Jason Statham Hopes Jackie Chan Will Join Him in THE EXPENDABLES 3; Updates on HOMEFRONT Written by Sylvester Stallone

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Sheila spoke to the cast of Parker at roundtable interviews today.  We will have the full interviews for you soon, but we want to pass along what Jason Statham had to say about The Expendables 3 and Homefront.  Statham has only heard rumors about the Expendables sequel, but he too likes the one about Jackie Chan joining the cast: “[Chan has] broken every bone in his body for his commitment and dedication to doing his own stunts. So he’s the real deal.”  Statham is open to all potential newcomers—including Nicolas Cage—and mentions, “I like Clint Eastwood as well.”

Statham was honored when Stallone brought Homefront, a script that Stallone wrote intending to star, to Statham and offered the lead role: “He adapted it to suit me.  It was like a tailor-made suit and Sly did all the sewing.  Fantastic!”  Hit the jump for the full quotes.

sylvester stallone jason stathamQuestion:  What do you have coming up next?  I know you have Homefront.

Jason Statham:  Homefront is a film that Sylvester Stallone wrote for himself actually.  So, to have a screenplay presented to me by him that he was intending to star in himself was a career point for me.  I said, “Wow!”  He’s a great writer and it’s a really, really cool story.  It’s based on a book written by Chuck Logan called Homefront.  He adapted it to suit me.  It was like a tailor-made suit and Sly did all the sewing.  Fantastic!

And Hummingbird?

Statham:  Oh yeah, I’ve got that coming out.

Did Sly talk to you at all about Expendables 3 and casting?

Statham:  No.  I saw him on stage at the Golden Globes and he gave me the look.  He went “Whoo!”  He hasn’t said anything but I hear rumors.  I should never go with rumors because they’re often not correct, but I hear Jackie Chan might be coming to the party and that would make me very happy because I do like Jackie Chan.

the-expendables-2-jason-statham-imageWe also heard that Nic Cage is coming in.  Dolph Lundgren was saying he’s back but he hasn’t seen a script yet.  Arnold Schwarzenegger was saying he’s back.

Statham:  (imitating Arnold’s voice)  I’m back! (normal voice) Yeah, I’m back regardless.  There’s no question.  I mean, we have such a laughter in those films and the action is just…you can get away with anything.  It’s so over the top.  What we sometimes lack for in story comes back in something else.  And people are just lining up to be a part of it.  It’s great.

Is there anyone else you’d like to see?  Is Jackie the big get?

Statham:  I like Jackie because I’ve been a friend of Jackie’s forever.  He’s broken every bone in his body for his commitment and dedication to doing his own stunts.  So he’s the real deal.  He is the real deal.  He’s my [favorite].  I like Clint Eastwood as well.

Travolta was talked about.  Steven Seagal would be great.

Statham:  There’s a ton.   But the thing is, the magic wand comes from Sly.  He will either “yes” you or “no” you.  So yeah, Expendables 3.  Here we go.  Strap yourselves in!

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