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Christopher Nolan’s script for The Dark Knight Rises is reportedly due tomorrow.  Although, as David S. Cohen jokes in his tweet, what can Warner Bros. do if he doesn’t turn it in?  Fire him?  Of course, Nolan seems like a fairly self-disciplined chap and so when he told Cohen that the script was “due”, that was probably a self-imposed deadline.  It would, however, be a bit early as Michael Caine says he didn’t expect to get the script until January (and that may still be true).  Shooting on the highly-anticipated sequel is set to begin in May with the movie set for release on July 20, 2012.

Hit the jump for a brief recap on what we think we know so far about The Dark Knight Rises.

batman_prey_comic_book_cover_01One of the biggest rumors surrounding the film is that it’s based on the Batman graphic novel, Prey.  Here’s the synopsis [via Wikipedia]:

Prey is set during the early days of Batman’s career as he is struggling to earn the trust of the public and form a working relationship with James Gordon, who is still just a police captain.

The main nemesis of the story is Hugo Strange, a brilliant psychiatrist who holds a professional stake and a personal obsession in unraveling Batman’s secrets, including his true identity. He foments a smear campaign to paint Batman as a dangerous madman, and in turn forces Batman to question his own sanity as well as the plausibility of his mission.

Some believe that Tom Hardy, who is the first new actor to join TDKR, is playing Strange.

The film is also casting two female lead roles.  One is a love interest while the other is a villain.  Since Catwoman features in Prey, some have assumed that she’ll be in the movie.  Of course, nothing has been confirmed regarding the story so this is all just conjecture.

However, we know that the villain won’t be The Riddler or Mr. Freeze.  Also, The Joker isn’t returning and Aaron Eckhart recently confirmed that we won’t be seeing Two-Face again either.

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    Anyone else picture Nolan pulling an all-nighter tonight to finish the script?

    • Mitch

      They told him to re write it but Nolan said “Fuck that I’ll just make a copy”

      • Sccitylhh

        A little Mitch humor. Nice.

    • Mitch

      They told him to re write it but Nolan said “Fuck that I’ll just make a copy”

      • jew


  • Roland

    Stylistically, can’t wait to see what this is going to be. The Batman films are always Nolan’s playground. He made BB, then in a similar style/atmostphere we got The Prestige. He made The Dark Knight, then in a similar style at least we got Inception. Rises will set the game for what his next project will be, and I can’t wait to see how he changes the formula up.

    • Anonymous

      In a similar interested I’ve been wanting to know what color palette will he use to “Paint” this movie. Batman Begins used a lot of “Oranges” for the atmosphere, In Dark Knight there are a lot of ‘blues’ what color do you think the next film will be? Green? Red?

      • Anonymous

        I’d love to see some red.

  • Jim Goff

    Hey Matt, you must have the Cohen brothers on the brain because I know you know its David S. GOYER, not Cohen.

    • Rbevanx


      Read it again Jim

  • Professor Chaos

    This is Sad… I was hoping for Riddler in the third part :(

  • Professor Chaos

    This is Sad… I was hoping for Riddler in the third part :(

  • pgitt

    They should film a mental breakdown scene while Bale is still skeletal from “The Fighter.” Think we’ll get some more of the Scarecrow? Didn’t Joseph Gordon-Levitt get signed on this movie too? Let me guess–he’s playing Killer Croc.

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  • Anonymous

    After reading the synopsis of Prey online there is a possibility that Tom Hardy won’t be playing Strange but be playing Cort (or possibly switching out the character of Night Scourger to Death Stroke fingers crossed). Hardy seems to young to be playing the insane psychiatrist. Yes it’s probably true the film is only very loosely based on the graphic novel hell Batman Begins takes from the same graphic novel (Scene where Scarecrow uses the ‘fear gas’ on batman and batman jumps or falls out the window is a very similar scene in Prey). Prey maybe one of many graphic novels Nolan and team takes from.

    • DustinS.

      thats what i said, but i hope he will be bullock.

  • Yahzee

    would you stop it with the same rumor about “Prey”??? it’s getting really old and almost 100% is not true at all… Nolan can come up with something a lot better by himself

  • A5J4DX

    cnt w8!

  • A5J4DX

    cnt w8!

  • Me

    Batman Begins: The Remake?

    • DustinS.

      ummm NO. that would be fucking stupid

  • Dpramroop

    imagine if this film beats avatar for highest gross film domestically.

    • DustinS.

      I dont see how it wouldn’t, avatar was fucking stupid

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  • Ditto

    I take every rumor with a grain of salt. Basically, we can start getting a feel for the plot and the main villains around the summer of next year…(though I hope to be wrong). So when headlines start saying, “Official Villain” and “Official Love interest” on top of obscure viral marketing that will hit web (like the infamous, “Why So Serious” campaign) then we can start speculating on how the story will play out. If Hugo Strange is indeed a villain in the upcoming sequel, I’d expect to see him as a secondary villain like how the Scarecrow was to Ra’s Al Ghul.

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  • DustinS.

    i want bullock in this movie somewhere damn it!

  • Carlos

    If ‘Prey’ is the movie plot, then it’s the same as the game Batman:Arkham City

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