May 28, 2009

the_final_destination_poster_slice_01.jpgThe fourth “Final Destination” movie is probably the last one I’ll see in 3D (with perhaps the exception of “Avatar”).  And the only reason I’ll see it in 3D is I was lucky enough to visit the set last year and I want to see how it turned out (especially since they were kind of ragging on “My Bloody Valentine 3D” and that film came out pretty great as far as the 3D was concerned).  But this new poster [via UGO] has me a little depressed.  For started the film is apparently no longer titled “Final Destination 3D: Death Trip” which is just a great campy title.  Now it’s “The Final Destination”.  YAWN.  Also, could they make a more generic poster?  Creepy skull, shattered glass.  It doesn’t even mention that the film is in 3D!

Click here or on the poster after the jump to see it embiggened.  “The Final Destination” (ugh) hits theatres on August 28th.


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