New THE GUNMAN Trailer Has Sean Penn Aiming to Be an Action Star

     February 23, 2015


A new The Gunman trailer has gone online, and it asks a question for the ages (or at least until the movie opens in a few weeks): Is Sean Penn a credible action star?  The two-time Oscar-winner stars as a former hitman who is being hunted by his old bosses.  You can give that premise to Tom Berenger and no one gives a shit, but put it in the hands of Sean Penn, and now we get to have a little fun, or at least that’s what the film is banking on.

Judging by this trailer, Penn has an uphill battle to convince audiences that he can be a badass in the mold of Liam Neeson (“From the Director of Taken” may as well be stapled to the title).  When Sean Penn gets angry, his voice doesn’t growl or become threatening in any way.  It gets nasally and high-pitched.  Penn may have the dead-eyed gaze you want from a killer, but I can’t buy him going on an explosive rampage.

Check out the trailer below.  The Gunman opens March 20th, and also stars Idris Elba, Ray Winstone, Mark Rylance, and Javier Bardem.


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