THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Gets a Rating (PG-13); Plus Hong Kong Bus Art and the Trailer in Super Slow Motion

     April 8, 2012


With Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises set for release in just a few months, it seems like the film is nearing the finish line, with reports that it’s been given a PG-13 rating from the MPAA.  As most of you remember, The Dark Knight was rated PG-13, so it’s no surprise the sequel would also have this rating.  To those wondering how Nolan could be close to completion, you’ve got to factor in the release schedule for The Dark Knight Rises.  Unlike some films that get released in North America and then months later around the world, Warner Bros. has set up a massive worldwide campaign with 35 territories getting the film between July 19 and July 28, including the United States, Japan, Australia, Europe and every major country in between.  While a lot of box office records have been broken in the last year, I think it’s safe to assume The Dark Knight Rises is going to take them all back.

And for those that can’t get enough Dark Knight Rises news, while I posted screengrabs of the last trailer so you could see the best images frame by frame, you can now watch it another way: super slow motion.  Even though the trailer has been dissected to death by fans, perhaps watching it in slow motion will offer up a few new clues.  Finally, over in Hong Kong, the film has started advertising by plastering the first teaser poster across a bus.  Hit the jump for more.

Before going any further, thanks to nolanfans and IMDb for information in this story.

Regarding the PG-13 rating for The Dark Knight Rises, a forum member on nolanfans posted a screengrab from the Warner Bros. exhibitor website which clearly slows PG-13 and it says:

“PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, some sensuality and language”


As of now, the film doesn’t have a running time, but if I were a betting man, I’d wager a lot of money it’ll be around 150 minutes.  If you don’t remember, The Dark Knight was 152 minutes and Batman Begins was 140 minutes, so I think it’s a safe bet the final Nolan installment will be the same length.

As I said before the jump, if you’ve watched the first trailer again and again looking for clues about the story, perhaps watching it in slow motion will help you see it in a new light.  Even if it doesn’t, there is something cool about watching Bane in slow motion.

Finally, here’s The Dark Knight Rises bus that was snapped in Hong Kong.  Thanks to .






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  • nolan sucks

    lol, dark knight only broke records because heath ledger died

    deal with it

    • diles1

      So why did Batman, Batman Returns and Batman Forever break weekend box office records? Must’ve been the Heath Ledger effect to, right? Or maybe because Batman films draw extremely large audiences?

      • milojthatch

        As a Batman film, I have no doubt that “The Dark Knight” would have made a lot of money. However, I truly believe the timing of Mr. Ledger’s death, and the fact that it was directly connected to the film in question, did create an atmosphere where “The Dark Knight” made way more money then it would have had Mr. Ledger not died.

        As for his true last film, “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,” it wasn’t the same for a number of reasons, although I’m sure even it did better then it would have had he not died. It wasn’t Batman, it didn’t have the same media attention that “The Dark Knight” had, it was a weaker story then “The Dark Knight” and not the kind of film an actor makes to bring in the summer movie crowd, and it wasn’t as connected to his death as “The Dark Knight.”

        I have no doubt the newest film, “The Dark Knight Rises” will make tons of money. Lots of fan boys, hype, media attention from the last one. Mr. Ledger’s death put a spot light on not only himself, but Mr. Bale and Mr. Nolan, who ultimately will benefit from his death the most (sad, but the way it has happened) by being connected to him when they were. Will “The Dark Knight Rises” however make the most money this summer? Or will it beat out “The Avengers” in the hearts and minds of movie goers? While I personally will be seeing “Avengers” hopefully more then once, and have no plans on seeing the newest “Batman” film, who can say really?

        And does it really matter? It’s not like any of us are going to see any of that money made from either film. Warner will still re-boot Batman after this one is done, Marvel will still make new movies to lead up to “Avengers 2.” And for heaven sakes, both are positioned at different times in the Summer, and won’t really effect each other’s box office all that much. When you step back and see the full picture, does it really matter which film makes more money?

      • CourtyC010

        ALL RAIN!!!!!

      • diles1

        So on what evidence do you base your argument? a gut feeling? I offer the evidence that previous Batman sequels (with one exception) repeatedly broke weekend box office records, even the films that did not feature the Joker. Moreover, the last Batman film to feature the Joker grosses a total box office take that, when adjusted for inflation, was only slightly below the Dark Knight. Maybe the Joker as the most famous comic book villain ever in one of the three most popular superhero’s ever was just doing what it had done before, break box office records. I also think the rave critical reviews played a hand in bringing older audiences in. I am not saying that Heath Ledger’ death did not affect the box office. Maybe it did. I am saying that my explanation is more plausible and there is more evidence to support my charge. And your citation of Ledger’s last film is in fact instructive. The film barely registered, at all. It made less than $8 million in the US. When you cite various reasons why TDK gathered the most of the Ledger effect, you are simply citing the reasons a Batman film with the Joker will make a lot of money. The more important argument you should make is that perceptions of Ledger’s Joker were positively affected by his death. In other words, absent his death, his performance as the Joker would not have generated as much interest and critical praise and thus possibly affected what I noted above: older audiences. This argument has more teeth, but it still falters on the comparison with the last Joker portrayal by Jack Nicholson. That film, again, broke opening weekend box office records AND made almost as much money adjusted for inflation as TDK.


      That’s the DUMBEST thing i’ve EVER HEARD!!!You’ll SEE!!!

    • Travis

      I smell a dirty little troll…

    • U R DUMB

      So why didn’t The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus make a billion dollars?

      lol, you are dumb. Pathetic troll fail.

    • nolan sucks

      you mad, bros?

      • Never Mind Pop Film

        Stephen Sondheim, I thought we resolved this. We respect you, bro. Now help us write this musical.

    • sense 11

      Is that you Joel Shumacher???

      just give it a rest, you lost
      trolling around the net will get you nowhere in life

      • snarf


    • youmad

      everybody so mad


    • Petey

      nolan sucks isn’t completely wrong (even though I could beat you to a pulp for that name)

      heath ledger dying and the hype around the amazing performance he gave months before the actual movie came out was a huge factor in getting more people to go out and see it

      i know that hearing about the performance months before got me even more excited!

    • SloppyJ30

      I can only speak for myself, but I like Batman Begins so much, I was going to see TDK at least once in theaters well before Ledger shuffled off. It’s a very compelling argument you make (now how could anyone defeat the argument “deal with it”? It’s just that sound), but allow me to suggest the favorable impression made by BB had more to do with it than anything else. Ledger’s death might have bumped up the opening weekend by a few million, at most, but after that the thing had to sink or swim on its own merits.

      Question: it sold a ton of DVD’s, and I know I’ve watched it probably 5-6 times at home. Is this still “The Ledger Effect?” Months or years after TDK was released, are people still thinking “Man, what to watch tonight? Oh yeah . . Heath Ledger died after playing The Joker; let’s watch TDK again!”

    • lordshiv

      Heath Ledgers death was a tragedy, but his acting was a truimph… and I went to experience the triumph and not the tragedy… most loosers like you draw such vain conclusions because you are extremely self centred… just analyze why u r that way and learn to get some help or treatment.. maybe the same meds that killed jackson would do just fine…

  • mattn

    Rated PG 13 for sensuality? Methinks that has to do with Catwoman.

    • Vilanesca

      Sensuality doesn´t have to do only with Catwoman,you dumbs.
      Plus,Cotillard is much sexier than Hathaway without any effort .
      And more…I have the feeling that Bruce will impregnate Talia and give birth to Damian.

      • Vilanescaisdumb

        Yeah mattn you dumbs! And more!

  • Travis

    Sensuality? Interesting. Language? Hmmm…will this be the first time we’ll hear at least one PG-13 “f**k” in a Batman movie? LOL :P

  • fred

    Dark knight rises will have the box office rising.

  • Dre Dre

    sensuality…language. in a Nolan Batman movie O_O, lol jk

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  • Jake

    Got to love those Marvel trolls, still mad about how Nolan’s Inception and The Dark Knight stole Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 1′s thunder in 2010/2008.

    It’ll be no different this summer, The Dark Knight Rises will be the champ.

    • Drew

      The Avengers will most likely take the box office crown this summer as it has been widely marketed for the past seven months and marketing is essential to a movie’s success. TDKR has almost next to no marketing so far and the film is coming out in July so it’ll make quite a lot but The Avengers will make far more.

      John Carter was a massively budgeted film and it flopped due to poor marketing. While TDKR won’t flop, it certainly isn’t going to make as much as fanboys think it will because Warner Bros. hasn’t done a good job of marketing the film so far.

      • Travis

        We shall see Drew…it can go either way. There’s enough awareness and hype for TDKR even without a massive ad campaign (which will surely pick up in the next few months). Warner Bros knows exactly what they’re doing; its a property they can take their time with. THE AVENGERS rather flashy ad campaign is suitable to the kind of movie it seems to be…flashy and cool. I expect both The Avengers and TDKR to hit it big…but I’ll be rooting for TDKR all the way. Maybe they’ll both make the same amount of money. No one knows until the fan boys sing :)

      • True Film Lover

        True, marketing plays a crucial role in a films success during the theatrical run. But, a theatrical run is not what matters. What matters is merchandise and how well it sells on home video release.

        People can yell Avengers all they want, but Nolan is a true filmmaker. Whedon has his share of success, but not in the filmmaking arena. Nolan is not the messiah of cinema, but he knows how to craft a good film, and I highly doubt a testosterone filled cgi fest will take home the gold at the end of the day. Avengers may kill in terms of style, but The Dark Knight Rises will be the better film for it’s substance and Nolans superb filmmaking.

        Twilight broke records and those films are garbage. There really is no nobility that comes with successful films other than they made money. Some of the best films in history were box office failures or went unnoticed for years. Financial success does not by any means constitute a good film.

      • Jake

        Widely marketed for 7 months? Uh, no. It’s been widely marketed since the Super Bowl, because it is being released TWO AND A HALF MONTHS EARLIER than the Dark Knight Rises.

        Good God. It’s 2008 all over again. It’s 2010 all over again.

    • Eff James Cameron

      Exactly True Film Lover!! Ticket sales are NOT an indicator of quality. I’ve been saying that for a couple years now and people just get pissed off because they know I’m insulting movies they like that are complete trash such as Avatar and, as you mentioned, the Twilight franchise. Also on the subject, just because you like it, doesn’t mean it’s good.

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  • Nomis1700

    The Dark Knight will Rise. Mark my words you bitches.

    • Travis


      • Relevant!


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  • jam

    batman’s the best

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  • Mrnateathon

    Who is Batman?

    • Bale of Hay



      “Who is Batman?”


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  • n son

    nolan sucks is the user
    Alex_Smith_777 from IMDB. He also has a sockpuppet called Miles_Jones. So far, nobody realized that they are the same person.