Warner Bros. Reimagines THE ODYSSEY in Space as Potential Franchise; James DiLapo to Adapt Homer’s Epic Poem

     January 14, 2013

the odyssey

I am baffled that Hollywood has yet to film the definitive version of The Odyssey, settling for that 1997 TV miniseries.  Homer’s epic poem is filled with cinematic set pieces—given the public domain status, it seems natural that some cunning studio would have filmed The Odyssey in 3D, split it into a two parts, and made a fortune by now.  Warner Bros. is currently developing an adaptation, but not quite the definitive version I imagined.  Instead, based on a pitch by Terry Douglas, this Odyssey is set in space.  That is actually a neat sci-fi twist that should play well with the creatures and supernatural elements of Greek mythology in the story.  I want to see this version, too, but hope it encourages a traditional adaptation rather than replace it.

Deadline reports WB hired James DiLapo to write the script.  Douglas will produce alongside Paris Kasidokostas Latsis (The Box), David Heyman (the Harry Potter series), and Jeff Clifford.  As you already guessed, Warner Bros. sees this as a potential franchise.  Hit the jump for a refresher on the story.

Homer’s epic chronicle of the Greek hero Odysseus’ journey home from the Trojan War has inspired writers from Virgil to James Joyce. Odysseus survives storm and shipwreck, the cave of the Cyclops and the isle of Circe, the lure of the Sirens’ song and a trip to the Underworld, only to find his most difficult challenge at home, where treacherous suitors seek to steal his kingdom and his loyal wife, Penelope. Favorite of the gods, Odysseus embodies the energy, intellect, and resourcefulness that were of highest value to the ancients and that remain ideals in our time. [Amazon]

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  • gcm443

    put anything in space and it’s fucking awesome

  • Agent777

    Their is a comic/ graphic novel Age of Bronze on the Trojan War that’s dying to me made into a series or HBO show. AMAZING.


    Ulysses 31 all ready did it in the 80′s and was faithful to the philosophy that underlies the story.

  • David Tribby

    I’ve already seen this movie…it’s called Star Wars.

    • hockablah

      have you even read The Odyssey?

  • James Genzale

    Um… like 2001: A Space Odyssey?


    yep ulysses 31 was a pretty deep animated series surprised it not been giving the big screen treatment yet, brad pit was linked to play ulysses about ten years ago. come on hollywood your missing a good one here!!!!!

  • Baz

    This has already been done with Ulysses 31 ! … which is set in the 31st century

  • borfuscoldicamation

    “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”

  • spider-fan14

    They should’ve just made a sequel to Troy starring Sean Bean

    • Jazzpha

      Agreed! Why couldn’t they have at least tried just adapting the poem to its original period? ‘Troy’ made money, so it’s not like doing it the “old-fashioned way” would be that much of a financial risk for a studio.

      What’s next, a version of Xenophon’s Anabasis set in a grungy, anarchic post-apocalyptic world dominated by gangs?

      Oh, wait…

      • bubba

        Well… Im cynical so it will probably suck but considering Shakespeare’s The Tempest was made into Forbidden Planet (which spawned Star Trek), Cap’n Nemo made into The Black Hole (FX are still awesome, the vibe was good, the protagonist an ass), Lawrence of Arabia into Dune, Kurosawa’s movie Hidden Fortress into Star Wars, there is hope. Sometimes hope is all we have…

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  • Timothy

    I thought that while watching Ulysses 31 that it would make an awesome movie.
    Wasn’t quite sure how to condense it or how to tell all the story though. I doubt Hollywood would successful indulge the moody/trippiness of Ulysses 31 though.

    I want to see an awesome trippy movie version of The Mysterious Cities of Gold.

  • bubba

    Awesome. They put somebody in charge that has no previous writing credits (at least on IMDB). Cant wait to see product and toy placements galore, a family friendly ending that will even have the cat smiling, and maybe a poo joke and a nut kick or two.

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