THE EXPENDABLES 3 Is PG-13; Sylvester Stallone Thinks “We Owe It to the Next Generation”

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The Expendables was rated R.  After a brief PG-13 scare, The Expendables 2 hit theaters with an R rating, too.  Unless a divine force intervenes again, The Expendables 3 will be PG-13.  Sylvester Stallone confirmed the Expendables 3 rating at the Cannes Film Festival press conference and explained:

“We want to reach as many people as possible… I think we owe it to the next generation.”

Stallone also talked about how the third movie will differ from the first two at the press conference.  See what he had to say after the jump, along with a picture of Stallone, Mel Gibson, Jason Statham, Harrison Ford, and Dolph Lundgren storming the Croisette in a tank.

Here is Stallone’s full quote on the Expendables 3 rating [via Deadline]:

“We want to reach as many people as possible.  It’s very close to an R, believe me, it’s right there.  But I think we owe it to the next generation.  We thought we’d join that club for a while.”

the expendables 3 rating sylvester stallone cannesMany Expendables fans are surely disappointed in this news.  There is a Facebook group to join if you want to boycott a PG-13 Expendables 3.

As with The Expendables 2, there is still some chance The Expendables 3 will revert to an R rating by the August 15 release date.  Stallone believes, regardless of the rating, the new movie could be the best Expendables yet:

“With the first one, I didn’t know which direction to go.  It was experimental, more dramatic and heavier.  In the second one, I think we went too far in the comedy and one liners. (For the third film) I realized we should get back to being more dramatic.  When men and women know each other, there’s a kind of human comedy, not jokes, but when the action starts I don’t like to do jokes.  So, I believe we finally got it right on the third one.  It’s kind of like marriage.”

Wesley SnipesArnold SchwarzeneggerKelsey Grammer, Antonio BanderasJason StathamJet Li, Randy CoutureTerry CrewsKellan LutzRonda RouseyVictor Ortiz, and Glen Powell also star in the Expendables that finally gets it right.  See the full roll call below.

For more on The Expendables 3, check out our set visit coverage:


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  • tarek

    Great. So your legacy to the next generation is to show them how fun it is to kill people.

    • Bo

      Agreed! This guy is a moronic joke and always has been. Sigh….the nature of the power of delusion created by wealth and fame is on display here. This guy really takes himself and his ‘work’ a bit too seriously would be a major understatement!!! As you say, tarek, these movies glorifying killing are just horrible and so simple minded I almost cried when I tried to watch the last 10 mins. of one and quickly fled from the incredible stupidity of it…wow!

      • whodunnitwhen

        this is a just a ploy for more box office by not limiting the audience. just like casting liam hemsworth in part 2 so they could get a younger audience to buy tickets but then in the movie they kill him off so he does not up stage the old farts. LAME.

    • Travis Gowen

      Please tell me you aren’t mad because people get killed in this movie. If that’s the case I hope you have issues with basically all comic book films, war films, gangster flicks, etc because to a degree they all “glorify” killing people.

      For what it’s worth I hated the 2nd film and think this one will be absurd, but to be upset because you think this movie shows it’s fun to kill people is pretty odd.

      • tarek

        Please, when I point to the moon, don’t fix my finger.

    • pedro

      This was in the second film with the comedy and one liners. I thought they made this way to get more people but its happening now, maybe in the next they just change the title to gi joe

    • MJ

      Hey, it worked for Sergio Leonne.

      • tarek

        Leone was an artist. But he never glorified the killing in his movies.

    • SkulloManiac

      Were you born in 2009 or something?
      The people in the Expendables have been doing this for decades. Honestly, your comment is particularly dumb, but hey, politically correctness and all that garbage.

      • tarek

        No I was born way before you were born kid. I could be your father Luke.
        My comment was aimed to those who still have a working brain. But hey! we don’t choose our fate.
        I for myself don’t see any redeeming thing in this crapola legacy you seem to cherish.

  • memphis

    Stallone you spineless asshole….Caved into studio pressure did you??? Owe the next generation my ass….

    • Kyle

      An R-rating sure didn’t hurt Neighbors or The Heat.

      This is a total reaction to Schwarzenegger and Stallone’s last few movies bombing. Instead of watering it down they should have just attempted to make an actually good and FUN movie instead of the lazy vehicles these movies have been.

      • TimeTravelMan

        More Comedies are now R yet more Action and Horror movies are PG13. What a crazy world we live in.

      • Esteban J. Hernandez

        ‘The Frighteners’ was as rated R, and got NO real gore, so WHAT A CRAIZIER WE LIVE IN AFTER THE GREEDY MPAA OF WALL STREET TREATED SAM RAIMI AS DOG-TURD!!!!!!

    • LEM

      I wonder if he even remembers the guy that had nothing and passed on a million dollars to star as “Rocky”.

    • batman

      true this is such a bunch of bullshit they just want more box office.

  • Jamie Teller

    If I cared at all about the franchise, I’d be disgusted. Instead, I’ll just settle for some boilerplate “the MPAA sucks” grumbling.

  • cloud720

    i’m sure it wont mean much, but they just lost my $14.50.

    What is the big deal with rated R movies anyway. When I was younger, an R rating never stopped me from seeing a movie.

    • ScratStitch

      Yes, because, after all, not hearing two or three F-bombs is totally going to ruin the entire movie for you, right?


        Yes it will

      • pickaname

        It’s not so much about the f-bombs as it is about the action. The whole reason the Expendables movies are appealing is because they are a throwback to the over-the-top/blood violence/awesome movies of the 80s (a lot of them with these particular stars). If you take that away from the Expendables, there’s not much left. That’s why this PG-13 rating bothers me.

      • whoarethey

        thats not the point…its that this is a B.S. ply just to get more ticket sales

  • TigerFIST


  • Cpt Rex Kramer

    Off topic, all the news outlets are saying the cast arrived on a tank. THAT is not a tank. Most tanks would trash your common road. The vehicle pictured is, I think, a BTR-60 armored personal carrier. And that in not a tank. Back on topic, it’s a shame that the filmmakers think a PG 13 rating is the way to go. Having said that, the R rated outings of the first two were pretty much a disappointment, so who knows? As long as the story and script are halfway decent, a PG 13 rating really won’t matter that much….. hopefully (Although, truth be told and like most, I’d rather have a bloody R rated film.).

  • Werefon

    Lame Excuse considering that “old” generation made him and his career successful. Yeah, he definitely he owes the next generation that doesn’t know and care about him.

    Great, Sly! Go on. Your solo films were successful, right?

  • huehuehue

    Wow that’s one of the few things that could have significantly reduced my hype level for this 3rd Expendables. Fuck that’s an annoying cop-out.

  • furion77

    This is now bullshit. This makes no sense at all. I guess your movie went to “I want to see it at the movies” to I will wait to Netflix category

  • ScratStitch

    “Of course it’s going to be an R. I don’t know who started these rumors about it being a PG-13, but it’s going to be an R, and it will earn its R, believe me.” ~Sly Stallone in a few months

  • Bary Gusey

    Kellan Lutz and a pg-13 rating… Think we have a winner here.

  • Steven

    Its Taken 2 all over again.

    You see, they get greedy. The people that have made the franchise a massive hit want an R Rated action flick, so by not giving them that you alienate them. The younger generation mostly don’t care about these guys and if they really did they’d end up seeing the movie anyway.

    PG 13 movies can be great but this type of movie requires blood and F bombs.

    • Sean Chandler

      The original Taken was rated PG-13.

      • Sweet Pea

        Lol. Killed that rant in 6 words. Well played Sean Chandler.

      • Steven

        Taken was 15A where I’m from (Ireland) and Taken 2 was 12A here.

        My point was that the editing was compromised in Taken 2 to get a lower rating. I hope the same doesn’t happen here.

      • Sean Chandler

        I can’t speak for Ireland and their rating system. In the US the only major difference between the PG-13 theatrical version and the R rated video version was one torture scene. The bad editing seemed more due to the bad director than to lower the rating.

        I want my Expendables R, but a little more blood and a few F-words won’t be the determining factors in whether it’s good or not.

      • Joeke

        The original Taken was hard R, idiot. It was edited down to a PG-13.

      • Esteban J. Hernandez

        ‘Taken’ was as a moderate R before the editing.

    • memphis

      Taken didn’t need to be R-rated…But a movie like Expendables needs it…Its what makes it entertaining….Nobody watches The Expendables for its plot and acting…Its meant to be violent stupid fun….Unfortunately they just took a MASSIVE dump all over it…

    • moneyhungryfucks

      EXCATLY!!! this is bullshit for ticket sales

  • Stefan Bonomo

    To be fair, besides some extra swearing and CGI blood, nothing in these films really made it worth an R-rating, especially the second one. And this makes sense, considering Stallone and Schwarzenegger’s last R-rated films bombed at the box office, they don’t want, they NEED, mass appeal to get more people to come see it.

    It’s not quality with the ratings, just numbers.

    • evinrude

      Yeah,the second one was a wet turd.
      Problem with what you say about a PG-13 doing anything for their box office positioning is that “the next generation” doesn’t have a clue who ANY of the Expendables ARE.

      • Stefan Bonomo

        Yeah, the reason he says about the “Next Generation” doesn’t make sense. I think he means “We want mass appeal so we can make our money back” and he’s trying to pass it off as something its not.
        I can guarantee though, if Bullet To The Head, Last Stand, Escape Plan, Sabotage, etc. did good at the box office, this would be R. But they didn’t, so its PG-13.

  • Steven

    Being honest though, those people who didn’t bother going to see Arnie & Stallone’s last few R rated movies are to blame.

    Enjoy the insane violence of Sabotage while it’s still showing in cinemas, cause Terminator 5 sure has hell wont be R rated either.

    • HeSaidSheSaidMv

      I’m with you. People didn’t even go to see their recent movies, besides The Expendables, so don’t bitch when this happen. People don’t even try to see action movies anymore, unless they are named Fast & Furious. Then they bitch about ratings.

      • Lex Walker

        How the hell does that make sense? Do you really think studios believe people didn’t see the movie because they were rated R? Studios and audiences both know the reason no one turned up is because said R rated flicks were deemed horrible by critics and audiences alike.

      • HeSaidSheSaidMv

        The Expendables don’t have great reviews either. Let’s be serious here. Oh and Dredd had very good reviews and nobody saw it.

      • Lex Walker

        The Expendables have equal or better reviews (Expendables 2 somehow got a 65% fresh on RT) and they also have the novelty factor that Sabotage, Bullet to the Head, Grudge Match, etc. can’t match. For better or worse the Expendables franchise is marketed as an event (All your favorite action stars in one movie), while the rest are dumped in the early months of the year because studios know they’re subpar. No one saw Dredd because they stupidly insisted on only showing it in 3D (to the point where they actually denied many theater requests for the film in 2D – though a few were available). That’s why Dredd failed: you can’t force 3D on an audience especially if you’re going to charge more for it.

      • HeSaidSheSaidMv

        The Expendables is a gimmick and that gimmick is why people went to see it, not because it’s good. Outside of that gimmick moronic fans don’t support action movies…..then go on to complain there aren’t enough enough R-rated movies.

        I saw Dredd in 2D and as much as I’d like to think I’m special, I don’t think the theater did that just for me. It was available in 2D.

      • Lex Walker

        No, not special, just lucky (kind of, the 3D in the movie was pretty beautiful). You lived by one of the theaters (in the country) that had a 2D copy, which was one of about 500. The other 2200 screens? All 3D (based on reports from Variety and BoxOfficeMojo). Again, it wasn’t impossible to find a 2D screening, but the vast majority didn’t have the option.

      • Sean Chandler

        The last stand – 60%
        Escape plan – 49%
        Bullet to the head – 46%

        Those are hardly horrible horrible critic ratings, especially for the genre. Who are these supposed audience members who actually went to see these movies and thought they were terrible?

      • Lex Walker

        I specifically didn’t single out The Last Stand, because it actually was received decently well. However, when movies like Dredd show that it’s possible for a well-made entry in the genre to get a 78% – then yeah, 49% and 46% are pretty bad, even for the genre. Especially if you count The Raid as part of that same genre. And you’re right, the audiences might not have called them horrible, but they didn’t exactly sing them praise either, which is death for a film like that.

      • Sean Chandler

        Dredd would seem to show that even well reviewed movies of the genre don’t do well. The only modest budgeted action films which over-perform star Liam Neeson.

        There just aren’t very many non-blockbuster budgeted action films which make decent money right now.

      • Lex Walker

        The lesson of Dredd is well known: don’t try to force audiences to see a movie in 3D. Scant few 2D prints were available, so most people either had to choose between paying the 3D premium or not seeing it at all (many chose the latter). Proof of that comes in the form of the 2D home video release which has seen the movie rise in profit and now has the studio considering a sequel (according to an 02/14 interview with Urban).

      • Sean Chandler

        You’re the first person I’ve heard suggest that Dredd underperformed because there were too many 3D showings.

      • Lex Walker

        I didn’t say it’s because there were too many 3D showings, it’s because there were almost exclusively 3D showings. In many cities, 2D wasn’t even an option. Google it. It was a horribly bad distribution plan.

      • HeSaidSheSaidMv

        The public is a bunch of idiots. They complain about no R-rated action movies, but don’t see the few that come out.

      • Lex Walker

        This is true.

  • DEADP00L

    Don’t use my generation as your reason that is just petty pathetic and sleazy. You want money and you’d only make money if its PG13 plain and simple. Owe it to us…what an ass.

    I’ll wait for it on netflix.

  • Drake

    I am a member of the “next generation.” And believe you me Slyvester, you don’t owe us anything.

  • HeSaidSheSaidMv

    I always found it amusing/bizarre when people get all fired up over ratings, as if a movie is good simply because it has a more mature rating. Yeah, that makes sense.

    I don’t care what a movie is rated, I cared if it entertains me.

  • Werefon

    Ok, old generation owes you Kick in the Nuts!!!

    To be Honest, in the second film, it’s very noticeable that they shot a PG-13 film, after The Raid popes out, they changed their minds and added blood.

    They added cheaply using Adobe After Effects. I can see layers of dust and blood burst samples, I used them for my videos and got the same results.

  • RiddleThemThis

    I’m glad they’re going for less comedy, but PG-13 really ruins the fun.

    • HeSaidSheSaidMv

      Because everybody knows a movie is only good if it’s rated R.

  • GunzOfNavarone

    Ah well, that’s me no longer interested. I’ll wait until I can download it, I’m not spending money out far-fetched crap. With as much artillery as they’re packing, it’s ridiculous to not see any blood. So much for making this for fans of films of the 80s. Pfff.

  • AaronS12

    A rating does not constitute its quality but The Expendables actually largely benefits from its R-rating. And having it literally bloodless will impact its performance; especially to the audience it is being targeted at. I’m a part of this ‘next generation’ and I even think this is a poor approach – not all of us love PG-13 films. The Expendables series sells its product on the basis of it being brainless and fun and being R-rated action films.

    But saying that, films like The Expendables will always be a series that’d download or rent; never see in the cinemas. I love them, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t mean I’d see it in the theaters.

    • DANIEL

      Yeah its should be a 15 we don’t want a shit pg13 NO!

  • Strong Enough

    the new generation doesn’t know you Sly nor do they care about you.

    • LEM

      They’re definitely not the ones who made “The Expendables” a viable franchise.

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  • rajv

    More tickets! Cha ching!

  • Slade

    Eh, as long as the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously and it doesn’t suck ass then I don’t care what its rated.

  • LEM

    No bad language or breasts while they make bloody pulp of human bodies.

  • Hugo

    A sad day for action movie lovers. Can’t believe the comments from some turds right below here.

  • ʝoe ßloggs

    Those veins and the chicken skin complexion are disturbing.

  • Joeke

    You don’t owe Millennials anything. They don’t even know who you are.

  • Dmula

    He’s got it backwards he owes the generation a good old bloody ass kicking movie

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  • NeoGeo12

    If Sly really cared about the next generation. He would use his influence to create projects that launch the next generation of blockbuster Action heroes.

    The reality is his career could of lasted longer if he had been more diverse by seeking out more dramatic roles. Also by continuing to hone his craft. Possibly reinventing himself 10 yrs ago.

    This is a clear Cash grab by the studio. It will sink the franchise like it has done to other franchises. Stallone will further diminish his career. The Studio execs will keep their jobs and continue to profit on their terrible decisions.

    Expendables 3 will fill up used bargain DVD bins everywhere.

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  • MJ

    This strikes me as hypcritical given the way Sly threw Chuck Norris under the bus on the last movie when Chuck was pushing for a PG-13 rating.

    I don’t really care about the rating, but I wish Sly would just shut the fuk up and stop saying ridiculous crap like this that insults my intelligence.

    I just hope this movie is better. The first one was great, but the last one totally sucked. They should have sent Arnie packing — I just don’t buy him anymore in these movies — he is a distraction.

  • arman23

    I heard Jackie Chan was signed for Ex-3, right?

  • arman23

    PG-13 really ruins the fun.

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  • LEM

    All the guys who grew up watching Stallone and made this series a hit should skip this movie and lets see how well the box office does when he depends on the next generation.

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  • SkulloManiac

    So many drama queens here. And you think of yourselves as manly men? I laugh at all of you for letting the rating of a movie bother you.
    The internet has spoiled people into being a bunch of whiny morons.

  • Alboone

    Seriously Sly…go F yourself and do the world a favor and retire. You have truly become a joke. PG13? Ugh!

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  • Truth

    Netx Generation? You’re luck YOUR GENERATION can still find the theater! PG-13?! As if the “kids” want to pay to see Old Man Action? R U NUTS, SLY?

  • Grendal Sven

    In MURCA open wounds are okay on but boobies are not.

    PG-13 ratings don’t scare me where gore is concerned.

  • derek

    I can appreciate a good action movie. Obviously I’m not talking about anything Stallone has put out in 20 years. He is just a slime ball who is continuing to cash in. Nothing wrong with cashing in, in my opinion. . But he will never get another dime from me because his films are lousy. And i think the real deal breaker for me, is that this dude can’t let go of doing one note action movies. He continues to probably use steroids or something similar at almost 70 years old. He is going to look like Rocky after 12 rounds, permanently, when he gets older


    we need a 15 come on syl!

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