Chuck Norris Says He’s Done with THE EXPENDABLES Franchise

     August 23, 2012


The minds behind The Expendables series are keen to start work on the next sequel. But as they busy themselves with adding more replaceable cogs to their wholly replaceable cast, today comes news that if/when The Expendables 3 does get rolling, current cog Chuck Norris won’t be there. The reason for his departure is unconfirmed; however, Norris did make headlines a few months ago when he unsuccessfully lobbied to have The Expendables 2 edited down to a PG-13 (lest his legion of young fans be traumatized by profanity while they’re watching old men murder people). The uninformed might also attribute the decision to Norris being in his 70s, not realizing that in Chuck Norris-years, he’s only 26.  At any rate, hit the jump for the action legend’s comments on his departure from the franchise.

expendables-2-movie-poster-chuck-norrisSaid Norris to Access Hollywood (via The Playlist):

“Nope. Just number 2. This is it for me…Oh, yeah. This is very special. Just to be able to do the film with guys I’ve known for many, many years. To get a chance to get in and fight with them, it was a lot of fun. Plus getting a chance to meet Terry Crews, who I hadn’t met before. And Jason Statham, whom I hadn’t met before. It was fun just to do that.”

As we previously reported, Sylvester Stallone and producer Avi Lerner are setting their sights on icons like Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford to join Nicolas Cage to fill the Norris-shaped void in the third installment. But will it be enough?

If any other Expendable were to leave The Expendables ensemble, it wouldn’t be a big deal. They’re all pretty much expendable. But Chuck Norris isn’t expendable, to that franchise or the earth itself. Were he ever to die, the cat-like aliens held at bay by the giant fist behind his beard would pounce on our planet like a giant ball of yarn, which would be the least of our worries since the atmosphere will have already been obliterated by the six dozen 50-megaton blasts it took to destroy him…or so an internet meme will soon posit.


  • frank

    good chuck Norris sucks anyway

    • Franklikestosuck

      No Frank, Your the one who sucks. Must be that Chuck punched you in the ass that’s why shit comes out of your mouth. Don’t worry we understand.

      • Richie Cunningham

        hahahhahaa… awesome response… beware of the Norris.

  • Brian

    I really thought Collider writers would be better than those lame unfunny overused old Chuck Norris jokes…guess not.

    • Flinderbahn

      …you mean like that joke that Chuck himself used in E2? I thought that was one of the best bits of the movie!

  • Jeff

    Chuck Norris is in his 70s? Damn!

  • Pol

    Norris does suck. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I’ll be glad to see the back of him. Under Chuck Norris’s beard is nothing but an old has-been’s chin.

  • Pol

    Sorry about the double post….twas a bit of an internet fart there!

  • Strong Enough

    fuck chuck norris

  • MadMatt

    I’m longing for the day when ageism is as socially unacceptable as homophobia and racism. When it is, all the Collider writers are going to have to dramatically alter their approach to any article concerning an action star over fifty. Yes, you’re all young and cool and like edgy indie-types, we get it. But all these cheap-shot ‘old fart’ gags are getting tiresome.

    • Doug

      Ha ha! Chuck Norris is a raging homophobe so screw him, I don’t care how old he is.

  • gcm443

    Jeez I get the appeal of these movies and i love the idea. I was really disappointed in the first one and only liked this one slightly better. I just feel like there are way too many characters in such a short movie. There’s some good action but neither one of them are as action packed as one would think. Just my opinion, i know no one cares what i think…i don’t really care either.

  • Phil123

    he was in the movie for about 3 mins total. doesn’t matter at all.

  • Flinderbahn

    The Expendables franchise is trading on our nostalgia for the entire action movie ‘boom’ (hoho) of the 80s. Unfortunately it’s not delivering on its promise. Pull in anyone you like – Stallone and Schwarzenegger embodied that genre, so if they can’t make something of it, nobody can. I hate to say it, because I appreciate the whole point of these movies is ‘ooh look, another cool explosion and another over-the-top gunfight’, but maybe they actually need to hire some decent writers and keep Stallone from making any creative decisions beyond which of his buddies to hire. Maybe a grown-up, involving story would save the next one from debuting in the the video store bargain bucket.

  • TheRealBukzit

    Yeah! Fuck him. Fhuck Norris leaving and BLA BLA BLA …whoTF cares anyway

  • TheGreatIcePrince

    Chuck Norris is EPIC … ahehe

  • Chuck-is-old&geriatric

    Great Grandpa chuck should stay out of movies, now.

    The guy is so arthritic, he can’t even raise his leg for a kick or do a simple punch.

    He can’t even “fake” like he is doing something.

    Dude needs a stunt double to do 100% of all his action moves for his convalescent ass. Stay out of movies and do preparation H commercials, tired old ass.

  • Jamie

    Personally, I watched this movie expecting it to not have depth or much of a real story. I went in for the laughs, and thought it was hilarious.

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  • Mitchell Sanderson

    Fuck you faggot

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