Director Richard Donner Confirms Steven Spielberg Has a Story for THE GOONIES 2

     April 21, 2014


A couple weeks ago, The Goonies director Richard Donner said that a sequel to the popular 1985 film was going forward.  When Donner was asked if he would ever do another comic book movie (he directed Superman and Superman II), he replied “If you call Goonies a comic book.  We’re doing a sequel.” notes that while writer, producer, and second unit director Steven Spielberg was previously vague about his desire for a sequel, he did have some ideas for it.  Now Donner has confirmed to TMZ that Spielberg has come up with an idea for the sequel’s storyline, and they’re trying to get the original cast back together even though it might be difficult for Josh Brolin to return.  However, there seems to be an assumption on the part of fans that it would be easy to get everyone else back, which isn’t necessarily the case.  Jeff Cohen (Chunk) and Jonathan Ke Quan (Data) have both retired from acting, and just because they might be invited to do The Goonies 2, that doesn’t mean they would return.

Hit the jump for Donner looking annoyed as he talks about Spielberg and The Goonies 2.

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  • Stefan Bonomo

    F**k TMZ…
    And I give props to Donner for having a sense of humor about this whole thing, once again getting bothered by the scum of the Earth.

  • Neo Racer


    • AprilshouldbeRedhead

      First off stop talking like an internet trendy doofus…..second Donner is involced and SPIELBERG came up with the story!!!! OMG thats all this movie needs. ;) I was just at work thinking baout this and what stvens take on it would be and go figure he is involved as much as the first one???? AWESOME

  • neversaydie

    I’d be SO down for this! The goonies all grown up and hunting treasure on a massive global scale (just an assumption), with the original producer and director, and the original cast?! how could any goonies fan not be down for this? At least it’s a sequel and not a remake.

  • Sean Chandler

    TMZ is so obnoxious. It makes it difficult to enjoy anything they scoop.

    • AprilshouldbeRedhead

      I agree


    “GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!” Good news!! I never saw that picture before,this is going to be a nice throwback.

  • El Asador

    loved Goonies!….but what’s next? Breakfast Club 2??

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  • OriginalBryGuy

    How about NO. Doesn’t need a sequel.

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  • Giovanni Luis Jiminez

    They don’t even partially resemble their younger character , small guys are now fat and the fat guy is now skinny and bald, this can’t work lol It’s a treasure hunt movie about kids FOR kids. Adults don’t wanna see their childhood heroes as fat old guys looking for treasure. This might have been possible with the guys in their early twenties but not anymore. Imagine how old ass Sloth would look ! Heyyyyy youuuu guyyyyysss Lmfaoooooo

    • andi

      are you really lmfaooooo? reallY? that’s weird, laughing alone like that. all by yourself.


      • Giovanni Luis Jiminez

        Yes I laugh out loud all the time, especially during funny movies or other funny things that would cause people to laugh. You should try it. Or maybe you would prefer sqtm, ( Smiling Quietly To Myself )

  • AprilshouldbeRedhead

    THIS will work the actors will make it happen cuz its perfect to want to see them as adults now and what they are doing and then throw them into another adventure.

  • tarek

    The script in 1 line: their kids will get involved in a thrilling adventure with the petrelli’s kids.

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