Are Two More MATRIX Films in the Works? And in 3D? [Updated]

     January 23, 2011

The Matrix movie image slice

While there is a decent chance you’ll one day be able to file this under “Internet movie rumors that never amounted to anything,” we’d be remiss not to at least pass this along.  A report has filed in from a “Q & A” at the London International School of Performing Arts which claims that star Keanu Reeves spoke at moderate length about returning to The Matrix for two more sequels.  Per the account, Reeves claims to have had lunch with The Wachowski Brothers over Christmas during which they briefed him on a two-film treatment they had finished for the Matrix franchise.

Obviously, keep in mind that the purported eye-witness account of the “Q & A” is, as of yet, unconfirmed.  Nevertheless, if you’d like to here more about what Reeves purportedly had to say about reprising his role as Neo, hit the jump. [Update: It looks as if the lead in the write-up has been proven true as sources from both the Reeves camp and the London International School of Performing Arts claim the "Q & A" never even happened.]

keanu-reeves-the-matrix-imageThe report sparking all of this Matrix sequel debate comes from AICN who posted the news based upon an e-mail sent to them by a reader.  Within the account, the reader (who refers to himself as “El-Nino”) claims that Reeves told the audience that he feels he has an obligation to fans of The Matrix to deliver a movie worthy of the game-changing franchise to which it would belong.

Moreover, “El-Nino” also claims that The Wachowski’s have already met with James Cameron so as to weigh the pros-and-cons of making the films in 3D.  All of this in mind, while Reeves apparently believes that the treatments presented to him by The Wachowski’s will “truly revolutionize the action genre like the first movie,” the report claims that he will not meet with The Wachowki’s again until they finish work on their new film Cloud Atlas.

To reiterate, as of now all of this speculation is based purely upon an unconfirmed report. Nevertheless, this is currently the biggest rumor we’ve heard concerning The Matrix since the trilogy wrapped up in 2003.  As of now, we’re doing some digging of our own into the report and will have more info as it becomes available.


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  • Junierizzle

    True or not, I wouldnt sneeze at another Matrix flick.

    The sequels were dissapointing, obviously. But they werent bad. I still watch them because the action sequences are top notch.

    They need a great story to bring it all together. Easier said than done.

  • sense 11

    I dont care what anybody says. I love all 3 Matrix movies,

    The first one I consider a flawless film, the sequels have their flaws but they are still fucking amazing in so many ways.

    I would like nothing more then to see a couple more sequels and to see The Wachowski siblings return to what they do best, Kick Ass.

    They should have no problem getting funding for this project. The matrix trilogy grossed over 1.624 billion worldwide. Bring it on.

    • BlowMeSlowly

      The Matrix trilogy is incredible film making. I admit Revolutions didn’t bring it all the way home, but it has the greatest one on one fight sequence ever made. And the Matrix reloaded is the best action film ever made. Period.

  • Josh

    But wasn’t Neo dead at the end? I know this is Hollywood, and bringing him back certainly wouldn’t be the craziest thing to ever happen, but I don’t see how they could possibly do that without some kind of cheesy explanation.

    • Miguel

      He didn’t die at the end. I believe they continued the story in the Matrix online video game. The machines kept on refusing to give his body back to Zion.

    • neodvan

      Well, it could be story about another messiah. Neo was six or seven, I don’t remember.

      There are a lot of ideas circulated prior Matrix Revolutions release about Matrix-in-matrix and others amazing concepts.

      It they can pick up one of this, add 3D – it could be a turn and it could be awesome.

      Frankly, I don’t think this would happen.

    • Reggie

      No neo is not dead have you readed the matrix 4 story and trinity is not dead either when I readed about the matrix 4 I was so shock, I was so excited to know that neo and trinity is not really dead, i was thinking about this movie everyday,I got tired of seeing other trailers of movies all of that I think about is the matrix 4.The matrix movies always been my number 1 movies of all times know movies got nothing on the matrix.

  • Tyrannosaur Yogi

    Totally on board with this, all three were awesome (#2 being my favourite!) I also believe Speed Racer is a very undervalued film, loved it!

  • mailman

    As long as they don’t include any political situations and leave Morpheus speech-less, you know.. who cares about all that sht he said on Reloaded and Revolutions? (while his role in the first movie is great). Also, bringing back Neo wouldn’t be too much of a problem because we actually didn’t see him being buried or anything, also making him more powerful could be interesting.

    The question is who could be the villain? Smith again? We love Agent Smith, but it might be too forced to bring him back. And what about a love interest for Neo? Trinity?, another “back from the death”? That’s too much.

  • Jovan

    I highly doubt this is true given that both Neo and Trinity died in the 3rd film. It can’t be a prequel either because the 3 movies are almost right after one another and the first one is the actual beginning.

    If Keanu Reeves is going to be in the films, then I doubt the rumor is true. And he has to be because he is the one.

  • nNark

    The reason this story is a fake is that the Wachowskis are no longer BROTHERS! Bwahahahahaa!

    • Layne

      If your parents divorced would they still be legally brother and sister?

  • Yahzee Skellington

    Not interested… at this time. The Matrix is the most awesome, original and inventive trilogy in decades, and they wrapped up the story they wanted to tell in a perfect way. Having said that, maybe spin-offs could be made, with other characters, like the great Matrix comics or something… then again this whole article is a rumor so…

  • rocky

    Have Neo come back in yet another cycle and this time truly liberate all. I’m all in regardless what they do if they do it. The Matrix is one of the best and most ground breaking films ever, the sequels may not have lived up to the first but they were amazing on their own right

  • David

    A Seraph story prequel would be very interesting, the premise of which was set up in the 2nd and 3rd movies

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  • Barry


    Everyone is pretty much liberated at the end of the trilogy (they’re given a choice) with the implication that many (most?) would choose to stay in the Matrix.

    Neo’s ending was left wide open. He could very easily return, but since he had basically defended both humans *and* machines, where would it go? Who would the enemy be?

  • Jay

    Bring it, i actually like the matrix movies. This could be a chance to right the ship. I always thought the franchise was going to continue with Kid, but im glad Neo will be back.

  • Cordell

    Revolutions was terrible, absolute bore and showed no creativity at all. The first movie was amazing and the sequel Reloaded was good…not great. I cant imagine them putting together a decent script to bring back the Franchise.

  • shamus

    Actually REVOLUTIONS is a more focused movie than the sprawled out disconnected RELOADED. Those extended action scenes are super fantastic as stand alone demo BluRay sequences but in a movie it hurst the flow. Not to mention that movie has the worst edited cliffhanger ending of all time.

  • neoteo

    some people believe neo is living in the machines world , he lost is human body in the real world.

  • mcdoogle

    The story was continued in The Matrix Online. The “Zionists” are searching for Neo’s body, which the Machines claim they didn’t steal or even preserve. As a result, the treaty is very uneasy.

    The Merovingian has taken advantage of this to exploit both sides.

    P.S. Morpheus is dead. He was assassinated by some unknown entity shortly after the tensions between the Machines and Zionists reached an all-time high.

    There were some other interesting story lines, such as Niobi killing one of the twins, program fragments leftover from the Smith problem that created rogue Agents for a while, and even virtual vampirism.

    As to Neo’s death – yes, he died. But you don’t think it’s possible that the Machines, or even the Zionists, don’t have something they can do medically to jump start him? It’s likely his brain shut down after absorbing, and subsequently exploding Smith. So long as there’s no permanent damage, and the axons can start firing once more, his vital organs were otherwise left intact.

    P.P.S. There’s no “Matrix within a Matrix.” Thankfully; that was about the dumbest idea I’ve heard and I’m so glad we didn’t go that direction. Besides, now that would look like a giant ripoff of Inception.

  • ALi

    I too really liked all parts of Matrix.
    I want to know when Matrix 4 & 5 are releasing.
    Please anyone let me know.

  • Joc!..203

    One Two,& Three, were Worth watching..i cant wait for the Next Matrix to come out!!..I already have my Movie sooooo there!!…. :o)

  • Vernon

    I think they should make another one. I don’t know maybe two or more and make the Frenchman the main enemy because he had so many programs working for him. The Twins, the Trainman, etc. He was the one who was smuggling programs in and out of the matrix. I say make the Frenchman the villian and create new programs with more power to work for him. After all, everybody isn’t out of the matrix yet. Make to where the Frenchman is trying to keep them in to have more power for himself.

  • richard

    I would like to see what came before the matrix, like the animatrix movies. The destruction of mankind by the machines, scorching of the sky , The origin of the merovingian.

  • billy

    Villain. A new breed of machines. and the old machines working with zion, i think that would be interesting, of course in more detail. Neo would re enter the matrix, and the merovingian is still there. he despises neo, he would be a great villain.

  • thewrench

    I would love to see another Matrix. But until then, check out the for a pretty cool script of the Matrix 4. I liked it.

  • Joel C

    They should do a movie about the first guy to ever get out of the matrix. The guy that got Morpheus out, the First “One”. I think that could be a really awesome story. It could be like the beginning part of the first matrix but instead of Neo getting out with help, this guy would start to develop powers and such within the matrix and have to battle agents and get himself out and to Zion.

  • jfzlrib6

    To put it plain and simple if the do it I cannot wait. The Matrix Trilogy was awesome.

  • courtz

    This is a idea for them how to start the film off Neo made peace between humans and machines, but could send Neo crew on a rescue mission to retrieve trinity’s body and find out she is pregnant, but the machines won’t give Neo’s body back so there for the kid they have saved from trinity’s body grow’s up becoming faster stronger and being able to use his powers in and out side of the matrix to be able to retrieve Neo ( his farther ) but as he does so find’s out that the maker of matrix has some how found a way to control the machines starting a war between humans and machines/metrix also…….. This all came from my own thoughts, what do people think ?