THE EVENT Could Come Back in the Form of a SyFy Miniseries

     June 1, 2011


If there’s anyone out there who was supremely disappointed by the cancellation of The Event, first of all, I’m baffled by your continued interest in such a sloppy drama trying way to hard to be mysterious. Second of all, good news might be on the horizon for fans of the cancelled series as EW reports SyFy is considering putting the second season on their network as a miniseries. It’s not a full season, but if you’re really dying to know more about The Event, then this might be your only chance. Apparently no deal is in place just yet, but there’s a chance that it could happen. The question is just how many of the original cast members would return for the miniseries, and is there anyone who actually cares?


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  • Edward Lee

    Right. Tell me another one. I’m still waiting on that PUSHING DAISIES theatrical movie or comic book adaptation that was going to “conclude” the story. Why do websites even run with this crap any more?

  • Kevin

    I stuck with the series more than anyone else I know, although I did ultimately bail a few eps prior to the finale. My only interest stems from the fact that ANYONE thinks continuing this tale will serve to satisfy some element of the audience, the story, or the unfathomable dissatisfaction this series offered. I desperately wanted The Event to be good, and for a short while, I honestly thought it could be. If it continues to exist, in any form, they better get their stuff together.

  • Zab

    I love the impartial journalism that goes on here.

    • Ruari

      I second you on that one, Zab lol

  • junierizzle

    I bailed after the first episode. The funny thing is they actually have a good story going on but it’s all in the execution. We can start with the actors for one, Jason Ritter isn’t exactly Mathew Fox. I compare Ritter to Fox because clearly they were trying to be a new LOST.

  • elikias


  • Rashy

    I am baffled why you still sleep in your mom’s basement with rubber sheets and sponge bob slippers. Doucher.

  • AO1JMM

    Absolutely love the show. I hope it does continue so I can see where the story was going.

    Good shows don’t last up against the mindless drivel that is reality TV.

  • battleangel

    Once you got past the TERRIBLE name of the show, the horrendous marketing, and the outright atrocious dialogue, the premise of the show is *incredibly* interesting. This is *not* a show trying to be mysterious, or at least I really didn’t feel that it was. In the subtlest of ways, I found it to be incredibly genre defying.

    If nothing else, this show features the best character ever played by the legendary Zeljko Ivanek. The character of Sterling is a great example of how this show turns expectations on their head – played by Ivanek, you assume he HAS to be a slimeball ultra-villain. As his character progresses, he really turns into a major hero of the show.

    What The Event is about, at its core, is how grey morality can be examined within the context of a sci-fi milieu. Is it Battlestar? No. Is it LOST? Hellll no, but I also find it to be much less preachy. If the show wasn’t called The Event, and didn’t follow right on the heels of LOST, I really think this show would have been a bigger hit.

    The ‘villains’ are fascinating, and the implications of the impact they’ve had on our civilization is in many ways a further exploration of Battlestar’s ending. If you can see past the dialogue and hammy acting of Jason Ritter, there is a lot to like about this show. About halfway through, you can sense the showrunner’s urgency in wrapping things up, and what was almost assuredly a very well planned out arc had to be rushed through very quickly. You can almost sense the tension in the actress playing Sophia, as her character’s arc was clearly rushed by a season.

    I’ll also take just about any chance to see Clifton Collins Jr in a featured role, and he turns in a very nuanced performance. Hal Holbrook also provides one of the most interesting ‘villains’ in recent sci-fi memory with one of the most memorable final scenes I can think of.

    Is the dialogue hammy? Sure. Is the Leila/Walker storyline hackneyed? You betcha. Did NBC try to play this off as a successor to LOST, when it has nothing to do whatsoever to the themes or storytelling style of LOST? Yep.

    But was this one hell of an imaginative sci-fi series, worthy of at least a mini-series to wrap it up? HELL YES. But for my dollar, they can leave it where it is and I think it stands alone as a great little story.

  • battleangel

    Also, Taylor Cole is just about the hottest actress working today.

  • Matt

    i gotta say, after watching the end of the final episode, I was hoping for a second season.

    But I’d rather have SGU back.

    • Dr. Rush

      I 2nd that comment. Really like SGU, gonna miss it..


    The LAST FIVE MINUTES OF THE SHOW demand a mini series wrap up if not a full season!

  • ElsieM

    Wow, umm, I came to read an article about the possible continuation of my favorite show and have to wade through insults first? That’s a sucky way to bring readers to your blog.

    Anyway, love this show, am one of many, shocking as it may seem. High quality show, great acting (Zeljko!), great story.

    Would love it to come back!

  • anthony

    This series, is a wonderfull series,it has nothing to do with lost,far from it,i really hope that they are gona continue it asap.

  • hunter

    To the people who say the show sucks your trying to hard. Enjoy the Damn show for what it is. I hope They come back with another season or atleast a mini series. You cant go out the way the first season ended, there has to be a follow up.