THE KING’S SPEECH Could Be Recut to Get a PG-13 Rating

     January 26, 2011


Say what you will about producer Harvey Weinstein, but don’t call him complacent.  Less than 48 hours removed from its 12 Oscar nods, The Weinstein Co. is said to be considering recutting The King’s Speech so as to open the film to a “broader audience.”  As it stands, the film has an R rating for language and the proposed re-editing of the film would aim to cut-down on said language to make it eligible for a lower rating.

For more on The King’s Speech new-look marketing strategy, hit the jump.

the_king's_speech_movie_posterAccording to the L.A. Times, Weinstein has been inspired by film’s marketing appeal in Great Britain where, with the aid of a 12-and-up rating (not to mention the fact that the film is about British royalty), it has topped box-offices for three consecutive weeks.  While a recut The King’s Speech would not make it to theaters prior to the Febrary 27th Oscar date, that’s of little concern to The Weinstein Co. as its revamped strategy (unsurprisingly) is primarily concerned with increasing box-office profits on the just north of $12 million production.

With the goal of reaching the largest possible audience in mind, Weinstein will be expanding The King’s Speech theatrical release to over 3,000 domestic theaters (it currently plays in close to 1,700) by Valentine’s Day weekend.  The report also mentions that the film’s marketing campaign will be more geared toward promoting the “mainstream theme of friendship” shared between Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush than on promoting the film’s positive reviews (I suppose all of those Oscar nominations do most of the legwork themselves in that regard).

As of yet, there is no word on how director Tom Hooper feels about seeing his critically-acclaimed film recut.  The director was not available for comment in the original report.

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  • Yahzee Skellington

    … this is such a gay move… leave the film the way it is!!

  • Elitist Prick

    The fact that this movie is rated R in the first place is just plain stupid. He swears in one scenes, OH MY GOD KEEP THE KIDS AWAY!!!

    From a marketing perspective, how many people are really looking at this film’s rating and thinking, “oh, that will be inappropriate.” Are kids buying tickets to Yogi Bear so they can sneak into The King’s Speech? Are teenagers clamoring for a chance to see this movie? I doubt it.

  • Jay

    i saw this movie last weekend and i thought it was PG-13. EP is right, there is one scene where the “F word” is said like 6 times, but thats it. Just leave it the way it is.

  • Cshady

    I personally haven’t seen it, but I don’t think it should be re-cut. No, offense, if I had a stutter, I would probably drop some f-bombs out of frustration too. I know my friend used to.

  • Wicked Tickets Broadway

    A good review — but it fails to note that the movie contains several serious historical inaccuracies (which were unnecessary, since being historically accurate would not have affected the plot in any way). The movie undermines itself by being so sloppy with well-know historical facts.