THE HOBBIT French Blu-ray Details Revealed; Disc Will Reportedly Include 2 Hours of Bonus Features

     January 16, 2013


Though the film only just hit theaters a month ago, the first details for the Blu-ray of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey may have surfaced online.  According to an ad for the French release of the Blu-ray, the disc will include 2 hours of supplemental material including a “making of” and 10 video blogs.  Director Peter Jackson has been more than generous with regards to giving fans a peek inside the production by releasing video blogs online over the past couple of years, so I’m interested to see what other kind of behind-the-scenes featurette has been created for the home video release.  Hit the jump for more, including an image of the French Blu-ray covers.

hobbit-unexpected-journey-imax-poster-martin-freemanAlso of note is the fact that there’s no mention of an extended edition of the film on these French ads (posted on Twitter by Vincent Courtade via Bleeding Cool).  Co-screenwriter/producer Philippa Boyens previously talked to Steve about the extended cut, admitting that the team was still deciding on what to include in the extended version at the time:

“I can very honestly tell you that [the amount of footage on the extended cut] is still literally being figured out.  It’s literally an ongoing discussion in terms of the effects, and what works and what doesn’t.  So how much and how long it’s going to be, you know I don’t honestly think it’s going to be hugely that much longer, because truthfully most of the stuff that we needed to get in for the storytelling is in there.  But I’ve got one personal thing that I love that I wish was in there and you’ll see it, it’s a little thing between Bilbo and Elrond.  It’s probably, within the context of the greater whole, the six films; it’s going to work really beautifully when you see Bilbo in Rivendell in Lord of the Rings.  But we had to be very, very careful that weren’t being too self-referential and that we weren’t writing for the prequel.  You know what I mean?  That we weren’t just writing stuff just because it was going to have a certain resonance withLord of the Rings.  We tried to be careful that we didn’t do that too much.”

Fans of the LOTR trilogy can rest assured that an extended edition of An Unexpected Journey is definitely coming, and since it’s not mentioned on these initial home video releases, Warner Bros. will likely mirror the same strategy from LOTR in that an extended edition of the film will be released separately at a later date.

Obviously these details pertain only to the French release of the Blu-ray, so the U.S. version may end up being quite different.  That said, this is probably a good idea of what fans can expect by the way of bonus material and is further evidence that the extended edition will likely be released separately.  Check out the French covers below.


  • brosephqballs

    Those covers are pretty sweet

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  • genga

    2 Hours of bonus features now. 10 hours of bonus features later on super-collector’s edition including 6 hour director’s cut.

    Not hating on the LOTR trilogy or Hobbit, but I’m just about done with the series as it’s starting to feel Peter Jackson is becoming the new George Lucas when it comes to constantly releasing various editions of his LOTR series. Although, not as obnoxious as he has spared us things like Jar Jar Binks.

    • Pocketses

      He’s only released 2 VERSIONS of the films, one, theatrical, one extended.

      If you’re talking about the editions, there’s been the initial run theatrical DVD’s, the great but inferior Extended Editions, the ultimate editions that put both of those in one set and then the blu ray sets of theatrical and extended.

      Why is giving your fans options a bad thing? He’s not remaking shit the way Lucas did, he’s only ever released 2 versions of the film and it was within months of release that he added the 30+ minutes to each film, Lucas changed fundamental elements of the stories he made 30 years prior and then refuses to acknowledge the originals for what they were, or release them for the fans that want them.

      A totally terrible analogy, your analogy is horrible and you should feel horrible.

      • tarek

        I feel ashame for him.

    • THGhost

      Never, EVER compare Peter Jackson to George Lucas.

  • tarek

    If you read carefully the text (in french), it says: Improving Shelf Visibility, To build a strong effect aiming collectors.

    I think this is just a part of the visual merchandising strategy at work. Not the final product.

  • Ignotum

    Superb blurays news! but I’m waiting the extended edition spoilers :D

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  • bubba

    Oh, God. Make it stop!!!! Three hours was way too much!!! What are we going to get? Extended scenes of second breakfasts and bathroom rituals of dwarves? Tolkien’s spirit left for the Grey Havens after this monstrous bore.