First Clip from Paul Thomas Anderson’s THE MASTER Starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix

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The first clip Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master has gone online.  The film stars Philip Seymour Hoffman as a veteran who’s haunted by his experiences during World War II, and decides to form his own religion as a result.  Joaquin Phoenix plays a drifter who becomes the right-hand man to Hoffman’s character.  As you’ll see from the clip, the movie apparently has a very heavy There Will Be Blood vibe both in terms of how its cut and from Jonny Greenwood‘s score.  The Master is also Joaquin Phoenix’s first movie since “retiring” from acting, and he looks absolutely amazing.  His performance in this clip is both creepy and dangerous, and I can’t wait to see him return to form in what could be one of his best roles to date.

Hit the jump to check out the clip.  The film, which also stars Amy Adams, Laura Dern, Jesse Plemons, and David Warshovsky, is having a sneak peek for press later today at the Cannes Film Festival.  The Master will probably make the fall festival rounds before hitting theaters on October 12th.

Clip via the official website.


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  • Sam

    PTA is a motherf***ing boss! One of my most anticipated! Glad to see Joaquin Phoenix back too!

  • Chris

    Been looking forward to this. Giddy as a schoolgirl.

  • potterboy

    remember the first trailer of THERE WILL BE BLOOD that “leaked” on youtube back in 2007. the trailer that PTA himself leaked. the trailer that made the studio go nuts because as they said, “this is not a trailer for a movie”. well it looks like he did it again, but this time, with the approval of Mega producer Megan Ellison. this is NOT a clip. this IS a trailer.

  • Mike91

    PTA is the best!!
    Style seems to be in influenced by Full Metal Jacket… scene in office is like A Clockwork Orange in the prison … and the scene with Joaquin drinking from that thing with a red background below him, is like in 2001 when Dave unscrews HAL.

    • The Masterbater

      The scene in the office looks like Jack Nicholsons job interview at the start of The Shining. And the camera angle right up Joaquin Phoenixs nose from below is a classic Kubrick angle, similar to a shot of Sterling Hayden in Dr Strangelove

      • munsterb

        agreed to the max. reese in a pta film seems kinda mismatched to me…

  • whatever

    This looks dope. Pheonix may deliver on all that potential after all.

  • SP1234

    Very excited. Huge There Will Be Blood fan and can’t wait for this. Phoenix looks fantastic here (it’s like he never left) but isn’t he Supporting while Hoffman is Leading?

  • Henny

    I am excited for this movie but I wish Reese Withespoon was still in it. IMHO, she’s better than Amy Adams, but she (Reese) needs to pick better choices.

    • junierizzle

      If Reese is better than Adams. Then I am the Queen of Sheeba.

      • Henny

        1. Thank you for insulting my OPINION.
        2. Did you see Election or Walk The Line?

  • Nomis1700

    Aaaaaand…… Phoenix is back too!!! GREAT!

  • amac

    This is literally the perfect teaser trailer.

  • Brandon

    AHHHHHH! I come on this website everyday hoping to see or hear SOMETHING about The Master and I’m always disappointed. FINALLY!

  • Joe

    Seeing this film on the big screen is gonna be great. I hate watching PTA on small screen(even though its just a clip).

    Also, Hoffman is gonna bring something intense….wait for it.

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  • Shmojo

    So sad that a filmmaker has to leak or sneak their own trailers out. No way a studio would release this “clip” as a a trailer.

  • Django9000

    Is it just me or is this movie supposed to be about L Ron Hubbard, if indirectly?

    I like that he’s taking an even more indirect approach to presenting that … Can’t WAIT to see Phillip Seymour Hoffmann.

    (I thought that was his voice interviewing Phoenix in the clip. Guess not…)

  • Alex

    The best in the business returns. Been excited about this for a long time. Gotta love PTA.

  • Carlos

    I smell Oscar for Phoenix

  • murdernexxus

    PTA is awesome..I worked for him on There will be blood and he was a really cool guy..always seemed laid back and friendly.. It was an honor and he was definitely the coolest boss Ill ever have

  • Underground Anthem TX

    Thank you, Megan Ellison, for believing in this extraordinary filmmaker and bringing us his latest long-awaited masterpiece! Cannot wait!

  • zamora

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    • Gene

      Spam alert!

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