‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Trailer Promises That the Film Will Live Up to Its R Rating

     April 27, 2016


The first full trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke is now available! The animated adaptation from DC Comics and Warner Bros., with the first ever R rating for a Batman film, brings the pages of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s award-winning 1988 graphic novel to life. As the trailer shows, the movie pulls scenes directly out of the comic book and comes damn close to matching the artistic style that distinguishes The Killing Joke from other standout titles.

Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill return to voice Batman and The Joker respectively, reliving their days as the classic characters from Batman: The Animated Series. Also joining the voice cast for The Killing Joke are Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and Ray Wise as Commissioner James Gordon, both of whom have a very strong presence in this first trailer and are sure to have pivotal scenes within the movie itself. Sam Liu directs the long-awaited adaptation that’s destined to become a fan-favorite.

Watch the new trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke below:

As Batman hunts for the escaped Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime attacks the Gordon family to prove a diabolical point mirroring his own fall into madness.

For fans of the graphic novel and novices alike, two scenes should jump out at you: the first involves the Joker’s intimidating presence at the home of Barbara Gordon, and the second concerns the normally professionally dressed Commissioner Gordon in S&M bondage wear. I’d imagine that second scene came as a surprise to those of you who haven’t read The Killing Joke, but it’s a solid indication that this R-rated adaptation won’t be pulling any punches. It looks like this one will quite literally be a shot-for-shot translation, though I’m curious to see what alterations are made or artistic license taken to shake up the story.


Image via DC

Batman: The Killing Joke is expected to premiere at San Diego Comic-Con this year before rolling out onto home video later on. Are you excited to check it out? What do you think of the animation style and the voice work? Let us know in the comments below!

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