ARROW Season Finale Preview Teases THE FLASH and Series Logo

     May 12, 2014

the flash teaser

The Arrow season 2 finale, “Unthinkable,” is set to air Wednesday.  The CW has released a preview for the episode that begins with a great enticer: “The man murdered my mother.  I have to kill him.”  What happens at the end of the clip may be of more interest to some.  The voiceover teases a first look at The Flash as The CW’s next superhero whizzes by the screen.  We also get to see the new Flash logo.

Click here for our overview of The Flash’s comic history and check back Wednesday night for Dave’s recap of the Arrow season finale.  The CW will announce its new fall schedule at the Upfront event on Thursday.  Watch the “Unthinkable” preview with after the break.

Here’s the logline for The Flash:

Through a freak accident, scientist Barry Allen is given the power of super speed that transforms him into the Fastest Man Alive, in THE FLASH.

the flash logothe flash teaser


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  • MJ

    This modest little series blows away Agents of Shield and The Amazing Spiderman movies.

    • Grayden

      After two seasons, it’s better than Smallville was after five.

      • gar216

        Season 4 of smallville was amazing. It wasn’t ever able to match that bar again.

      • Ian Martin

        I’d actually put Season 4 among their worst. The plot with the stones was dragged out way too long, to the point where I did not care how it was resolved, I just wanted it over. All the Lana-witch stuff was ridiculous. Introduction of Lois and great season finale aside, the season just didn’t cut it for me. 5 and 6 are my personal favorites.

      • Batt Damon

        Season 4 is literally the worst season of the show

    • Drake

      I disagree about “modest little” but I totally agree with the rest of what you said :D

      • Georce Miller

        Yeah, it always felt like a pretty big production–to its credit.

    • fluxCAPS

      AOS is not some angsty teenage soapy drama that shrewdly targets both beefcake lovers and comic book fans.
      Arrow has some great action sequences, and the writing on the show is a step up from the dross Smallville was, but it is still not in MAOS’s class.
      While not being better than AOS or the Webb Spider-Man films, I will concede Arrow is superior to Raimi’s SM3.

      • MJ

        News flash — AOS is a BORING show, my friend.

      • Batt Damon

        hahahahahahahahaha good one

      • The Flobbit

        Agents of SHIELD is a poor show. Arrow wipes the floor with it. To say it even HAS a class is a joke. But Webb’s disasters are an abysmal slog through the bowels of cinematic hell.

      • fluxCAPS

        I’m guessing you thought the star wars prequels were works of cinematic genius. Derp.

      • Bob

        Arrow is actually one of the best shows on regular channnels by far and large. Action is amazing, script is good, and acting is amazing by main and supporting cast.

      • fluxCAPS

        Arrow is a good show, never said it wasn’t.

        MAoS is however on another level as far as their writing/creative team are concerned.

        Joss frigging Whedon is a writer/consultant on the show FFS!

      • The Flobbit

        Joss frigging Whedon and his smarmy, cheesy, self-aware dialogue is exactly the problem.

      • The Flobbit

        I’m guessing you didn’t take the time to phrase a proper insult. Tasteless buffoon.

  • MJ

    This modest little series blows away Agents of Shield and The Amazing Spiderman movies.

  • Drake

    So I’m guessing that means Arrow/Oliver will be in the pilot “Flash” episode?!

    • LockIce

      Did you see that shot? Looks great!

  • eternalozzie


  • vpuik

    Im just disappointed that it has to be on cw. I might still give it a try.

    • Bob

      I mean have you seen Arrow….its one of the best shows on TV right now by far.

      • vpuik

        I’ve watched half of about 4 episodes. I was trying to think if I’ve seen full episodes of any CW shows.

  • DEADP00L


    Deadpool the TV series… if ooooonly it didn’t belong to a pussy studio!

  • Curtis Clarke

    Does Roy have a mask?

  • Unique Jenique

    I liked the small glimpse of the Flash we get. I can’t wait for this series. Next to Batman, The Flash is my favorite.