Watch 20 Minutes of Deleted Scenes from THE MASTER

     March 2, 2013


It’s no secret that Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master went through significant growing pains throughout its production.  From frequent script changes to its falling out at Universal, The Master has changed considerably from its original conception to the film that was released this past year.  With its release on Blu-ray a few days ago, someone posted the deleted scenes reel that Anderson has included.  Most auteur filmmakers, like Woody Allen and Christopher Nolan, choose not to include deleted scenes when their films are released to DVD and Blu-Ray, but Anderson’s inclusion of the 20 minute reel provides a more in-depth look into what could have been.  The fact that it is edited and scored helps it to stand out as more than just a deleted scenes clip, and serves as more of a parallel story to the film.  Hit the jump to see the footage of what almost made it into the final cut.

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  • Billy Jack

    The Academy really dropped the ball this year in not Nominating this cinematic masterpiece. The film deserved Best Picture, Director, Cinematography & Editing Nominations. I don’t understand how The Academy Nominates AMOUR for both Best Picture $ Best Foreign Film but snubs THE MASTER ignoring the ten nominations rule established in 2009. AMOUR isn’t even in english for Christ’s sake. That’s why we have a Foreign Film category. In reality only 8 films were Nominated this year. Bullshit.

    • smith

      the Academy changed that rule so they can nominate up to 10 films but if there aren’t enough votes for 10 movies they will leave the nominations in 9, 8, 7 etc

  • smith

    the Academy changed that rule so they can nominate up to 10 films but if there aren\’t enough votes for 10 movies they will leave the nominations in 9, 8, 7 etc so I guess not enough members of the Academy voted for The Master which is a shame cause it was miles better than Amour or Django or Les Mis

    • DamnBASTERD

      Amour is better, but The Master is a easily a great second place.

  • SP1234

    As a fan of the film, the acting nominations for Joaquin, Philip and Amy were enough to satisfy me over the rest of the film being snubbed (especially Joaquin, who I thought absolutely deserved the Best Actor nomination, even after his comments). Best Picture and Director is understandable, as there were so many brilliant films last year, but I still don’t understand how it didn’t get anything from the technical categories, including the cinematography (which probably would have won over Life of Pi) and Jonny Greenwood’s score, but in hindsight, it’s just one of those things that happen.

  • Billy Jack

    Exactly. It was better than half the films they Nominated. It was this year’s DRIVE. It was the film they should have made a “10th Nominee”. We had two years of ten nominees. Why they’ve decided to go this route and leave deserving films in the dust is beyond me. 2012: DRIVE. 2013: THE MASTER (and arguably one more since AMOUR belonged strictly in the Best Foreign Film Category. 2014: Let’s see what gem they snub.

  • Finn

    Agree–this film deserved the nominations it received, as well as for Best Picture, Director, Cinematography, Editing, and SCORE! Jonny Greenwood’s score was amazing. Too bad even one minute was cut…

  • Jack

    Love PTA, didn’t immediately love the master until I got it on DVD last Tuesday. MY GOD! I’ve watched it 4 times all the way through since and am constantly watching various scenes. What a phenomenal movie that DEMANDs to be rewatched over and over again. It really gets better with each viewing and is as good a film as all of PTA’s other films. Although after seeing some of these deleted scenes and doing some research on what was left out from the script, I do feel that the film could have been even better with them added in. Parts of the completed film feel like their missing some scenes/build up and the result is a somewhat confusing 1st time viewing (although it does become much more coherent with repeat viewings). However, some of the deleted scenes (such as Clark and Freddie’s conversation where he tells him about Lancaster Dodd’s lost journal, as well as the scene where Freddie is told to guard the book and not to open it, and when he does it catches on fire) most definitely needed to have been in the film in order for the plot to have no only made sense, but also to have solidified some of the themes and some of Freddie’s motivations that aren’t explained in the theatrical version of the film. But I would hardly recommend getting the DVD, this is a film that needs to be rewatched over and over and pieced together to be cracked

  • dudeabides

    Yes! Been waiting for this for a long time! Agreed with everyone else that PTA and The Master deserved Academy recognition but hey this is the same group that overlooked Hitchcock and Kubrick films many times!

  • dogg

    Is this the 20 minutes that contain the freakin’ plot? That movie was just a bunch of acting school exercises strung together. Great acting that went nowhere.

    • the dude

      Well that’s just like your opinion man

  • dudeabides

    I actually think while the deleted scenes are truly incredible they were better on the cutting floor. i love the mysticism of The Master, that we don’t hear Dodd’s journal story and other instances. And these scenes actually dont cover/focus on the actors faces which in particularly for Quell, will not allow us to see his inner tension. PTA intended it to be meandering piece for someone in search of…something. So of course the film would go nowhere! Because Quell changes very little by the end. This will end up being considered a masterpiece in decades to come…much like Kubrick films, people only start to see things and understand the characters/narrative after many revisits.

  • sloan

    This hits me right in my TIMEHOLE

  • Chris

    PTA makes brilliant films, he pushes the envelope and is a very challenging filmmaker! IMO it was already ridiculous when he lost bigtime to No Country For Old Men in 2008. No Country was not a bad film but compared to There Will Be Blood it was just a boring story with a lame actor in the lead. The only interesting thing in the whole movie was Javier Bardem, who of course is brilliant. DDL And Paul Dano (completely overlooked unfortunately) were mindblowing, so was the cinematography and the direction. But the whole topic of religion/oil/greed was too controversial for the Academy, who just last year thought The Help, a movie full of stereotypes deserved a best picture nom. The Academy likes it neat and mundane. That’s why Holy Motors was completely ignored or last year’s Drive was overlooked.

    • Get Real

      Are you seriously trying to claim There Will Be Blood is any more complex than No Country? PTA’s filmography is the equivalent of the Lancaster character. There’s an air of great self importance and gravitas, yet little substance behind the overall message when all is said and done. Granted TWBB is his only (and I mean only) “brilliant” movie, it still just barely manages to rise to the level of the Coen Bros.