Universal Working to Bring THE DARK TOWER Budget Down, Pushes Start Date Back

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Maybe it really was just too good to be true. Last week, we reported that Universal was reconsidering their commitment to Ron Howard’s insanely ambitious adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, which would span three feature films and two seasons of a TV show. Now THR reports that the project will remain at Universal, but Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman have regrouped and are attempting to bring what most certainly has to be a mammoth budget down to something more feasible.

The fall production start date has now been shelved, with no replacement date announced, but it’s rumored that they may be ready to go sometime early next year. However, what this means for star Javier Bardem’s involvement is unclear. His deal requires a great deal of his time be blocked out for the series, but pushing the start date back may interfere with other projects the actor has lined up. Howard will be directing at least the first film and first episode of the TV series. For now, we can be thankful that the project wasn’t shelved altogether. To catch up on all our coverage of The Dark Tower so far, click here.

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  • Marc

    I am an avid Dark Tower fan, I finished the series years ago but have reread them a few times. As I get older I do tend to see the flaws in King’s story more and more, but I would be hard-pressed to come up with another piece of pop-culture entertainment that enthralled and entertained me as thoroughly as the Dark Tower did. Lost comes close, which is another show that had its flaws and a relatively weak and unsatisfying ending. In terms of bringing the Dark Tower series to the screen, I’ve long felt that the only appropriate medium would be a TV series. I don’t think this story is meant for the big screen, and the advent of two television series bridging the gap in the proposed theatrical trilogy could only spell disaster. Be smart about this, move it to AMC or FX or HBO, hell maybe even Showtime (who has been trying to nip at HBO’s heels for a while now). Take your time with it, cast it well (Josh Holloway for Roland anyone?), and you’ll have a success. Those studio executives drooling at the thought of another Harry Potter or LOTR have seriously misjudged the fan base of the Dark Tower. We are a small but avid community. Harry Potter was a pop-culture phenomenon. Save your money and do it right.

  • Wolstenholme

    Please don’t let NBC or Howard or Goldsman touch this….give it to HBO and do it “Game of Thrones” style

  • hockablah

    as an avid fan myself, i say shelve it and let more people read it first. let the “world move on” (as they say) a little more before trying to bring this mammoth series to any screen, big or small. plus, i do think Ron Howard and Co. are a terrible choice for this film.

  • Tracey

    I say scrap the whole thing! the story should stay where it belongs…on paper! There is no way…regardless of budget size, that they would be able to do the story justice. there are just too many details to capture and it has been proven time and time again, that the books are ALWAYS better than the movies, so I say LEAVE IT ALONE!

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