First Images of Zac Efron in THE LUCKY ONE

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The first images have surfaced of Zac Efron on the set of The Lucky One, the latest film adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks book. Directed by Scott Hicks (No Reservations), the film tells the story of a Marine who carries a photograph of an anonymous woman in his pocket during his three tours in Iraq as a good luck charm.  Upon returning home, the soldier seeks out his picturesque dream girl.

Efron stars opposite Taylor Schilling (Mercy), with Blythe Danner, Riley Thomas Stewart (90210), and Adam Lefevre (Fair Game) rounding out the supporting cast.  The flick was shot in New Orleans, where the story takes place. Hit the jump for more, and to check out the images.

Though Charlie St. Cloud was a bit of a misfire for Efron, it did mark a sort of step towards more dramatic fare. The guy’s got talent, and I had hoped that after Me and Orson Welles the actor was favoring smaller independent films, but he doesn’t seem to be taking that track at the moment. The involvement of Hicks is intriguing, though there’s no telling whether this Sparks adaptation will be more The Notebook (refreshingly well-done) or more The Last Song (sappy cheese-fest).

As you can tell, Efron spent a tiny bit of time at the gym to prepare for the role. In addition, the actor buzzed his head, and once shooting wrapped offered to make a donation to Kingsley House for each crew member that shaved their head as well. Apparently some 30 crew members took the generous actor up on his offer.

Here’s the images from The Lucky One. The film currently has no stated release date.



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  • Lewis QUICKEL

    I wonder what brand of manure he’s hauling off that truck? :P

    • PrincessD

      Thats Dog Food

  • Emma

    I still can’t get used to the idea of Zac Efron playing Logan Thibault, he doesn’t seem old enough to me and I always pictured someone with dreadlocks or at least long, unkempt hair, that just me?? Definitely not with a shaved head, i’m sure he was meant to be hairy lol. I dunno, he’s just too immaculate and ‘pretty’. The character should be messy but weirdly good looking, I think. And have a deeper voice. And to say he’s meant to have been in the war for like eight years, he really doesn’t look old enough, I don’t know how old Zac is, maybe he just looks younger than he is. That’s just what I think but I guess other people think defferently, obviously…

    • jenn

      I agree with him not seeming old enough… but im not so sure about the dreadlocks lol i think the whole marine type character is good with a shaved head… i dunno… but i do completely agree about his voice and age!!! and hes only 23… which really is to young for Thibault!

      • Kelsey

        I dont know if you guys have had the chance to read the book or not but it does mention in the book that he has longer shaggy looking hair….i didnt really picture him playing the part though…a little disappointing i guess- hopefully the movie is as good as the book!

    • nicole

      Emma, I couldn’t agree more! you have my exact thoughts. (sigh) I hate when a movie and actors distort the well thought out characters of an amazing book.

      • Tabitha

        i agree wid u Emma, Thibault is supposed to be a mariner…. he obviously has to have a messy look yet b amazingly handsome… I wonder if Zac (23) wil b anle to essay the role to our expectations….. well leys just wait and watch……

  • Angel

    I cant understand the casting of the last two movies.. It is solely to make teener bopper actors “to be taken serious”. I do know that was the intetntion with Miley Cyrus. but now Zac Efron… I so pictured Thibault to look like Noah Calhoun did post war..Booooo To casting ..

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  • wsa2004

    I picture Thibault being somebody like Josh Holloway in LOST (Sawyer). He seems just like what Sparks describes in the book AND he’s older looking.

    This pic is perfect….

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  • RockyMtnEve

    Frankly, I think Zac Efron is an amazing actor and will really end up proving himself as one of the best of his generation. I loved him in Charlie St. Cloud and will probably go see this opening day. A Nicholas Sparks novel made into a movie starring Zac Efron? It will be amazing.
    Since the author seems happy with it, I hope all his fans will support the movie.

  • Amanda

    I LOVE HIM… he is an amazing actor AND i am a big fan of him . I’m so happy and so anxious to see he in this movie… zac rocks… in every movie i watch him he lets me so proud!!! I LOVE ZACHARY DAVID ALEXANDER EFRON!!!!

  • Ginny

    Marines have a standard code for hair styles, clothing, conduct, etc. He would not be allowed to have long hair and especially not dreadlocks.

    • nicole

      well, Marines on active duty are not supposed to have long hair etc. However, if you know about the Corps or any service member who has been in, done their time, done deployments, then you would know that when a man gets out all he can think about is letting his hair and beard grow. Zac Efron is definitely not the person (physically at least) for the part.

  • Sofie

    Ughh… The Lucky One is one of my favorite books. I really hope Zac (who clearly is too young for this one -sigh-) doesn’t screw this up.

    • D. B. Wilyumz

      I read somewhere that they are “re-aging” the protagonist to be 25, so that’s within Efron’s range. And don’t worry, he won’t screw it up; if it is screwed up, it will be the director and producers’ fault, they control the script. It’s never the actor’s fault when a good book is turned into a bad movie.

  • Ashlee

    I think Zac Efron is great for this role. He proved himself to play the more serious, dramatic roles when he did Charlie St. Cloud. He might be young, but he isn’t a teen anymore, he is an adult and this role is the next step in his career. I think he will play the role perfectly and I look forward to seeing the final product.

  • jen

    thats whats good about reading a book, has your reading your thinking in your mind of how these people looked, i read this book and i agree with some post, i do agree that maybe i thought it would be an older looking gentlemen, but i do agree that zac efron will play an awseome role, maybe everybody will get a different outlook on the book, i think it’ll be a great movie just like all his others…

  • Tammy Gaede

    I was in this movie as a featured background character coming out of the church scene and then walking past some of the main characters at the truck with the scene where the dog was in the truck bed. This is a feel good story. The main actors were absolutely lovely to work with. The movie was released August 24th, 2011. Just wondering when it is going to DVD and who will be renting it and who will be selling it?

  • Des Duke

    I’m an extra in this movie! I can’t wait for it to come out!

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  • Abbi

    This story was set in Hampton, North Carolina and it just came out in theaters. I for one am greatly disappointed they did not portray the character as Sparks pictured him to be, how hard would it have been to cast someone older and with long hair. But yeah, I don’t know where you got the idea that the story was set in New Orleans, Nicholas Sparks is from North Carolina and always sets his stories there.

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