Watch the Pilot for Aaron Sorkin’s New HBO Series THE NEWSROOM

     June 25, 2012


Hot off the one-two punch of The Social Network and Moneyball, Academy Award-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin made his return to television last night with the debut of his new HBO series The Newsroom.  The premiere came with lofty expectations from The West Wing creator, and early screener reactions were passionately mixed-to-positive.  I’m an out and out Sorkin fan and, despite the show’s familiarity to the scribe’s other series (specifically the super similar “stock” characters), I really enjoyed the pilot.  Yes, everyone speaks in eloquent soliloquies with insanely profound and accurate statistical arguments rolling off their tongues as if they were reciting a recipe, but Sorkin’s romanticism and wit is just too damned enticing for me to be bothered.

The pilot sparked quite a bit of lively conversation on Twitter last night, and now HBO has put the full 73-minute episode online for free.  Whether you’re a Sorkin fan or not, I highly suggest you give the pilot a whirl and decide for yourself what you think of the show rather than buying into the pre-lash sight unseen.  Hit the jump to watch, then head to the comments with your reaction.

Here’s the full pilot of The Newsroom via HBO, entitled “We Just Decided To”:


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  • Flabus Jim

    “Mixed to positive?” Seriously? It has an aggregate score of 57 on Metacritic, and that AIN’T mixed-to-positive. It’s positively middling.

    • Kofi

      Metacritic shows 13 positive reviews, 12 mixed reviews and 6 negative reviews so saying the show has “mixed to positive” reviews is accurate….not that Metacritic is the most accurate way to judge.

  • olbermann_suxx

    this show is a blantant attempt to make news people out to be decent non-biased people.

  • Edward Lee

    Really? “Mixed-to-positive”? It has an aggregate score on Metacritic of 57, so that’s positively “middling” at best. Nice try.

  • varagor

    “We’re sorry, the video is not available in your region”. Well, I guess I’ll have to pirate it, as HBO left me no choice.

  • Nate H

    I liked it! Very similar feel to West Wing (which I like, since that’s my favorite show of all time). I’m interested to see how it develops!

  • Henry Pym

    The first 5 minutes is just amazing! Aaron Sorkin is just an amazing writer.

    • Marisa

      My husband and I both cried after the big opening monologue and are waiting for the next episode

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  • It’s Called A Phone!

    I loved it! Jeff Daniel’s gave a great performance and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next!

  • Maryjanesuncle

    Once again HBO try’s to feed the people propaganda mixed into poor entertainment…

    • olbermann_suxx

      BINGO maybe he should do a show that makes movie stars out to be the smart enough to actually be “the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes.”

      What a tool. Hey losers why don’t you give your kids birthday present money to Barry.