THE FIRST AVENGER: CAPTAIN AMERICA Short-List Includes John Krasinski, Scott Porter, Garrett Hedlund, Jensen Ackles

     February 24, 2010


John Krasinski, Scott Porter, Garrett Hedlund, Jensen Ackles, Chace Crawford, Michael Cassidy, and Mike Vogel are all on the short-list for The First Avenger: Captain America.  According to THR, the seven actors have screen-tested for the role or are expected to test screen over the next two weeks.  In a recent interview, director Joe Johnston (The Wolfman), says he expects to have the role of the Marvel superhero cast by March 1st.

Krasinski is the best known of the bunch because of The Office and co-starring last year in wide release movies like Away We Go and It’s Complicated.  As for the six others, you have Michael Cassidy who screen-tested for the Superman movie when McG was set to direct, Patrick Flueger of The 4400 and a supporting role in Brothers), Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights (the TV series) and Speed Racer, and Mike Vogel who starred in Cloverfield.  And then you have Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl) who’s in talks to screen test. Garrett Hedlund (Eragon, the upcoming Tron Legacy) and Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) both are under consideration but are currently out of the running due to scheduling conflicts (word to Ackles: leave Supernatural behind and go for this role).

Captain America is the final piece in creating the Marvel’s superhero team-up of The Avengers with Iron Man/Tony Scott (Robert Downey Jr.) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) already in play.  Hit the jump for my thoughts on the potential Captains, details for those unfamiliar with the character, and what we know about the upcoming movie, which is scheduled to hit theaters on July 22, 2011.

captain_america_comic_book_art_01.jpgI think we can all agree that these young actors certainly have the All-American look of a hero, except for Krasinski whose comedic work makes it hard to see him as Captain America.  My personal vote is for Ackles.  He’s got charm, charisma, but can also do drama.  Sound off in the comments about who you think should get the role (and yes, we already know that Nathan Fillion should play every role in existence).

Captain America tells the story of Steve Rogers, an infirm soldier in the1940s who took the “super soldier” serum and became the superhero, Captain America.  While not confirmed, there are reports that the villain of the film will be Captain America’s arch-nemesis Red Skull.  They’re planning to shoot the film in HD with possibly a 3D transfer in post.

However, Johnston previously said they were looking for an unknown and surround him with bigger name stars.  While none of these actors are A-list, the only real unknowns are Mike Vogel and Michael Cassidy, although the latter had a brief run on Smallville.

Hopefully, we’ll soon know who’s getting the big-ass shield (and if it’s the guy from Gossip Girl, watch fanboys go ballistic).

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  • Hamma

    Ackles would be awesome. I am SO upset about the scheduling conflicts. Supernatural should have been ended this season, the CW never supported the show worth a damn but now suddenly they give it a 6th season. Almost makes me think Ostroff did it just to spite Ackles out of the possibility of getting this role. :)

    What the CW should do, seeing as Season 6 is the last season no matter what, because Jensen and Jared aren't going to re-sign for a 7th, is make Supernatural a mid-season series which they would show straight through without a hiatus from January to May, which would allow Ackles the time, if he got the role, to film CA and then film Season 6 of Supernatural later than usual.

    • Vojeto

      So it’s 2013 and we’re going into the NINTH season of Supernatural…
      How do you feel?

  • batzarro


  • junierizzle

    GOd I hope its not JOhn krasinski. I like the dude but not for this.

  • airmanrobinhood

    Krazinski looks like a muppet. The others look like children. Ackles is the obvious choice supernatural is awesome but it won't last forever. If they get one of those emo fucks im going to shoot someone in the fucking soul.

  • I Push Fat Kids

    Captain Ackles F!@k yeah! Comin to save the mothef!@#ing day now! That's the best news I've heard all day.

  • christian4804

    Jensen Ackles all the way. The guy can act. If you've seen any of his stuff the guy has got some serious range. He'll need to buff out a little, but if this is a legit list of candidates then he is by far the number one contender.

    As for the scheduling with Supernatural commitments, they absolutely can work something out. Think about how much the ratings for Supernatural would go up if Ackles got the role for the CAP? The should would get like 3 million extra viewers for sure, just because they want to see what else Ackles is doing.

    They might have to do a midseason start for season 6, but boy would it be worth it for them if they did.

  • Moe

    Totally Jensen Ackles! Man, he would rock it! Come on, there has to be some way they can work it so he can do it!

  • Corrector

    Tony Scott? Stark my friend.. Stark

  • Ryan

    I vote for Ackles. he can pull off the charming but tough hero thing. Otherwise Porter. Was hoping Ryan McPartlin of Chuck would make the short list

  • Darren Albert

    Lots of people for Ackles, I'm not one of them. He's cool, but he's not Captain America. Unfortunately I can't honestly say any of the candidates that are short listed really are. I'd still prefer a complete unknown to come out of nowhere.

  • [A]

    ..when I read about Krasinski I was like “s**t, really?” — love the guy, don't see him as Cap

  • Ribbonz

    Ackles would be good. BTW you said Iron Man/Tony Scott his last name is Stark, not Scott

  • kor

    these guys lack the “anger look” haha

  • Bolotron

    Jensen Ackles FTW!

  • jblee65

    Agreed on Ryan McPartlin. Toss all these other bums out and put in Captain Awesome. I mean, come on–Awesome, America–he's already all set up for it.

  • Conor Maury

    Nah, Ackles has pulled that “righteous rage” bit in Supernatural a few times and made it believable. I'm just worried that his humor style won't fit Cap's.

  • Mike J36

    ACKLES!!!!!!!!!! i can see it i mean in the article it said hes got charm charisma got the rugged looks but when the day needs to be saved theres no other person id rather have by my side. go ackles supernatural is the most underrated show out there i hope he gets hit big break !

  • jc

    I have to say that I once thought the idea of Ackles as Captain America was kind of ridiculous. I only knew him from his days as a soap opera actor and from goofy animated gifs posted all over the internet.

    Then, I actually watched Supernatural and was pleasantly surprised. As an actor, he has depth and I think he has the charisma to hold his own against Downey (which is going to be really important in The Avengers).

  • slimypayload

    John Krazinski????!!!!!??????? Are you serious? Any of those others look the part, but not him in a million years. I like him, but Captain America is the last hero I could see him portraying.

  • Bellator!

    Jensen Ackles for Captain America!

  • Bellator!

    you know it!

  • vhsparrow

    All of these guys are too young and none of them are blonde. Whatever happened to the Mark Valley option?

  • Matt

    Ackles' flaws will be so much more apparent on the big screen. He can do serious drama? It's one thing to ham it up on Supernatural…

  • Mx

    Scott Porter could pull it off. I picture someone a little older like Timothy Oliphant. Definitely not someone associated with a comedic part like Krazinski

  • PeteGray

    C'mon Marvel!!! Make it Jensen Ackles. He's the guy!!!!

  • ashley

    i totally agree ;] jensen he so down to earth we dont need a person with a huge ego schedulling conflicts what !!!! make it happen already marvel come on more than half the fans chose jensen … hello the guy from heroes was star trek so dont give me that crap scheduling conflict

  • jazzontherocks

    Well, it was mentioned that there's a possibility a “lesser known actor” getting the role. Michael Cassidy can be it. He's so underrated and has a huge amount of talent waiting to be unleashed. A very focused actor too! He'd make a charismatic CA. I believe he's got potential.

  • St Havoc

    John would be awesome if he can get the action down. Cap was a geek befor the army, and well John is the only one who can play a geek.

  • logan30228

    What about Mark Paul Gosselar

  • brandon_a

    “In a recent interview, director Joe Johnston (The Wolfman), says he expects to have the role of the Marvel superhero cast by March 1st.”

    So does anyone know when we will have a cast list???


    ACKLES man its all in the chin

  • Anne

    Jensen Ackles is definitely the way to go!

  • aliiis

    Jeeensen Jeeensen Jeeeensenn!!
    the best!! please vote him

  • Natalie

    LOL I was thinking about Michael Cassidy even before seeing this list HAHA…
    Anyways, I'll be happy with Michael Cassidy or Jensen Ackles ;)

  • sum guy

    i saw on imbd that human torch will be the cap

  • Nikki

    Jensen Ackles….I would be lining up for the movie!

  • Nikki

    Jensen Ackles….I would be lining up for the movie!

  • Sarah Graham

    Jensen Ackles!
    I would go see the movie just because he was in it!
    I have all of the Supernatural seasons on DVD and he is one of my favorite actors. I loved Iron Man btw, fix your Typo… Its Tony Stark >=/

  • Sarah Graham

    Jensen Ackles!
    I would go see the movie just because he was in it!
    I have all of the Supernatural seasons on DVD and he is one of my favorite actors. I loved Iron Man btw, fix your Typo… Its Tony Stark >=/

  • zara

    jensen ackles <3