Trailer for THE DOUBLE Saves You the Trouble of Seeing the Movie

     August 31, 2011


The Double looks like it could have been a solid spy flick.  You had Richard Gere and Topher Grace playing government agents trying to track down an assassin code-named Cassius.  Nothing genre-shattering but it could be well executed. Well you know those irritating trailers that give away the entire damn plot?  This trailer for The Double blows them all away.  It gives you a major plot twist that would have been somewhat interesting if not wholly believable within the context of the movie.  It takes you deep into the third act of the film.  It shows you pretty much everything it can in a desperate big to make you want to see this movie and now any desire I had to see the flick has been extinguished by this trailer.  Great job, whoever cut this.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer/condensed version of the entire movie along with the equally terrible poster.  The film also stars Stana Katic, Stephen Moyer, Martin Sheen, and Odette Annable.  The Double opens September 23rd.

Click over to Apple to see the trailer in HD.

Here’s the poster.  I feel bad for Topher Grace’s face.


And here’s the official synopsis for The Double:

In THE DOUBLE, the mysterious murder of a US senator bearing the distinctive trademark of the legendary Soviet assassin “Cassius,” forces Paul Shepherdson (Richard Gere), a retired CIA operative, to team with rookie FBI agent, Ben Geary (Topher Grace), to solve the crime. Having spent his career chasing Cassius, Shepherdson is convinced his nemesis is long dead, but is pushed to take on the case by his former supervisor, Tom Highland (Martin Sheen). Meanwhile, Agent Geary, who wrote his Master’s thesis on Shepherdson’s pursuit of the Soviet killer, is certain that Cassius has resurfaced. As Shepherdson and Geary work their way through crimes both past and present, they discover that Cassius may not be the person they always thought him to be, forcing both to re-examine everything and everyone around them.

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  • Stacey Cavallari

    They should have left the surprise twist for those who watch the film. Nearly the entire movie seems to be shown in this trailer.

  • Arianna

    That’s Odette Yustman.

    • sloan

      not since she got married

  • The great Con

    I’m going to reserve judgment and hope that the twist will come at the midpoint instead and will be an escalation for the second half of the movie, leading to a larger reveal or at the very least a focus on the two coming together at the climax. Here’s hoping.

  • Pooly

    I agree, I got excited about the film as I was watching the trailer and then the spoiler just killed my desire to see it.

  • Lob Taylor

    Am betting there’s a twist here, plots within plots kinda thing. Looks good though.

  • Eric Foreman

    Based on what I’ve learned from the reading the article, I decided I wouldn’t watch the trailer.

  • LEM

    This seems to be an ongoing trend lately of trailers giving away the whole damn movie. It’s amazing they keep trying to fight piracy when they’re willing show us everything for free.

  • bigfella

    not that big of a deal is it really?
    movie still looks good.
    i have a feeling it wasn’t the intention of the film to make the twist a major reveal anyways.
    i mean… you can almost guess what’s the twist before you see it.
    and if you think about it… the movie is called The Double. Hmmmm

  • JC

    The title obviously refers to something else entirely than what we see in the trailer. In no way is the idea of a double revealed. He has been covering for something or someone and the trailer makes us think that he’s covering for himself, but its obviously not giving away the main plotwist that the title is referring to. You disappoint me again, Goldberg….

  • Gerd

    I would have bet that cassius was richard gere after reading the synopsis
    This plot has been overused in 1289034739208 other movies can’t the wirters come up with something original

  • Sugreev2001

    Man,how many of these plot-spoiling trailers are going to be released with double checking.I remember Terminator Salvation did the same thing two years ago.

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  • Terry

    Straight to cassette tap.