THE EXPENDABLES – New Set Photos – updated

     April 13, 2009

update – another image of Sly has been posted

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

I love the way movie productions have started using Twitter and other social networking sites to get people excited while a movie is still being shot. It used to be that every production was on lockdown and info and images were guarded like Fort Knox.

Not anymore.

Studios and directors have slowly come around to the fact that if you release the images early and often, people won’t care about non sanctioned stuff. Also, it gets your most passionate fans excited really early on.

Of course for certain movies that use a lot of CGI or have a lot of special effects, you can only do so much. But at least you can run a video blog or have the people on set talking.

Anyway, Sylvester Stallone and his crew of merry men are in Brazil right now filming “The Expendables” and the production has just released the first image of Eric Roberts and Stone Cold Steve Austin and a BIG explosion – which you can see below – along with Sly and Jason.

So how did I find these images? Because the unit publicist is using Twitter and they’re also updating this blog. Gotta say, images like these get me excited. Oh, and I’m on Twitter as well.

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