Has the DARK KNIGHT Trilogy Blu-ray Set Been Revealed?

     June 26, 2013

When Christopher Nolan’s closing chapter in his Dark Knight saga The Dark Knight Rises was announced for Blu-ray release last year, fans of Nolan’s trilogy understood that a collector’s trilogy set would eventually come to home video.  It was subsequently confirmed that Warner Bros. would indeed be releasing the full Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray set in the third quarter of 2013, and now a possible first look at the set may have landed online.  If this is indeed the Blu-ray collection we’ve all been waiting for, it certainly looks like it’ll be well worth purchasing.  Hit the jump for some images.

The bonus content of The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition is unknown at this time, but we can see from this packaging that the set may include miniature versions of the three hallmark vehicles from each film, gorgeous villain-centric packaging, booklets, and nine discs worth of feature film content.  The images were found on a Polish website and have yet to be confirmed by Warner Bros. Home Video, but if this is some hoax it’s a damn good one.

Courtesy of Batcave.PL via /Film.




  • LEM

    They better have unused Ledger footage and if they do why didn’t they re-purpose it for TDKR?

    • Rick

      They don’t unless they shot stuff that wasn’t in the script. There was only one deleted Joker scene that took place in a car after he threw Rachel out the window during the fundraiser. It’s a 30-second scene.

    • Dalekchris

      Because Chris Nolan didn’t even mention Joker out of respect for Ledger, and because he was personally very upset about his death.

    • Gerard Kennelly

      they could sell his joker diary for 30 dollars each

    • enzofloc

      I’d buy a disk of all the Joker/Ledger outtakes. The rest… pass.

  • sense11


  • Lance

    Looks great! Christopher James Nolan for the win!

    • Alan Burnett

      These movies are better than Jesus, the Beatles, and human love. Anyone who critics them doesn’t get my respect.

      • Random Bystander

        Except for TDKR.

      • John

        @Random Bystander. I totally agree. TDKR was bulky and messy. It was border-lining retarded on the technical aspect and even the story. Overrated!

      • Random Bystander

        Thank you John. By itself I could’ve enjoyed it, but as part of the franchise it doesn’t hold up. Other than tone, the entire film just isn’t congruent with the reality set by it’s predecessors. It was a disappointing end to what should have been an amazing trilogy.

      • vicious1fan

        Bane ruled…his lines were incredible…

      • Random Bystander

        I agree, but his voice was weird.

  • jrmqn

    Makes me laugh cause the color of the vehicles are wrong.

  • Al

    Why are the joker’s eyes on fire? Thats so fucking stupid.

    • Dean Guest

      The same reason the scarecrows mask is a contorted straight jacket and bane’s mask is prison bars with someone’s arms reaching out. It’s an artistic design decision showing part of their personality. I think they look pretty cool tbh.

      • WAldenIV

        That’s also why I think this set is a fake fan mock-up. None of that art is consistent with any of the previous marketing or design materials.

    • scottish_punk

      Butthurt much?

    • BurnEyes

      “some men just want to watch the world burn”

  • Migz13

    They have to do a better job on those miniatures. They look very… plastic-ey:P
    That aside, I think this set looks great:) I sure hope this is packed with never before seen content. After all, that is the deciding factor for me weather this is worth buying or not. I’m certainly not buying these for THOSE miniatures alone!:P

  • dg

    Am I the only one that thinks Batman Begins is the best one in that whole trilogy?

    • charmax

      Me too!

    • Saltonstall

      Batman Begins starts out terrific, but… loses steam around the time they let the fear gas all over the city. Then it basically becomes everything that people have been complaining about Man of Steel.

      • dg

        Yeah but out of all three films I feel like the first one was the best BATMAN movie. The other ones had better villains and overall moments, but the first one nailed the character of Batman perfectly. And I loved that whole fear gas over the city part . Mainly because that’s what I envision a crime ridden Gotham City to look like. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE the other films too, but Gotham city looks to ordinary for me in the other two.

      • Random Bystander

        When you put it that way; yes, I agree that it was the best BATMAN movie, but not the best movie.

    • OhDawg

      Certainly not the only one. I’m not sure. I think it’s the best one for two whole acts, then it becomes a logic-defying race to save the city from a supervillain plot that is actually kind of dumb. It looks cool, but that microwave emitter thing… nope. The Dark Knight is a freight train of a movie. It starts with a rather tense bank robbery sequence and just keeps speeding up, barreling towards that beautifully dark ending straight out of The Long Halloween. TDKR… well, I liked it a lot, and a lot of the complaints and plot hole problems that people have with it just don’t take away from my enjoyment of it. It helps that some of the complaints are also quite dumb (like the “Batman wouldn’t quit because his girlfriend died!” thing – because that’s NOT what it comes down to! – or “how can JGL recognize that Bruce Wayne is Batman just by the look on his face?” – an annoyingly literal view of something that is meant to be about instinct and emotion). Also, I love – lovelovelove – that it’s so epic and ambitious, and that it embraces the comicbookyness of the universe. But that’s me. I have learned not to try to argue with people who didn’t like it, because in the end it comes down to the fact that it’s not a flawless film and the amount of weight the viewer allows those flaws to impact their personal viewing experience.

      In the end, I think my favorite is Dark Knight. Or maybe Begins. Dunno.

    • Poo

      I thought the same thing a little while ago. Then i watched THE DARK KNIGHT again and realised how that is one of the great films of the last decade. BEGINS sure is compelling though!!

    • JWFernel

      Batman Begins is my least favorite, though it’s still amazing. TDKR had pacing issues, but also a better story and villain. The Dark Knight was simply the best on every level.

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  • Timmy O’Toole

    It’s too bad Nolan had to drop a huge turd on top of one middling film and one great film to ruin the trilogy.

    • Travis Gowen

      Please, to say it wasn’t as good as the other 2 is your opinion. To say it was a turd is an absurd overreaction causing you to sound like every other tool who hates anything that is massively popular to the masses.

      You don’t give any reasoning behind your decision to hate the movie, yet scream to the masses about your disdain.

    • Strong Enough

      too bad no one gives a shit about your opinion!

      • Travis Gowen

        That’s pretty much the response I expected. No substance and only an attempt at style.

      • Strong Enough

        who gives a shit?! not me! ha!

      • Travis Gowen

        Funny thing, when I originally read your comment I thought you were responding to my post. Whatever…moving on.

      • Strong Enough

        i was. you mad bro?

      • Travis Gowen

        Nope, wiped the tears a while back. I’m good.

      • Strong Enough

        good. now don’t forget your tampon

      • Jdsmoothe

        strong enough is hard as fuck don’t mess with him he’ll talk madddd shit over the internet. standing at 6’5 and weighing 250 lbs. he dangerous. a lethal weapon. one punch and kapow, you’re a history lesson. you cant tell by how much shit he talks from the comforts of his home behind a nickname so no one knows who he is? HARD AS FUCK I TELL YA.

      • Strong Enough

        wow. all that for me? thank you

      • jdsmoothe

        whoa. that response was hard as fuck and perfectly said. don’t mess with this guy. real shit. or you’re a history lesson.

      • Nerdgasm

        Only thing that’s Hard as Fuck about Strong Enough isn’t ACTUALLY him but his boyfriends cock that is about eight inches into his asshole.

      • Strong Enough

        more like 10 inches. i round off

      • Strong Enough

        you heard him fellas. don’t fuck with me!

  • Horace Welsh

    Does anyone care about these movies anymore? I mean after Nolan proved he was all hype with The Man of Steel (irrefutably I might add) does anyone still have their blinders on about how bad these films really were? If you do than you’ve bought into the WB hype, plain and simple.

    • scottish_punk

      Nolan didn’t direct MAN OF STEEL. And like it or not, people love these films immensely, regardless of what negativity is spewed over the internet.

      • Alan Burnett

        People should not critic movies. People put a lot of work into movies and the only critic people can make about thse movies is that people didn’t like them. Which makes me lose respect for them.

      • jdsmoothe

        mostly agree..but then again some directors/actors/writers etc. are just in it for the paycheck and don’t care much about the finished product.

    • Travis Gowen

      I bought the hype and will continue to buy more of it! Man of Steel was a movie I truly enjoyed, while at the same time I understand why others didn’t. I will always give props to Nolan for taking a super-hero movie in the dark direction Marvel refuses to (not a bash on Marvel films as theirs have for the most part been great).

    • Rick

      Man of Steel? Huh? Nolan had little to nothing to due with MOS, creatively. It’s been reported a bunch of times that Goyer told Nolan his idea, Nolan gave a few suggestions, and Goyer wrote the script himself, with Snyder directing. Nolan was executive producer with his wife, which means he basically just handles the money side of things, which his wife mostly did. Nolan was working on TDKR while MOS was in production. His name was put so prominently on the advertising to sell tickets.

    • OhDawg

      He proved it irrefutably? Really? By A) not writing Man of Steel and B) not directing it?

  • Strong Enough

    What i would give to see that Joker Diary.

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  • Unique Jenique

    Of course they’d release a Dark Knight Trilogy box set after I’ve already bought them. Of freaking course.

  • steve c,

    comment/question…on a personal note, enjoyed the films, except for the last one where i thought it was really cheesy to have alfred say how he wished batmans life would be…and then that exact thing happens !! lame. heres what i dont get,though; bruce wayne “dies”, right? THEN…billionaire playboy famous the world over probably, sits in a cafe in paris,full of tourists,and no one recognizes the “deceased” playboy? did i miss something? maybe my recollection is off,i only saw it once in the theatres and didnt buy the bluray as those points turned me off. one was cheesy as hell,the other made zero sense that no one recognized him in a cafe in the open. apologies to diehard fans if im wrong on this, but am i the only one who thought this?

    • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/‎ tarek

      because bruce wayne didn’t die. he jumped out of the bat, ’cause he fixed the auto-pilot before he took off with the bomb.

      And Bruce wayne is a famous billionaire in Gotham, not in Venise…

      Do you personally know what look like the billionaires in your town ? let alone billionaires abroad.

      • Nmaster

        erm… the reading of his will, where Blake got his coordinates, etc…

        & in the modern era where low-cost travel & globalization, as well as the information age means powerful people are more likely to be recognized

      • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/‎ tarek

        it isn’t difficult to change your identity you know…
        He is the batman. very ressourceful.

  • Still a fan

    I’d only consider this if it has a fully remastered Batman Begins disc; while the original is fairly good, it’s minting was when HD was in it’s infancy. Click over to The Dark Knight prologue that’s on the disc to see what I mean, there is a stark contrast in detail, sharpness, and overall picture quality

    • WAldenIV

      TDK is one of the best looking Blu-ray movies I’ve ever seen. The IMAX scenes are impeccable.

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  • Stijn

    Oh god yes!

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