Sylvester Stallone Wants Bruce Willis to Play a “Super Villain” in THE EXPENDABLES Sequel

     August 29, 2010

The Expendables movie image sllice

Per the source of any/all relevant breaking news, Twitter, Sylvester Stallone is not only already planning The Expendables sequel, he is wining and dining Bruce Willis as a potential cast member.  Stallone recently tweeted:

“Had dinner with Bruce Willis last night. I want him in EXPENDABLES II as a super villain. What do you think?”

What do I think, Sly?  For starters, I think you should stop boasting about having dinner with Bruce Willis.  No one likes a braggart.  In regards to the film, I’m all for Bruce Willis doing whatever the hell he wants to do (the dude’s Bruce Willis).  That said, isn’t there an aging WWE star and/or Ultimate Fighting Champion that “acts” on the side and who would probably keep the film’s overhead lower (the ten year old kid in me votes for “The Undertaker”)?  I mean, it’s not like The Expendables sequel isn’t going to rule the box office for a couple of weeks or so regardless of its antagonist.

This, of course, is just my opinion.  What are your thoughts on a sequel to The Expendables and its “super villain?”  Sly wants your input directly so feel free to leave it in the comments.

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  • Jacob

    It’s hardly name-dropping for Sly to say he’s had dinner with Bruce Willis. They’re both A-listers, man.

  • Anonymous

    “Braggart”? You do realize the man used to be business partners with Willis from the Planet Hollywood restaurants? Tweeting he had dinner with Willis is as much bragging as me tweeting I had dinner with a friend of mine.

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  • J.J.

    The term “super villain” seems like hyperbole but I can see Willis playling the villain role. A CIA “hatchet” man with a score to settle seems like the way to go. A goverment funded Lex Luther type (not a crack on the bald thing, I swear). What would be completely bad ass is if Stallone can convince Sean Connery to come out of retirement and have him play the villain. A former superspy of the cold war era who now leads a team of master assassins. The Expendables vs The Exterminators.

  • Gatortade_guzzler

    Christopher Walken…..end of story


    Christopher Walken,Chuck Norris,Vandam,Rudy piper

  • Angmal

    Yes, glad I’m not the only one who was disappointed by the bitter tone of this entire article. Just because one film was more commercially successful than another that this site has been promoting endlessly, there’s no need to be such sore ‘losers’. Stallone has been a has-been for a decade – let the guy enjoy his comeback for Pete’s sake. Plenty of people liked The Expendables and are looking forward to the next one, which will hopefully fulfill the potential of the action all-star concept. Considering one of the primary grumbles was that Willis and Ahnuld only had cameos, the fact that Sly is planning on giving Willis a proper, substantial part in the next one surely indicates he is listening to criticism and trying to deliver a better sequel?

  • Jason Barr

    They absolutely are. I was comparing/contrasting Sly’s awesome tweets about doing amazing things w/ my own less spectacular tweets.

    At worst, a poor attempt at humor.

    • Lex

      I got that immediately and laughed. Funny.

  • Jason Barr

    Please see above reply.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Brockybalboa

    Actually, it would make more sense to the storyline if Bruce Willis’s character, Mr. Church to become the main villain for the sequel. Mr. Church was the one who gave the Expendables the job to take down the dictactor. Maybe in the sequel, Mr. Church betrayed Barney Ross over something in the storyline. I like the idea of Bruce playing the villain for the next one.

    Sly and Bruce have been friends for years. They never starred in a movie together until now. You critics needs to stop being so negative against, Sly.

  • Marz

    Im happy with this whole event im 43 my pals and i talked about this for years and Sly did it (aside from the fact Van Damme acted like a dick and said no, maybe he’ll smart’en up this time and join the fun) what about Wesley Snipes and Carl Weathers that would really go over the top, ther way the roster was great and im excited to see whats next.

  • Marz

    oh yeah !!! Willis can do whatever, just keep it coming and show’em we better as we get older

  • Nathaniel Stamper

    im excited about this. normally isnt my kind of film but i love sly’s boldness to make an action film thats homage to the 80′s action stars. it wont win any oscars but it will be great for his loyalist. i should prolly see the first film

  • Anonymous

    “For starters, I think you should stop boasting about having dinner with Bruce Willis. No one likes a braggart.” – Subjective, private opinion in the article. Idiot.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the “bitter tone” as you called it, it is the perfect illustration of reterdization of an internet journalism sadly.

  • Dustin Mac

    I think the majority here has the right Idea. I for one am all about ol Brucy being a villain. Check this idea out…
    The movie picks up right where it left off…Sly and his team are back home. Word gets back to Mr. Church that they actually were successful, when in all reality he thought it a suicide mission, or a mission to make a point, then to be successful. Sly’s team is now a liability. Now Mr. Church hires Schwarzenegger’s crew to take out Sly’s crew, amazing bad assery ensues.
    This allows a whole new list of action hero’s to fill schwarzeneggers team, and the ultimate battle at the end, well that would be one for the ages. To see Sly and Arny slug it out with each other, my head my exploide, but it would be a risk I’d be willing to take!

  • dylanosaur

    The Expendables vs. Predator!!!

  • Farmasingh

    wesley snipes! Bring back simon phoenix!

  • Jacob

    I started the brickbats flying, but let’s cut Jason a break here, folks. He explained he was just making a joke. I feel dumb for not getting it!

  • ThomasTye

    Would love anything and everything with Sly and Bruce…

  • Eric_trunk99

    Would be a nice change for Bruce, Sly is always the greatest, and I think they should have some other different action stars come in to spice up the new villains they should have.

  • Guest

    I know sarcasm and such is hard to present in writing, but still… this kinda seems like one of those situations where you catch flack and then say “oh hey I was just kidding”. Collider on the whole has been rather bitter towards this movie when it whomped their pet Scott Pilgrim so I’m more inclined to expect said comment to have been a nasty remark rather than a really obscured attempt at humor. Still, I don’t think there’s a need for some of these nastier remarks.

    I can’t see Bruce Willis as a bad guy, if you ask me the right course of action would be to create a dream-team roster of bad guys for the sequel.

  • Zieg77

    Vin diesel, daniel craig, Clint Eastwood (Im aware hes old but hes The man w/ no name.) Chow Yun Fat would be awesome, but make his role better than poor Jett Li’s role in E1.
    If charles bronson was alive hed be great too.
    perhaps if big mouth mel gibson behaves for a while maybe hed work . (and cheap)
    I’d enjoy seeing some celebrity cameos, but I’d want to see them die.
    (kevin costner, Tom cruise, John travolta) – if these guys made it in i’d hope they have under 4 lines each and die close to the begining.

  • TT

    Well Sly, go out get Wesley, Carl, Van Damme, and Christopher Walken. Round out that group with maybe Clint Eastwood, Jackie Chan, and Vin Diesel. Top that by adding Chuck Norris, hell get Chuck Liddell…..set it up as one crew against another, good against bad. It would be nice to see some these do good guys play seriously evil bad guys. Spend the money to entertain the people, ’cause all but a select few don’t need it!!! Do the damn thing!!!

  • RomeoRomance

    What about Alan Rickman?

  • RomeoRomance

    What About Bolo Yeung and Carl Weathers?

  • Squatdude

    I love the idea of Willis becoming the bad guy. By the time this movie begins filming, Schwarzeneggar will be out of office. I think it would be great if his crew and the Expendables had to overcome the differences between the Schwarzeneggar and Stallone characters and combine efforts to subdue the Willis villian. Schwarzeneggar could reprise his role as John Matrix from Commando. His smart-alec performance in his cameo would fit that role.

  • Ron

    I say throw Dwayne the Rock Johnson in the mix of people who should come out in the sequal. what do you think?

  • Darkerider

    NOw your talking, get all of them!

  • Jason Barr

    Agreed. I actually think Johnson is a solid actor. I’m not saying I love every film he has done, but you can’t deny his charisma.

  • tj

    Wow. You’re one bitter man.

  • Dustin Mac

    Dude, you are right about Colldier hating on this movie. Its starting to get rediculous. I gave Matt Goldberg a bunch of crap about keeping Scott Pilgrim afloat and trashing The Expendables, where were you when I was commenting on the pilgrim posts!?! I got NO love when I said anything contrary about Scot Pilgrim. The super fans of that movie were super pissed off lol. Yeah, they need to stop talking about that film, im sure its good and all, but America didnt want to see it.

  • Deimantas

    If Bruce will play a role of villain then it will be awesome… :O coz it’s little bit boring when only movie stars are in good side ….and i think when people watching this kind of movie they want to see movie stars doing role of good and bad guys

  • Bratt99_

    any sequel needs van damme, snipes, and seagal

    • Anonymous

      VanDamme declined Sly’s generous offer. Snipes should be in jail (tax evasion), and Seagal won’t do it because the producer of The Expendables screwed over Seagal in the past. ALL great (and obvious) suggestions. But Karma says ‘no’ to these 3.

  • Dmrfilms


  • Jarrod

    A sequel with an A-list group of bad guys vs. the already amazing bunch of heroes would be an amazing way to take this movie.

  • Barbarandroid

    I say let the group of washed up, talentless hacks enjoy their overhyped, awful action flicks. The first film was a cross between watching a pile of dried up dogshit, and ”The Losers.” Of course, the only positive thing I can say about ”The Losers,” that I can’t say about TE – the acting was above average.

    Enjoy, Sly.

  • Adolph

    Bruce Willis in Expendibles 2 sounds sweet!

    Jason Barr you sound like a Douche Bag. You and the “The Undertaker” can go make some Douchie gay babies together.

  • John Sawyer

    Oh, yeah! A second part of The Expendables will be so great! and more if Bruce had a major paper as a villain! Yes… they two are of the greatest actors ever… yeah!

    Our always hard guy Bruce do it like a bad guy… great… and more if fight againts Stallone… SYLVESTER STALLONE, YOU MUST BE DO THE SECOND PART…

  • Joe (aka a Screenwriter)

    and if Kurt Russell or Mel Gibson (who i dont thing so) was in the movie, that be mayor yet… or Chris Walken… come on, WALKEN do Dogs of War and hundreds of movies of action more… even he was on Pulp Fiction… Maybe Samuel L. Jackson be a nice guy for the movie… or Danny Trejo, or Steve Buscemi, or Michael Madsen like a villain… the great Madsen always is great…

    but, what i mean, is than WILLIS & STALLONE, must be do, at least, one movie more… dont your think so?

    • Ransomedavis

      hey lets not forget that guy from the original highlander, he has a psychotic look about him dont ya think ? great bad guy,

  • Orson Welles

    It should definitely be like a buddy comedy with Arnold and Sly. The two leaders have to team up together and fight Willis. That would be amazing. Arnold si really whgo should be in the next film. That’s what all action fans want.

  • Bwalsh012




    That is all.

  • Rackem

    bruce willis would be good as a super villian or kurt russell, but i would like to see chuck norris,van damme and stevan segal in the sequel

    • Ransomedavis

      the problem with van dame is he genuinely thinks he,s a bigger star than all these guys put together, i mean come on, the guys a legend – – – in his own mind !
      he gets the chance to star alongside real legends like sly, arnie, willis and other guys that are flavour of the moment statham and jet li and yet he shows dis respect to stallone with arrogance over the phone as claiming he,d only do it if given the scale of role given to statham oh and by the way he wasnt allowed to be beaten in a fight with anybody,
      come on dush bag ! know what side side your bread is buttered, stallone through him a lifeline and he delined and not politely, he must like his straight to dvd career lol.

  • Punktu8

    dude totally get Connery out of retirement to play the head of the organization in the shadows and Willis as his badass mercenary killer dude and throw Jackie Chan a small cameo as a weapons dealer who supplies them through Jet Li’s character as a contact I haven’t seen the movie yet but hopefully he didn’t die or anything….I know I know I haven’t seen it don’t throw my ideas out but damnit i’m gonna see it this weekend when my 5 year old is at grandmas

  • Dougpickering5

    Willis as the villain? That would be interesting. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him painfully over act. He’s done a lot of good movies over the past decade. Guy could make or break the movie. I say throw those dice!

  • TheWatcher

    What you’re saying is absolutely true, however, from another point of view: fuck that dude, I mean, common! Bruce Willis as the “super-villain”, like in sunglasses and shit? This needs to happen, right now. And give aHrold another couple of scenes, for fan service?

    - if you do that, and make aHnold say something subliminal about the Terminator, I will love you until the day I die.

  • TheWatcher

    What you’re saying is absolutely true, however, from another point of view: fuck that dude, I mean, common! Bruce Willis as the “super-villain”, like in sunglasses and shit? This needs to happen, right now. And give aHrold another couple of scenes, for fan service?

    - if you do that, and make aHnold say something subliminal about the Terminator, I will love you until the day I die.

  • TheWatcher

    holy shit, that is an awesome idea! have snipes play simon phoenix in the movie, which should be set in the time-line to before he got frozen by a different stallone in demolition man. really- screw continuity, just do it and fuck the details.

  • TheWatcher

    I think Seagal will be an excellent addition to The Expendables, he starred in Machete so that means he’ll do this – he sure as hell needs the exposure.

    • Ransomedavis

      with his expanding waist band he has plenty of exposure my friend lol

  • Social Faux-Pas

    Hey Jason Barr, stop whining like a little girl when someone disagrees with your article. You don’t always have to be right. You wanted peoples opinions, so here they are. Shut up, quit whining, and listen/read.

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  • Lcifer

    Chuck Norris!!!

  • Shazam

    I believe that JetLi should go ROGUE as he always wants MORE MONEY!! and in the story because he feels totally let down as the small guy and he feels NO ONE cares about him OR his family (As he was CONSTANTLY saying in the movie) He decides to team up with Arnold (The terminator LOL) and gets PAYBACK!!

    Also it had a BAD ENDING for Austin who should NOT have died by a NOBODY and it should have been strathem and sylvster to take the big man down and not just a small man who he would swat like a fly (Do you remember in the movie sly trying to beat him and sly got BELTED!! – Come on Sly you gotta make movies that fit the CODE!!)

    Now The Undertaker mabey BUT what about someone who is not all beefed up on steriods like: the guy who played bulls-eye in dare devil?? Hes fast he looks mean and you know by fighting him your most proberly gunna die lol…

    And right at the end JetLi can save the day by perhaps taking bulls-eye boy out by PROVING hes WORTH THE MONEY!!

    God i should help sly right this movie…

    Sly get in touch with me and i will chat to you ;-)


  • Shazam

    Typical i place brilliant ideas down AND they take it off the posts!!
    Why bother IF your going to do that Collider??

  • Shazam

    Why did you remove my first post?? And then my second Collider??
    Please email me and tell me why?? And let me guess you will delete this post to!!

  • Ray

    The “writer” of this article sounds like a real punk. What the hell are you so bitter about?

  • guest

    The Undertaker ? that would be most EXCELLENT.

  • Majg16

    I seriously dont care how you do it but Van damme needs to be in the movie. Its a perfetc way for him back in the theatres and to get back his fan base after making such a dumb decision to not be in the first. Sly i know you had a bit of an argument with the guy over the part but please just get him. Heres the scenario, Bad Guys: Bruce Willis, Stone Cold as his right hand man, VAN DAMME, to combat Lundgren in a homage to universal soldier dropping lil jokes :) Jackie Chan to combat Jet Li and a bunch of other war /cia buddies. Expendables: Sly, Statham, Li, Lundgren, Crews, THE ROCK, Rourke.
    Cameos: Vin Diesel, Chuck Norris and Carl Weathers. Get Sylvester to read this and make it happen seriously i will the script for him.

  • Majg16

    scratch stone cold just remembered he died. In his place have the undertaker i agree thats a good idea. Also add Danny Trejo because hes awesome, and If you can get Donnie Yen then Bless you.

  • Robo162

    kurt russel , vanne damn. dolph lungren was awsome

  • Jwright290

    Hell yeah! I will be there on opening night.

  • Jwright290

    Hell yeah! I will be there on opening night.

  • Betty Boyette

    I think Sylvester can do whatever he wants to do. I can see Bruce Willis being a bad guy. It reminds me of actors who have played good/bad roles. I have watched Richard Gere play different roles. He played a good guy in An Officer and a Gentleman. then a bad guy in Internal Affairs. One of my favorite actors is John Travolta. He goes from Grease, to Michael, to Broken Arrow, to Hairspray. Another good actor is Vin Diesel who I could see in this movie too. A good actor is one who can play different roles and make them believable. A good movie director is one who can put actors in roles outside what people are use to seeing them do and make a terrific movie, and I believe that Mr.Stallone is capable of doing such that.

    • Ransomedavis

      ok this is of course a very silly thing to say for obvious reasons but if bruce lee was still around imagine the possibilitys as a badguy ? jet li, jackie chan and jason statham having a face off with him near the end taking all 3 of them to take him out, he worked for arnies team witch would of course end in a clash of brawn to the end with sly and arnie slugging it out, with wait for it ? clint eastwood and gene hackman being disclosed at the very end as the real guys behind it all prompting a 3rd release, ? now how would that be for cinema folks ?

  • Joker

    Mr. T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob716

    Are you honestly telling me that you’d rather see “The Udndertaker” playing the villain than Bruce Willis? Have you no soul!?

  • Isthatyoufernando

    for god’s sake…i’ve seen the film and what a wasted opportunity; sly messed it up for any one else that can convince big names to band together! (second only to the Miami Heat). If he wined and dined JJ abrams to direct, had everyone stay in characters they made famous as (The transporter, that spy Jet Li played in france, Bruce Willis as john mclane etc etc)…then you got yourself the working of a movie none of us men would care if it lasted twice longer than all three lord of the rings movies….
    if he wants a supervillain…go the other direction and ask sigourney weaver to play Ripleys insane clone…now that’s a movie.

  • the works

    Willis in Expendables II would take the franchise to the next level. He is a necessity! Hey, why not shoot for Clint Eastwood, too? How friggin’ cool would that be?

  • Cb9278

    Make sure whatever you do sly that arnold has a bigger expanded role this time and maybe even storm a beach.

  • Phil E.

    I gonna throw in a cast member suggestion: “The Rock”. I dont know why the rock has chosen the parts he has lately, but Expendables 2 would be a good way to bring him back to where he belongs…Action

  • JCVD

    Ok, ok ok. Listen up: Willis becomes the bad guy. He sends both Swarchzennegers team and Stallones team out on the same mission, (both teams don’t know about it) and sets up both teams to try to kill each other. Turns out they find each other and start to fight until they have to fight a common bad guy (willis). Good story. add in seagal, norris, rickman, samuel l jackson, vin diesel, and john travolta.

  • Atreyuu2003

    How about inviting all of them:

    Christopher Walken
    Chuck Norris
    Van Damme
    Roddy Piper
    Steven Seagal
    Bruce Willis (Bigger Part)
    Ahnold (Bigger Part)
    Jackie Chan (Small Part)
    The Undertaker

  • Atreyuu2003

    How about inviting all of them:

    Christopher Walken
    Chuck Norris
    Van Damme
    Roddy Piper
    Steven Seagal
    Bruce Willis (Bigger Part)
    Ahnold (Bigger Part)
    Jackie Chan (Small Part)
    The Undertaker

  • Drake Dilla

    Hulk Hogan, Zeus “Tiny” “Debo”…..!!! Jack Nicolsen, Christopher Walken as a villain, And Bruce Willis as a wild card, Brad Pitt, tho unlikely, Michael Keaton as another villain, Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Mel Gibson, as it…Maybe Danny glover as a aging ally?, I definately agree with Carl Weathers being in it, Danny Trejo “Machete”, maybe Quentin Tarantino cameo? Harvey Keitel and Deniro cameo? Steve Buscemi as the blabbering bad mouth! Ving Rhames, Wesley? Thinking….

  • Anthony_olson

    Sly and Bruce are buddies, and Sly has been in Hollywood since the 70′s… name dropping? If Zac Efron or some other douchebag like said this it would be name dropping. As far as the question – I’d watch Bruce Willis read a phone book, but why not have him as a good guy?

  • seatide

    Whoa, think the author of this was dead wrong, don’t think Sly was name dropping, just that he was happy with the movie’s success and sharing with fans – what’s with the sulking? Anyway, what do I think? Great job Stallone, haven’t laughed that hard at a move for while, great cast, great action (a bit less shaky cam so we can really watch the fights tho) When is the sequel and PS. I will buy this when it comes out on DVD.

  • ReelGuy

    Bruce Willis might be a cool villain, but I’d save it for a third film. Make his role slightly bigger in the second film, but still as a “helper.” I thought going the Asian route for the second film would make for some exciting fight scenes. Cast either Van Damme or Steven Seagal as the villain in part two and surround them with Japanese and Chinese stars who are looking to take apart the Expendables when they least expect it – after a job when their at home relaxing. Then the team has to head into the lion’s den for revenge.

  • Hellspawn007

    I like this concept, Sly vs Willis. Maybe have Arnold be part of Willis’ crew like he knew about the whole cia being a part of the dictator plot. Have JCVD get on bored (I know he rejected the first one, just tell him he will be able to do 5 splits or more in the movie and he would be sold) vs statham, rampage jackson or chuck vs couture, wesley snipes was supposed to be T Crews’ character but then came the whole tax issue, so now have him be part of the enemy crew, jet li vs chan/ chon yu fat, lungren vs taker, rourke vs chuck norris …haha an action fan can only dream.

  • Sciros

    This would be awesome if Willis agreed to it. Then all we need is a slightly cooler role for Arnold (maybe he can be busy kicking arse solo off-screen and occasionally running into Sly and having exchanges like “leave anything for us?” “just bodies” like in Commando), and TWO VAN DAMMES. Yes that’s right, so someone can be all freaked and exclaim “there’s two of them!” like in Double Impact. That would be hilarious.

  • Lester_baes

    willis is not good as a villan. watch ‘The Jackal’. keep him as a good guy!

  • Turbospaceman

    actually, u should get another team of 80s stars as a super villain team!

    they should have:
    1.Chuck Norris
    2. Steven Segal
    3. Van Damme
    4. Michael Dudikoff
    5. Don “The Dragon” Wilson
    6. Wesley Snipes
    7. Razor Ramon
    8. Tom Berenger

  • Turbospaceman

    actually, u should get another team of 80s stars as a super villain team!

    they should have:
    1.Chuck Norris
    2. Steven Segal
    3. Van Damme
    4. Michael Dudikoff
    5. Don “The Dragon” Wilson
    6. Wesley Snipes
    7. Razor Ramon
    8. Tom Berenger


    It would make perfect sense to have Bruce back as the villain in the sequel.
    I also recommend bringing in Wesley Snipes and Carl Weathers for the next film,along with, if possible, TRIPLE H and EDGE (from WWE),and just for fun,let’s bring in AT LEAST A COUPLE OF ACTION BABES.
    Like SANDAHL BERGMAN(from “Conan” & “Red Sonja”),CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN(“Babylon 5″), or JULIE STRAIN.

  • Anonymous

    The movie was freaking awesome. I had my reservation but I went in and said what the hell. Damn! And I love the scene where Jet Li and Stratham both fight one guy. And the scene were Crew’s character unloads a torrent of hell on earth into the body parts of the bad guys. OMFG! And when Steve Austin and Couture fight one on one.
    Arnold looked old and tired as sh**! Lundren was wasted.
    Here’s who should be in Expendable 2:
    Steven Segal
    Van Dame
    Tom Cruise

  • Pasekmi

    It was a joke..

  • Pasekmi

    vs Jason

  • Krylon81

    A mute Mike Tyson would be good and a bit of Grace Jones with Chopper Reid thrown in for good measure.

  • Lawlzywalzy

    jason bar is a douchebag

  • Chris Garcia

    Critics suck !!! Went to see The expendables…because these guys brought me entertainment all my life….kinda like i owe them for all the flicks and was a light fun movie that you could sit back and enjoy…..too bad Segal and Trejo were not in it as well………….Sly if you read this F em all …i will see the sequel !!!!

  • Stylamundo

    I think Seagal should appear as a chef in the sequel. And Jet Li should own a bit more.

  • Steve

    bring i on for part two however i’d like to see bruce as part of the team not the villian.

  • Steve

    bring i on for part two however i’d like to see bruce as part of the team not the villian.

  • Ryan Degnon

    I think when Arnold is done in office, you should put him in their as well… And give Mickey Rourke a longer part, like have him come out of retirement. Van Damme Should be in it as well. Bruce Willis can do whatever he wants, he’s f’n John McClain!



  • JD

    forget the WWE gaywads (what are you like 10yrs old or something?) ooow, oooow we could have Hulk Hogan or or or …..

    the sequel should have the same cast but JCVD & Seagal


  • RogersRanger

    Regarding Sly’s (mock) “bragging”, seems to me he was trying to relay his admiration and respect for his buddy Bruce to us all, and possibly to his buddy Bruce as well, via twitter. You’re a good guy, um, Sly..

  • Anonymous

    The last Rambo was the best yet, brilliant movie – far batter than expendables which was just a watered down version. In Rambo everyone was cheering, no such reaction with expendables…
    Lundgren was the best thing in expendables and fantastic that he beat the crap out of Li.
    Just get Van Dam and Segal to have a face off in expendables two – that’s what everyone really wants to see.
    Arnie looked like a grandad with wooden legs in the film – Stallone, trumping him big time as Mr Hardcore.
    Get Wesley Snipes in there and Tony Jaa – and have Tony Jaa beating the shit out of Li this time…and then have him take Lundgren out proper style..

  • Swampy123

    Go for a team of women who kick their arses!
    Sigourney Weaver, Angelina Jolie, Mila Jovovich, Grace Jones, Kate Beckinsdale, Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, Linda Hamilton, Mira Sorvino, Carrie-Anne Moss The possibilities are endless!!
    Sly missed a trick by not dropping in lines, Why not have a character called “Adrian” that is ex-artillary who’s partially deaf, can you imagine Sly shouting “Adriaaan”.
    Send Arnie out for coffee, he can stick his head in the door and say “I’ll be back”
    I thought the movie was pure cheese, great entertainment, of course it won’t win awards, who cares?!! it was fun to watch and I would guess great fun to make. Fair play to Sly (I liked Rambo better) for twittering ideas.

  • Adam

    The Expendables was just a bunch of big names diddling along a half-assed story and Stallone has the gall to want to do a second one? Sly, you were lucky to make some money off it and to walk away. I guarantee a sequel will not hit nearly as hard at the box office and your overhead is going to consume you with someone like Bruce Willis having a starring role.

  • Dragon

    what a douce the author is. This is what they do. Celebrities work with each other and have dinners. How do you want him to introduce his discussion with Bruce. The author sounds like a sad jealous person, you’re in the wrong industry bud if he states a fact.

  • Whomever

    it was a poor attempt…

  • MikeLegacy

    What a fantastic action flick. The haters of this film obviously had no respect to the action films of the 80′s. This was an awesome homage to those film. It was enjoyable on many levels.

    It wasn’t meant to be an art film or win any oscars for scriptwriting; it was scripted for one thing, pure, unadulterated entertainment, and it delivered.

    Anyways, for Expendables 2 Sly really needs to hit it big. The fact that he rounded up Statham, Li, Lundgren, etc. was really a big selling point to the film, but now that we’ve seen it once, we want something bigger.

    I’d say keep all of those characters, but bring in AS MANY action stars as possible. Whoever wants to be on payroll, let em in.

    Chuck Norris – BADASS
    Tony Jaa
    Van Damme
    Seagal – even though he’s a douche
    Jackie Chan
    John Travolta – Man he kicked ass in From Paris with Love
    Tom Berenger
    Wesley Snipes

    The list really can just go on and on and on and on.

    More stars, more explosions, and more neck breaking. Gotta love those moments and make you jump with excitement in your seat (aka when they leaned that guy back and broke his neck with a downward kick).

    Either way, Expendables 2 will be awesome, it really just depends on HOW awesome Sly wants to make it.

  • Versa_tile_7

    To The guy that wrote the article,.your opinion sucks. Down talkin’ Stallone like you know what’s best for him. He’ll do what the f*ck he wants to do.

  • Barneyrubble

    Jack Lalanne should be cast as the super villain. He has secretly been coating his power juicers with plutonium for years that are all digitally linked via blue tooth and his dastardly plan to detonate every single juicer world wide if one billion tons of carrots are not delivered to his door step. It will be the expendables job to round up every one of them there juicers before jack swims the English channel pulling his wife in a bath tub filled with heavy water to be used as a peace offering to the Queen so that he will be granted diplomatic immunity and can eat his carrots in the damp fog of London while occasionally nibbling on a few truffles.

  • Lawrence Jb

    How is no one stating the obvious choice for the sequel…get Jack Bauer in there! oh…and a CG Bruce Lee. Have him, jack and Chuck N fight to the death!

  • Marc_franz07


  • Anonymous

    Get Neil Fifer into the sequel!

  • John

    i have see want to your the world of Sylvester Stallone, Jackie Chan, Arnold Schwarenegger, Bruce Willis, Hugh Jackman, John Cena, The Rock, Van Damme, former Bruce Lee amination with will be, Salman Afridi and Shehzad Ahmed very goods as well.
    Thanks you

  • Robert

    Bruce and Sly are personal friends and ex business partners. Mentioning he had dinner with a friend who happens to be a mega film star is hardly bragging.

    You sound soooooo jealous. Weak.

  • Jbirdpurplehaze

    I would imagine Van Damme will join the cast considering he realized he fucked up on passing the first one up. Seagal was suppose to have a cameo, but allegedly had a problem with one of the producers. Kurt Russell was offered the role of Mr. Church, but said that he didnt want to do an ensemble movie at the time. Personally I think Van Damme, Seagal, and Russell should appear in the sequel. Chuck Norris should have a role as well. Those three along with Willis’s Mr. Church should be the group of baddies that the expendables have to fight. They should bring back Arnie with his team as the rivals, with Norris as his 2nd in command, with a team that includes Wesley Snipes, Carl Weathers, Mr. T, Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, John Cena, and Chuck Liddell. Call me crazy, but throw in Mel Gibson in a cameo role, then there’s one hell of an action star ensemble. Have Gibson play some sort of senator or something. They should also give Mickey Rourke a moment to shine and have some sort of fight scene with him (preferably with him brawling considering his boxing background). Have him kick the shit out of Vin Diesel or The Rock. That would be awesome. This might be overkill, but thats pretty much what the first film was all about and what all these guys are banking on. Thats what everyone is paying to see and action sequels have to surpass the first films action. Casting all these aging action heroes is the only way to upscale the original.

  • Tkosullivan

    Give John Cena a goatee like Spock, and throw him in the mix

  • Hunting1122

    can you get chuck norris in the movie please.

  • Delbert Grady

    Kurt Russel, William Forsythe, Billy Zane, Powers Booth, Jesse Ventura, James Woods

  • Cle9808

    First of all, I thought the movie was kick ass. I was hoping that they would do a sequel. I definitely would pay to see that. I was kinda surprised not to see Jean Claude Van dam in the movie. I think Bruce would be a cool vilian.

  • Harry

    Bruce Willis is good for a villain but i dont think so, because at the end he’d have to die. I dont know about the villain but I would put Mr. T in a fight with Sly. During some shots we would see Arnie also watching from the shadows. Depending if he can do a movie or not Arnie should have a bit more role in it as well, it just heightens the electricity
    between Arnie and Sly in the same shot.

  • PoplarJay

    JON VOIGHT, ALAN RICKMAN (Die Hard, Robin Hood:POT-Sheriff o’ nottingham) & CHRISTOPHER WALKEN as a trio of villains, and the ultimate villain in the movie would be a half man, half machine STEVEN SEAGAL voiced by JAMES EARL JONES. Oh yeah, as long as your bringing back all these people bring back a married CIA assassin couple played by MARK HAMILL and CARRIE FISHER! Their mentor can be HARRISON FORD. Oh yeah, Schwarzenegger’s team travels in a bus and KEANU REEVES is the “driver”. Oh yeah, and bring back VAL KILMER, GARY BUSEY, and NICK NOLTE, and throw in a little EDDIE MURPHY. Don’t forget THOMAS JANE and RAY STEVENSON, they were both Punishers. Oh my head…

  • DwightSchultzRocks

    3 syllables…HAS-SEL-HOFF

  • jon trent

    This writer has a little dick!

  • Dude

    Rutger Hauer.

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