THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Viral Campaign Begins Unmasking the New Trailer

     April 30, 2012


It’s been a while since The Dark Knight Rises viral campaign asked anything of the legions of Batman fans.  The viral campaign for The Dark Knight set a high watermark in what a viral campaign could do, but Rises has been fairly quiet ever since fans were told where they could go to see the first six minutes of the movie in IMAX.  But now the viral is back on, and it’s allowing fans to try and unmask the next trailer before it debuts with The Avengers this Friday.

Hit the jump for more.  The film also stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, and Michael CaineThe Dark Knight Rises opens July 20th.

The official website, has been revamped and now opens with a dossier on the investigation into Batman.  The file then provides the following instructions for “officers” (i.e. fans):

“Submit photographic evidence of graffiti related to any movement in support of the vigilante’s return. Make sure that location services or store location is on in your camera settings. Report any and all information pertaining to the investigation to the designated contact (#tdkr07202012 or”

Addresses for the U.S. and Canada will be released today at 8:00am PST.

Here’s an image of the graffiti:


And here’s an assemblage of some of the trailer stills that were released when a location was tweeted/e-mailed to the viral campaign:


Images via SHH.

  • stylus59

    new dc comics logo?
    jgl in action?
    freakin anne hathaway??!!
    the true film event of the summer

    • Tey

      I know Right! The new DC LOGO itself warrants the admission ticket!

      • Lane



      If you really think TDKR is going to beat The AVENGERS, then I’m afraid your going to be extremely disappointed with the outcome of this cause The AVENGERS has won this before TDKR has even hit the theatres simply based off the more crowd pleasing plot to the AVENGERS that’s worth repeat viewings over the overly dark, depressing plot TDKR will have.. Moviegoers are growing tired of their superhero movies always having to be dark and too serious cause BATMAN did it, but Whedon has proven you can still make a great superhero movie epic while not having to resort to the BATMAN approach.. WB has egg in their face right now for turning Whedon down for doing the BATMAN franchhise before Nolan got a hold of it.. Bet they regret that now.. Perhaps Whedon could reboot BATMAN after Nolan ruins the 3rd one by being too overly serious and having to rely too much on REALISM??

      • LAME

        “Bitch, please.” Wait for it.

      • LSTGobrnor

        I know what you mean, I already say avengers, and I have to say this trailer does not impress me at all, maybe some scenes, but i was expecting to be blown away, I think my brain still is in Avengers.
        But then again Iron Man was a huge hit,TDK topped it by far, we’ll have to wait and see, but guys PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE INTERNET UNTIL YOU SEE TE AVENGERS, YOU WILL THANK ME LATER :D

      • LSTGobrnor

        *Saw avengers

  • Tey

    “Hope is lost, Faith is Broken” Yup screw The Avengers!

    • dogg

      Yeah, I’m sure you’ll be skipping The Avengers.

      • Tey

        On the contrary, I watched it! Good in it’s own way :)

  • Dare Devil

    does that date look like july 30 F***K

    • Markeetundra

      No it says july 20. For a sec I thought it said 30 aswell. *whew*

  • Shahface

    Nice ideaI

  • Nomis1700


  • ba

    Sweet! only a half mile from where I work. Now, the question is, will there be actual graffiti, or will you need to bring the shirt with the same image that they gave people at the Prologue to that location? Some got the Bane shirt, but others got the Legend shirt with that exact same image.

  • jarvis3205

    Is that Talia Al Ghul kissin on Mastuh Bruce on the bottom of the 3rd negatives strip?

    I mean: Is that Marion Cotilliard kissin on Christian Bale on the bottom of the 3rd negatives strip?

    • AlexHeyNa

      Sure looks like it, doesn’t it!

  • jarvis3205

    AlexHeyNa: One can only hope.

    Looks like the Bats is gonna get exposed at the deepest levels of his identity, personality, & emotional core with this flick…might actually just do the books its modeled after some justice.

    Got total 100% faith in this.

    That said…saw the Avengers over the weekend…& it was undeniably incredible. I shat upon meself several times throughout.

    Hawkeye is amazing as is the first 15 minutes of the film with Fury vs Loki.

    Thor & Hull’s shared scenes are almost as fantastic as the one’s running rampant all over the net of Loki & Stark!!!

    Great film. Whedon truly out did himself.

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  • Al Conado

    Looks like they’re combining Knightsend, Knightquest and No man’s land in this one…aalong with some of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Catwoman story.

  • Josh Kaye

    Thought I should be the one to say this. That image was on a shirt that was given out at the six minute previews of The Dark Knight Rises

  • Josh Kaye

    Thought I should be the one to say this. That image was on a shirt that was given out at the six minute previews of The Dark Knight Rises

  • Travis

    There’s something very old-school about that new DC logo. It looks like something I would see before a 1970′s/early 1980′s film. Which is a pretty awesome thing.

  • bob

    That Legend graffiti is what JGL was seen marking on a wall with chalk during filming.

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  • Clay

    I know this whole Avengers vs Dark Knight Rises debate gets a lot of attention and sparks a lot of passion, but it needs to be put to rest. If you ask most people, they clearly could choose the type of film they most identify with, but it doesn’t really matter, does it? Marvel’s films are more fantastical, colorful and light while Nolan’s films focus on atmosphere, realism, and high stakes drama. I personally identify more with Nolan’s films, but don’t begrudge anyone who prefers Marvel. Just enjoy the movies people.

    This pipe dream has been brought to you by Clay.

    • Nana K

      ^^^ This! I couldn’t agree more.

  • Hulk

    I agree Clay ^^^
    The two films are sooo vastly different from eachother that I wouldnt say one was better than the other. Avengers was truly brilliant! But it had its flaws, just as TDK and Batman begins and no doubt TDKR will have.
    The Batfilms had some corny dialogue issues, miscasting issues and badly filmed action, dodgy costume choices. Still FANTASTIC films!

    Avengers nit-picks

    *** SPOILERS****

    had a few dodgy dialogue moments too, the Aliens were cgi action fodder and those giant worm things were over designed and didnt actually do anything, and looked straight out of battleship/transformers. Hulk was brilliant! Though i still yearned for a menacing moment from him, like the tv show where his change was slow and dangerous etc.. But he was a great action/fun hulk. No real peril/danger to the civillians neither. Again, great for family friendly fun, but like i say, not perfect, neither are the Bat flicks. But somewhere it balances out as equal imo.


    Viral marketing or not, it’s too little, too late for this movie cause the marketing blows and I predict a critical failure for this movie to the point where Nolan will beg WB to make a 4th movie as an apology to the fans and use The RIDDLER like this movie should’ve had as a villain.. Either that or Two-Face, which he should’ve been left out of TDK as a sub-plot.. Too much going on.. If anything, TDKR is the SPIDER-MAN 3 of 2012 and The AVENGERS is going to destroy this movie as well.. Get used to it bitches..

  • AlexHeyNa

    We’re so close! Just about a hundred frames left!

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  • Christian

    The Trailer…… IT’S ONLINE!

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    The Trailer was very underwhelming and looks too overly serious to th point of overdoing it.. Compared to what Whedon has offered us with The AVENGERS, this looks boring in comparison.. I don’t think this movie is going to do as well as TDK did..

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    I’m sorry but that trialer was incredibly underwhelming, especially when you consider what Joss Whedon has just given us in 3 days with the Epic The AVENGERS.. TDKR Trailer looks lifeless and boring in comparison and it’s pretty clear by the trailer that BANE doesn’t break his back, but probably his leg based on the cane..

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