Producer Akiva Goldsman Says THE DARK TOWER is Not Officially Back On; No Casting Decisions Are Being Made

     February 10, 2014


We’ve been talking about a film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower for quite some time now, but after Ron Howard announced that the folks involved took “a vow of silence” about its progress, they did just that and we hadn’t heard anything about it since.  However, that all changed just a few weeks ago when Aaron Paul said that he’s sat down with Howard to discuss playing Eddie Dean in the film.  The thing is, Paul dubbed this meeting a “general sit down,” which in no way means he was offered a role in the film and the Dark Tower producer, Akiva Goldsman, just confirmed it.  Hit the jump for more.

the-dark-tower-movieWhile out promoting his directorial debut, Winter’s Tale, Collider got the chance to talk to Goldsman about the status of the project.  When we asked him if the film really is finally moving forward, he explained:

“It’s not officially back on and we will never let it go – until Stephen takes it away from us. [Laughs]”

Considering the project isn’t officially back on, you’ve got to wonder, how much weight does that meeting between Paul and Howard really have right now?  When asked if the filmmakers are currently making casting decisions, Goldsman gave us a firm no, but laughed and noted:

“No, but I love reading about it!”

Clearly both Howard and Goldsman are adamant about making this one happen, but it also seems highly unlikely that it’ll happen anytime soon, especially considering Howard is currently in post-production on Heart of the Sea and is expected to have an adaptation of Inferno lined up next.  And Goldsman’s a busy guy himself.  Not only is he penning the sequel to Divergent, Insurgent, but he’s also got a slew of other projects on his to-do list, a number of which could be closer to a green light.

Catch Goldsman talking about The Dark Tower in the video below and keep an eye out for our full interview with the writer-director-producer dropping just ahead of the Winter’s Tale release this week.

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  • pinkincide

    Amazon should pick this up as an answer to Netflix original programming. In any case, a mini series (or full season) is the only way to go. Theater release will be a bucket of fail.

  • mytoemytoe

    I’d hate to upset any Loyalists to the King but I just don’t get how you film a demon spirit raping a schizophrenic multiple-personality yada yada girl in a wheelchair. I think I’m remembering that right. LOL. I don’t know, I found those books to be really weird and I read through the book with the train. Definitely interesting, definitely weird, definitely doesn’t work as a TV show or a movie.

    • Ben Wigler

      lol, you are not at all wrong… it gets even weirder, as that same demon spirit is explained to be a hermaphrodite who Roland prostitutes himself to earlier in the series. I agree that much of the series, which is my favorite of all time, is almost the definition of unfilmable.

      Fortunately, there’s a workaround for this. If you’ve read all the way to the end, you’ll probably be able to figure out what I’m talking about. This is a series that has a reboot already built in – and when it starts getting meta, there is all sorts of opportunities to justify any changes, and do it in a memorable way.

      To make this work, and to honor the spirit of the story, this is a property you almost HAVE to make a ton of changes to.

      • FoonZeeS

        I say that they should use the built-in reboot.

        The Dark Tower, I believe, as it stands now is unfilmable in today’s “let’s appeal to the greatest common denominator” Hollywood. Each movie would have to rated R, there’s just no way around it with all the death, language, drug use, sex, etc. And we all know Hollywood is all about making the most money they can.

        The only glimmer of hope, and I’m not even sure if it’s still a glimmer, is that some anonymous dude said he’d pay for the movies to get made because he’s such a huge fan of the series and wants to see it come to life.

    • FoonZeeS


      That’s exactly one of the reason I give for this not working.

      Another scene I think would be a problem is when Roland mows down every living soul in Tull. I understand you can have most of it off screen, but that scene is crucial to understanding Roland and just how much of a bad ass he is. Seeing his hands move faster than the eye can track while he reloads and aims while hitting his mark every time as an entire town of crazies barrels towards him is one of the most memorable moments of the first book.

      Then there’s killing a young boy twice in the same book. I’m sure that wouldn’t go over well with audiences.

      I just can’t see the Tower getting the justice it deserves whether it be on either the big or small screen. There’s just way too much information and if you start cutting things out the purists will start to get mad, which won’t really matter in the long run, but still. I get a little angry when they start messing with information in comic movies, but if the Dark Tower gets butchered I’ll throw a monumental hissy fit.

      You should get back on the train mytoemytoe and read the rest of the books. Granted I really don’t care for the final three, but Wizard & Glass (the book right after the train) is my favorite and I believe a great piece of story telling. And Wind through the Keyhole was a fun little read as well.

      • Aaron Eden

        “Another scene I think would be a problem is when Roland mows down
        every living soul in Tull. I understand you can have most of it off
        screen, but that scene is crucial to understanding Roland and just how
        much of a bad ass he is. Seeing his hands move faster than the eye can
        track while he reloads and aims while hitting his mark every time as an
        entire town of crazies barrels towards him is one of the most memorable
        moments of the first book.

        Then there’s killing a young boy twice in the same book. I’m sure that wouldn’t go over well with audiences.”

        I’d say right on the money there on both counts. If anything this would probably have to be a several season series to really convey everything that needs to be conveyed without mucking the story up as well as having a bit more leeway in showing those types of “controversial” scenes that need to be shown for the same purpose.

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  • hockablah

    i hope this movie stays in developmental hell and never gets made. they’d fuck it up no matter how true they tried to stay to the books.

    • John Wills

      truer words have never been spoken

  • blackroseMD1

    I hope this doesn’t turn out to be the “Chinese Democracy” of the film industry.

  • Stacey Powers

    I just want to see Aaron Paul play Eddie…that’s it. He practically is Eddie in Breaking Bad. I thought that even before it was announced.

  • Jay

    Samen here Clint eastwood

  • mfa123

    I just don’t see there being much wide appeal to a story where quite a bit of the non-action involves pushing someone in a wheelchair through miles and miles of…beach, forest, dusty road..etc.

  • Terri Jones Cole

    He ruined Winter’s Tale. I have no faith that he can do justice to The Dark Tower.

    • D.Thorn

      Just made the same comment about a bunch of franchises I loveed the Goldsman Ruined!!!

  • D.Thorn

    Well here’s a Stephen King title that I will be skipping… Thanks to Akiva some of my favorite franchises have been ruined!!! See: Paranormal Activity, Fringe, I am Legend, Angels & Demon, Davinici Code, Cinderella Man (Seriously look up the REAL story of Max Baer spoiler: he was not proud that he caused the death of Frankie Campbell and hit haunted him his whole life), Lost In Space, BATMAN AND ROBIN & BATMAN FOREVER…. Seriously next to Paul WS Anderson (The Resident Evil franchise) he’s the biggest HACK writers in Hollywood!!! #HacksofHollywood!!!!

    How about Frank Darabont the man behind Shawshank Redemption and The Mist Probably 2 of the greatest recent adaptions of Kings work (King himself admits that he LOVES the ending of The Mist better then his novella ending and “wishes he had thought of it.” or even Mick Garris who’s not the best but did make a competent mini-series of The Shinning (more true the book) and The Stand (Director)

    • Kobolos

      Not to mention he paid tribute to Roland at the beginning of The Mist. If we could get an HBO series like Game of Thrones with Frank Darabont overseeing the series I don’t think anyone would be upset.

  • Bob Grey

    Maybe this movie is their Dark Tower…..I’d still watch it at least once even if it was butchered and a thousand times if it was only decent.

  • Sally P. Warrener

    It should not be a movie. This needs to be a multi-season mini series like GOT or Spartacus. They need to take their time and above all, stay true to the books.

  • Sally P. Warrener

    I always pictured Kimberly Elise as Susanna.

  • James

    I always saw Jensen Ackles as Eddie. I also think Timothy Oliphant would make a great Roland, they would just need to age him with make-up a little bit.

    • The Flobbit

      I’d go for Jim Caviezel. Tall, rangy, fantastic actor, and not too big-pay. He’d be brilliant. Richard Armitage would be interesting.

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  • Mr. Grey

    I think most of you are forgetting the storyline of the the entire series, as well as the impossibility that was innate to the creation of the collected work. (Not to mention that King almost died).

  • Teresa Grammer

    I’m still putting in my hat and saying Stephen Eric McIntyre would be perfect as Roland.

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  • JoeGtake2

    I know that I’m likely in the minority here, but as a huge DT fan, I say forget trying to adapt the novels and give us a really interesting film set within the world. This could then, by nature, allow a filmmaker to utilize the conventions of cinema to tell the story right (because good literature does not always translate even when it should…take Watchmen, for example). It would also give the fans some new adventures inside that world that would compliment the series rather than water it down.

    It’s just a thought. Am I crazy, or can anyone else seeing that as potentially interesting?

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