Set Construction Images from THE HOBBIT

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In case you need reassurance that The Hobbit movie is actually, for realsies, finally happening, some images have hit the web showing the construction of one of the sets down in New Zealand. Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkein novel that preceded The Lord of the Rings is set to start filming on March 21st. Much of the cast has already assembled on the island, as evidence by the cast photo that was released last week. Hit the jump to check out the set photos.

Here are some of the set photos via

It’s hard to tell what set this is depicting, but the folks over at OneRing surmise that it could possibly be Moria. Head over to to check out the rest of the set images.

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  • Robb B.

    My guess … and this is totally just a guess … this looks Elvish. And it looks like a basement. So … maybe this is for the sequence where the Dwarves are packed into wine barrels in Thranduil’s wine cellars before being dumped into the water to make their escape.

    What do you folks think?

    • Ringbearer1420

      My thought was that their dwarven ruins in the lonely mountain. I highly doubt it’s Moira.

      • Robb B.

        I was thinking it might be the Lonely Mountain, too … but then thought the architecture (particularly of those cone-shaped pillars on the right) didn’t look Dwarven to me. The Dwarves tend to like more angular shapes. Lots of corners and square edges. These cones look a bit too thin and graceful. Too curvy. More like the stonework in Rivendell. (Heck, maybe this IS from Rivendell.)

        But then I looked carefully at the arches and pillars on the left again. And those definitely look Dwarven. Those could totally be Lonely Mountain pieces.

        Then it finally dawned on me that these might well be pieces of MULTIPLE sets that are being stored together in preparation for filming. This is back stage at their soundstage, so this area would likely have pieces of numerous sets. So I’m guessing this is a mix of Dwarven and Elven bits and pieces.

        Totally agree, though. I would doubt it’s Moria. (Technically, Moria shouldn’t appear in the films since it doesn’t appear in The Hobbit book’s storyline or the extra materials rumored to be part of the expanded two-movie plot. But hey, I won’t be surprised — or disappointed — if it does!)

  • Migz13

    Nice! Finally some images to keep us reminded that this film is truly going to get made!:D

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  • Barney

    Yeah, these aren’t from The Hobbit, they’ve from a separate production called Cardinal. are wrong, and unfortunately now you are:

    Check this out and compare the pics:

  • rohan banerjee

    This will all be shot using the red epic camera in 3d at 5k resolution

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