THE KILLING Gets a Six-Episode Final Season Order on Netflix; @midnight Renewed for 40-Episode Run

     November 15, 2013


In today’s TV renewal announcements, the hard-to-kill series The Killing and freshman comedy game-show @midnight will be returning for another run.  In the case of the AMC crime drama, which was canceled by the network earlier this year, the final six-episode season will air exclusively on content-streaming juggernaut, Netflix.  The current three seasons of The Killing are also available to stream via the provider.

In more conventional TV renewal news, comedy game-show @midnight will get a full 40-episode order for 2014, making host Chris Hardwick’s schedule even more insane than it already is.  Hit the jump for more on both renewals.

chris-hardwick-at-midnightAs the LA Times reported earlier, @midnight will enjoy a 40-episode season that mimics the production schedule of the network’s The Daily Show and Colbert Report.  Produced by Hardwick, Serious Business, Thomas Lennon, Robert Ben Garant and Funny or Die, the game show was a ratings success during its four-week trial run, becoming the most-watched late night program in its core young male demo.  It was also a hit on Twitter, where the game-related hashtag topics became top trending Twitter subjects for every night of the run.  The show is steeped in social media as it explores the various reaches of the internet and asks for responses from the audience through the same avenue.  The social media feedback loop is perfectly suited to today’s short attention spans and was likely a huge part of the show’s success and renewal.

If you haven’t been keeping up with @midnight, here’s an introduction:

Here’s the press release for The Killing, appearing for its final run on the series-saving Netflix:


Six-Episode Limited Series will Mark Last Season of Acclaimed Drama 
Beverly Hills, CA – November 15, 2013 - Netflix has ordered a fourth and final limited season that will serve as a conclusion for “The Killing,” exclusively for its over 40 million members worldwide. The 6-episode series finale, from Fox Television Studios (FTVS), will be available only to Netflix streaming members to watch instantly in all Netflix territories.
“The rich, serialized storytelling in ‘The Killing’ thrives on Netflix, and we believe that it is only fitting to give Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder a proper send off,” said Cindy Holland, vice president of original content for Netflix. “We are looking forward to offering fans – both existing and new – a series that we know is perfectly suited for on-demand viewing.”
David Madden, president, Fox Television Studios, commented, “It’s a true testament to ‘The Killing’ creator Veena Sud, and the stellar cast led so compellingly by Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman, that fans remained so passionate about the show. We’re gratified that our partners at Netflix recognized this, and are giving us the opportunity to complete the story in a way that will be satisfying to our loyal audience.”

The first three seasons of “The Killing” are now available to stream globally on Netflix.
Based on the Danish series Forbrydelsen, “The Killing” follows various murder investigations led by homicide detectives “Sarah Linden” (Mireille Enos) and “Stephen Holder” (Joel Kinnaman). Seasons one and two chronicled the “Rosie Larsen case,” with Linden and Holder investigating the murder of a teenage girl. Picking up one year after the close of that investigation, season three followed the detectives on their search for a runaway girl, leading them to discover a gruesome string of murders that connected to a previous investigation by Linden.
“The Killing” is created and executive-produced by Veena Sud. Mikkel Bondesen is executive producer for Fabrik Entertainment. Kristen Campo also serves as co-executive producer for Fabrik. “The Killing” is produced by Fox Television Studios for Netflix.

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  • 80sRobot

    It’s so awesome that The Killing just won’t stay dead! :) I’ve watched all of it, and the third season was quite haunting. Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman (who play the police detectives) are the best things about this series. So happy to see it return for one more season (or will it be its last season after all?).

    • Ched Groundheggin

      as soon as elias koteas walked on screen in season 3 i knew he was going to be the bad guy- there was a lot of good stuff in season 3 but overall it was a predictable slosh.

      • 80sRobot

        I thought the killer was the death row security guy, the one played by the actor who was in Battlestar. The execution episode was disturbing, especially the actual hanging — it truly horrified me, and Enos was excellent in it. She and Kinnaman are probably the reasons why Netflix wanted to continue the series.

      • Ched Groundheggin

        Kinnaman is really the only reason i watched- so i def agree with you there.

      • Juddres84362

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      • Farrell

        thanks for the spoiler asshole.

      • Ched Groundheggin

        not really sure why you would click on an article about the next season if you didn’t expect this.

  • this Guy

    Yes! So happy! I love The Killing and it’s fitting that it won’t stay dead. They deserve a proper series finale.

    • 80sRobot

      Ideally, I’d like it to have a 13-episode 4th season, and then finish with a final 13-episode 5th season. But I’ll take these 6 episodes.

  • Hank Oswald

    though it was cancelled? why isnt the larsen family on the show anymore?


    6 episodes? Geez, if you’re gonna give them a chance with a last season at least give them a full season.

    • Leo Spaceman

      I would rather it be a short miniseries with a strong story then a good story stretched thin and intertwine with pointless subplots.

  • Mike

    Um, both LA Times and Deadline report that @Midnight was renewed for 40 WEEKS, not the # of episodes. Which would actually mean around 160 new episodes.

  • The Flobbit

    You just CAN’T KILL The Killing! Amazing.

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  • 80sRobot

    Has there ever been a live-action series in TV history that’s been uncancelled TWICE?

  • Nino

    Can’t complain, I liked the killing and glad we’re getting at least something.

  • Kirk12

    Netflix should consider bringing back Rubicon as well.