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Sony Pictures Classics has released the domestic trailer for John Michael McDonagh’s The Guard.  A couple weeks ago, we showed you the international trailer for the film and at the time I speculated that the US trailer would dial back the racial humor.  But it actually included more!  Hooray!  This new trailer does a good job of delivering laughs and hopefully it will entice people to check out this solid small flick that features a winning performance from Brendan Gleeson.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer.  The Guard opens in limited release on July 29th.

Click over to Apple to see the trailer in HD.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Guard:

THE GUARD is a comedic, fish out of water tale of murder, blackmail, drug trafficking and rural police corruption, and the two cops who must join forces to take on an international drug-smuggling gang, an unorthodox Irish policeman and a straitlaced FBI agent.


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  • ZebedeeDooDah

    Mark Strong playing a villain? Whaaat?

    More seriously, after In Bruges I will watch anything if Gleeson is the star. Dude is a fucking rockstar.

  • Hannah Torres

    Director Ewing Miles Brown says Sam Botta has lost 74 lbs (now 150 lbs.) for Movie Tech Studios pre-production of “Live Fearless” Sam Botta Hosts the upcoming reality TV show. :) in Pre-Production now with guests like Betty White, who says “Appreciate life while it’s happening!” Also “get over it” (referring to aging) and “I’m swimming as fast as I can” in reference to her work.

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