16 Posters from THE EXPENDABLES 3 Featuring Grizzled Guys (and a Gal) with Guns

     April 4, 2014


I’m a big fan of the recently released character posters for Patrick Hughes’ The Expendables 3.  They show the guys (and gal), old faces and new, all having a good time on set instead of being all jammed together in a Photoshopped group shot with an explosive background.  We premiered a trio of them, but now all 16 are available for you to enjoy.  There are quite a few names to keep straight, but watching the cast’s roll call video should help.

The film opens August 15th and stars Sylvester StalloneMel GibsonHarrison FordWesley SnipesArnold SchwarzeneggerKelsey Grammer, Antonio BanderasJason StathamJet LiDolph LundgrenRandy CoutureTerry CrewsKellan LutzRonda RouseyVictor Ortiz, and Glen Powell.  Hit the jump to check them all out in their very own The Expendables 3 posters.

Take a look at all 16 character posters for The Expendables 3 below:

the-expendables-3-poster-antonio-banderas the-expendables-3-poster-arnold-schwarzenegger the-expendables-3-poster-dolph-lundgren the-expendables-3-poster-glen-powell the-expendables-3-poster-harrison-ford the-expendables-3-poster-jason-statham the-expendables-3-poster-jet-li the-expendables-3-poster-kellan-lutz the-expendables-3-poster-kelsey-grammer the-expendables-3-poster-mel-gibson the-expendables-3-poster-randy-couture the-expendables-3-poster-ronda-rousey the-expendables-3-poster-sylvester-stallone the-expendables-3-poster-terry-crews the-expendables-3-poster-victor-ortiz the-expendables-3-poster-wesley-snipes

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  • GrimReaper07

    These posters are hilariously un-Expendables-y.

  • aceshigh

    Stallone is truly a freak of nature. 67 years old and he’s got forearms that look like Christmas hams.

    I know, I know he uses HGH (and who knows what else), but it’s still pretty amazing either way.

    • LEM

      You still have to put the work in even if you take the hormones and testosterone.

      • aceshigh

        Yes, thank you. That’s EXACTLY what I said.

      • LEM

        Look up EXACTLY but either way it bears repeating since most people just think hormones and test supplementation are like magic potions.

      • aceshigh

        Well, you implied that I was diminishing Sly’s physique by bringing up the HGH, which I was in no way doing, as I said, “it’s still pretty amazing”.

        The amount of training he needs to put in to look like that at 67 is incredible, supplementation or not.

      • LEM

        I was clarifying your vague point so any implication you derived is based on your personal interpretation.

      • aceshigh

        I hear you. No worries.

      • LEM

        I just wasted time looking for the “Aces High” talk show clip from “Casino” to post and then said to myself “WTF am I doing?”.

    • Dogma

      Lundgren ain’t no slouch either, granted he doesn’t have earth worm size veins, he’s still very impressive for a man in his late 50′s.

  • andres

    Holy ass, Rhonda Rousey is a fucking fox.

  • bigasstittyfucker

    These would look more badass if we didn’t see the lights and equipment of the photo shoot in the shots. Might as well include the make up artist as well.

  • The Flobbit

    Nice shots, but I truly don’t see the point of including the lighting equipment and stuff. Nice to see Mel back in the game.

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