chris Nolan is a Fraud/Hack/Idiot” arguments) are stretches or the result of a lack of attention; though there are several plot holes that do exist, no more than any other film (and a lot less than many).

        The very vocal, and very tiny and easily ignored minority has every right to their opinion, but I can’t help but sense the raging is due to ideological differences or a desire to stifle the massive public praise for Nolan’s conclusion to one of the most consistently excellent trilogies in cinematic history.

      • Alex

        Rotten Tomatoes is not a good judge of film quality. Go to MetaCritc. it only got a 78 there. Much better judge of quality.

      • J

        The Dark Knight “only” got an 81 on metacritic and The Avengers got a 69. 78 is a hell of a score for a blockbuster film, or any film for that matter. It means the movie averaged about 3/4 stars or 4/5 stars for every review. TDKR was well received though not as much as TDK, there’s really no denying its success and critical acclaim. It had a lot of hype and some people hated it from the first screenshot released, but it was a great movie that finished a classic trilogy.

      • stove

        at reality check… death threats? are you fucking kidding? Seriously, if you believe a critic is going to change their opinion based upon INTERNET death threat from fan boys in stained boxers on their mom’s computer in the basement than you are a bit paranoid. The internet is like the 1st amendment on steroids, this isn’t Stalin’s Russia here.

    • Melack

      No one I talked to didn’t like it. So yeah.

      Personally I loved it, best movie I’ve seen from 2012 so far.

  • Yeah right

    Ha ha! Good luck with that one!

  • Martim Ferreira

    Haha, they must be kidding with this one! At best it can be nominated for the Razzies.

    • Amen

      If it doesn’t sweep the razzies that will be the true upset. They should create two new categories: worse ending and worse voice (Bane and Batman tie!). Now that this garbage intepretation is done lets see a real Batman film plz

      • Ur mom

        No, BREAKING DAWN has a better chance of sweeping the razzies this year.

  • fabrice

    ohh now we all think this movie sucks?? POSERS

    • Joey

      No, alot of intelligent people thought it sucked from day one brah

      • Jim

        So, I guess that only, like, 10% of the population is intelligent…

      • Joey

        You nailed it bro

      • stove

        at joey– and many intelligent people know that “alot” is actually “a lot”. Also it is preferred to say “many” as apposed to ‘a lot”, but I am sure you don’t care about that shit, you are keeping it real with the other hordes of intelligent cro-mags you keep for company…. you nailed it, bro-ski.

  • Jim

    Hahaha at the comments. I’m not saying this film is Oscar-worthy, it’s not, but I still find it hilarious how people think that everyone hated this movie. The consensus, from what I’ve seen on the internet and from people I know IRL, is that this movie is very good, not as good as TDK, but still very good. It did very well with critics, and great at the box office. Every movie with even the slimmest chance of a nomination does this whole “For Your Consideration” thing.

  • Tarek

    All those haters are bay’s fans. Obvious.

  • dobby

    God you people SUCK! go back to the haters on AICN why don’t you? Regardless of it’s faults, (and it has some), It’s still an incredible piece of filmmaking. When YOU go do something impressive, then you can hate.


    • get real

      When you make something impressive then I’ll take your judgement on what’s impressive.

    • Jeff


  • Jeff

    Movie was so awesome, can’t wait for it to come out on Blu-Ray!!

    • Joker

      This movie sucked! Can’t wait to burn every copy I come across on Bluray!

  • Jeff

    Agree with dobby

  • Jake

    As usual all the haters come out after a while, just like they did with TDK. This was a great fucking movie. I loved it and i can’t wait till it comes out on blu-ray, Bane was the best movie villain since the Joker. The greatest trilogy of all time. Yes, better than Toy Story and LOTR. It pisses me off when people call this movie “terrible” it’s not. AT ALL. It had some flaws, like all third movies, but had WAY more great things about it.

    • William Muniz

      Ok, first of all this is not the best trilogy ever. It is a great trilogy but not the greatest. Second I think the only acting recognition this movie should get is Michael Caine as Alfred, with his few minutes of screen time he made me care for him way more than I cared for any of the other characters. As for the movie as a whole, I think TDK deserved a nomination but I’m sorry to say that TDKR doesn’t.

  • Validated

    It’s so gratifying to see so much people come out and support the hate of the Dark Knight Rises. There’s some good in the world.

  • Strong Enough

    goes to show you how amazing TDK was. TDKR was a great movie but pit up against TDK and everyone cries “sh*t”. if you put silver up against diamond of course it’s going to look like sh*t.

    truth is Nolan still hasn’t made a bad movie. ask Rotten tomatoes ha!

    • come on

      No, Rises sucks on its on merits. Comparison be damned.

    • Seekerbolt713

      Actually, if you put silver up against diamond, it looks quite fetching. There are many stylish ladies’ rings that agree with me.

  • LEM

    The movie isn’t deserving of any awards unless biggest plot holes has been added as a category this year.

  • Harry

    TDKR’s plot had more gaping holes than Kim Kardashian when she sees a rich black man.

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  • Henny

    Yep. TDKR is pretty much the Revenge of the Sith of this year. Both wonderful films hated by snobs.

    • Matt


  • Nate

    I am a huge Chris Nolan fan. I really wanted to like this movie. I just found the characters and the plot to be silly and unconvincing. I wish he would have stopped at “The Dark Knight” and simply moved on to something else…

  • Person

    It’ll almost definitely get nominated for Cinematography, VFX, and Sound Editing; it might get nominated for Production Design and Sound Mixing (only cuz Bane’s voice pissed off so many people). Editing won’t happen cuz the movie was just too long (even people who liked it thought so, me among them). I’d love to see Hathaway maybe get a nomination the way Melissa McCarthy did last year for Bridesmaids, but they should be putting her in Supporting, and even then it’d be a long shot.

  • Eggtar

    So many egotistic idiots post on these entertainment websites today, no wonder people are so pissed and angry all the time. No matter how good something can be, there’s always a few morons that want to ruin it for everyone else. They think only their opinion matters. Most people i’ve spoken to loved TDKR. It’s like come on people, so many other movies suck, bitch about those instead, like 90% of the stuff that comes out is junk. TDKR wasn’t part of that 90%, takes part of that exclusive 10%. I’d rather see more movies that are daring like TDKR then all these Michael Bay Transformers wannabes or Twilight clones. TDKR was not a perfect movie, but no movie is. You can take any movie that is considered a classic, nitpick at it and say it’s full of plot holes, that this or that was wrong in it, it never ends… Gee, it’s a movie everyone, it’s make beleive, not supposed to be 100% accurate, lay back and enjoy…

  • internetasshole

    All you TDKR haters, i hope the next time you go to a movie another fellow like the Colorado shooter shows up and murders you. that would make me VERY HAPPY! I would later go to each of your graves and take crap on it in front of your rat faced families. DETROIT WHAT?!

    • Pocketses

      And here, we see the opposite of the people ignorantly spewing bile about TDKR. You give humanity a bad name.

      The Dark Knight Rises is among the biggest disappointments for me this year, but parts of it could certainly be nominated. Best picture? Not even close. But Cinematography? Yes, even though I never want Pfister to get nominated for anything. Acting? Not gonna happen. But Sound Mixing and Costume Design? Quite possible.

      This film is divisive because both sides of the arguments are 100% no matter what. It couldn’t just be a middle-of-the-road good film, it has to be THE BEST MOVIE EVAR or THE BIGGEST PIECE OF TRASH IN HISTORY!

      It’s not. And it’s not. It was a very flawed film that still ended up fun, and made a GOOD trilogy remain good, instead of great. Batman will always be fun, but the hook of an atomic bomb hasn’t been that compelling in years in a film, and paired with a figurehead villain with a comedic voice at best, didn’t help. Not to mention all of the other plot holes, which were present, despite others desires to dismiss them.

      What was there was a stellar job by Michael Cain in his limited role, a very surprising Anne Hathaway and an overall enjoyable film. But it doesn’t rank in my top 10 released this year, and I certainly don’t see it holding up over time. Will I own it? Yes…will I be rooting for it come Oscar season? Nope.

      But to wish someone on the internet be murdered by a raving lunatic who held an entire theater hostage is bad form, dick.

    • habsfan86

      I loved TDKR,but damn man you need to either keep that to yourself or should probably not be walking amongst the public. Then I thought this is most likely a troll trying to piss people off, or youv’e been stuck by the hard times in Detroit and have never known any better,thats my guess

  • Matt

    I personally loved TDKR. Its not my personal favorite film of the year (I prefer The Master, Argo, and The Avengers), but I think that the internet people are way too hard. Bunch of contrarians here

  • Angel of Death

    HA! If its predecessor failed to get a nod for anything outside of Ledger’s performance, fat freakin chance this subpar follow up will be nominated for anything.

  • will

    This year seems to be following a trend. First The Avengers, then Prometheus, then The Dark Knight Rises, now Skyfall. All claimed by some people to be overrated, colossal disappointments. All of them have many 1/10 reviews on IMDB, despite mostly positive receptions from critics and many positive notices from other fans. I submit these questions:

    1. Have any of you ever seen Transformers: Dark of the Moon? THAT is a 1/10.
    2. Must everything suck and be disappointing now? Everyone’s acting like Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises were as disappointing as The Phantom Menace.

    Flaws aside, The Dark Knight Rises was a great movie. A Best Picture contender? Probably not.

    • Pocketses

      I like how you support your theory of people’s opinions being wrong by stating your opinion on other films. What if some people liked Transformers and Episode 1…does your logic not apply to them, then?

      Opinions are opinions. People liked this movie, others didn’t. Does that make your opinion less valid? Nope…because it’s all personal. This was a huge let down to me. Prometheus was, too, after the initial excitement of seeing it had worn off. Avengers? I loved it and still do to this day. Skyfall is the first Bond film I’ve ever actually loved.

      So I’m in the middle, here. Does that make me some mutated asshole, or a moron? Or does it just make me someone with an opinion that differs from yours.

      And Episode 1 gets entirely too much hate…in my opinion.

      • internetasshole

        because maybe outside the outstanding work by the FX companies there weren’t any redeeming qualities about phantom menace or tdsotm. sure TDKR forces people to jump to conclusions but did you really want a fucking 4 hour movie to explain every single nuance so you mental midgets can figure things out? People had the same complaints about memento and inception. God damn neanderthals. If TDKR was too difficult to follow i suggest you stick to G rated disney pictures.

      • Steve

        @Pocketses Thank you for representing a viewpoint that isn’t binary. I think the best point that Will made was that everything falls into 2 categories these days: It Rules or it Sucks. The tendency to reduce all films to one of those two categories is the product of lazy, unexamined thinking. Some films have terrible flaws that keep them from being truly great. Prometheus and TDKR seem to be those kinds of movies. But those films also have some visionary moments. Enough so that they rise above the typical garbage Hollywood churns out in a given year.

      • will

        Yeah, in retrospect comparing to films I don’t personally like was a bad way to put it. My main point was that everyone has this damn cynicism about basically every big movie that comes out. If it’s not a 10/10, it’s a 1/10. This post was more a mounting frustration over this thing. Every time I’ve read an article on any one of those movies, there’s always at least a few guys bashing it, which begs the question of why they bothered to post at all.

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  • Seekerbolt713

    Actually, if you put silver up against diamond, it looks quite fetching. There are many stylish ladies\’ rings that agree with me.

    Perhaps you mean coal.

  • flying monkey

    It will get nominated only because TDK didn’t. The Academy now has 10 slots open for best picture nominations only because TDK didn’t. And TDKR flops where TDK didn’t.

  • flying monkey

    To add insult to injury, The Avengers will pick up more awards than Nolan’s final discharge. Heath was the only deserving winner in this convoluted trilogy.

    • habsfan86

      Mr. Nolan is very injured after the success of TDK trilogy, It was only 14 years ago that a lil known film called the following came out. He went from indie filmaker to now having the keys to Warner Brothers. Insult to injury indeed.How long did it take Whedon to get a major film,oh thats right it took him a long time.
      What is Whedons clame to fame?buffy,dollhouse,firefly? Yeah your right, Mr Nolan will be insulted when the Avengers picks up zero awards,and TDKR picks up 2-3, depending on if caine or hardy gets a best supporting. Next please

  • Truthbearer

    It’s not Oscar worthy, but IT IS a great film.

    This movie (Like most of Nolan’s) takes on subjects that aim for a level of intelligence that sadly the average american aaaaalmost have.. but not really. Haters are to be expected.

    • internetasshole

      Well considering America is the least educated nation amongst the first world, you make a great point about the average american who is a flipping idiot not understanding TDKR.

  • Truthbearer

    It\’s not Oscar worthy, but IT IS a great film.

    This movie (Like most of Nolan\’s) takes on subjects that aim for a level of intelligence that sadly the average american aaaaalmost have.. but not really. Haters are to be expected.

  • Avenger of Justice

    Just got back from skyfall. It was the film DKR pretended to be. A third in a trilogy that raised the stakes higher without sacrificing character or story. It even has a character nearly dying and rebuilding himself without the tortured cave of metaphors. The ending is emotionally cathartic without the awfully, unforgivable cheat of manipulating the audience into thinking the protagonist is dead only to be all like “Lol jk guys he’s in paris with cat woman”. Nolan should watch it and learn how film is made.

    • habsfan86

      OH Skyfall, the most impressive average movie i have ever seen. I enjoyed it,but to say it was the film TDKR pretended to be is ridiculous .he stakes seemed alot lower, all the bad guy wanted to do was torture an 80 year old woman,and then kill her. I like how jeremy jahns put it, the end of that movie is exactly like the van damme movie Hard Target. Stakes are higher,lets hide out in the middle of nowhere and make a stand. How did Bond rebuild himself? he srewed up a bunch and couldnt save M. You thought Batman was dead? once again tricked by the master. I assume you think the spinning top in Inception is a Cheat as well?It was a CHEAT in Skyfall because they knew judi dench had maybe at best 2 bond films left in her, so lets swap in ralph fiennes. I liked skyfall,but wow did it have some holes. None of the action was engaging IMO. Once again I have to remind someone on the internet that Nolan takes a lot of his material from the comics.

    • will

      Skyfall isn’t the third in a trilogy. It’s a standalone that clearly divorces itself from the last 2 Craig Bond movies.

  • tom

    it’ll be nominated for best picture. with the larger field, and the way TDK was snubbed, this thing is a shoe in for best picture nom. but that’s really all i see it getting. technical noms and best picture, which it doesn’t have a shot at winning. still a great movie. can’t wait for the blu ray!

  • You’re delusional

    Lol at the people sayin DKR is too “deep” for people to get. Yeah, real deep. Douchebag is mopey about his girlfriend getting killed. He gets beat up. Comes back, gets beat up again. Pretends to die so he can stop getting beat up then leaves Gotham in shambles with a bunch of criminals running wild. What a deep film. Nolan’s message: In real life being Batman would suck so like he’d probably want to pass on the mantle eventually. Stop the F-ing press. Revolutionary! SO DEEP BRO! SO DEEP!!!!!

  • Alek

    Didth you see a bether movie then TDKR this year? If yoy are, tell me.

    • A couple movies better than the dark knight rises

      Plan 9 from Outer Space, The Phantom Menace, A troll in central park, Troll 2, Transformers 1-3, I Melt With You, Gorgon, Space Mutiny, My Littlest Pony Play Time Adventure, The porno starring yo mama. That’s just off the top of my head.

  • Patuniverse.com

    You really can’t please everybody. To each his own is all I can say. TDKR is an awesome movie… the people who don’t like it are entitled to not like it, but honestly the criticisms are hollow. Every movie has plot holes. There is no perfect movie… if you nitpick any movie, even though so-called classics, you will find flaws. I can understand why some people didn’t like TDKR. They didn’t like it because they had high expectations that it would somehow exceed a classic like TDK. When you try to follow up a movie like that, that’s TOUGH. Chris Nolan made a great follow-up, not a classic like The Dark Knight, but an awesome movie in its own right. The Dark Knight Rises was well-received by many people (comic book fans and non-comic book fans) and the critics (the ones with any credibility), so the haters and naysayers who are fine with nitpicking and complaining about how bad of a movie it is should just come together and do all the Dark Knight Rises bashing in there.

  • Patuniverse.com

    I meant to say *come together and start up there own The Dark Knight Rises sucks website and do all of their bashing there.

    • bad ending

      TDKRS.com? I’m on it

  • bad ending

    TDKRS.com? I\’m on it

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