THE OFFICE Becomes Reality with Licensed Dunder-Mifflin Paper On Sale

     November 28, 2011


For those who wish their favorite TV shows existed in real-life, there’s good news today. In a move that’s being dubbed “reverse product placement,” THR reports NBC Universal has entered a licensing agreement with the Staples-owned business selling Dunder-Mifflin brand paper, the very same company that’s the focus of the NBC comedy series The Office. The deal will last for two-years, but can be extended if sale targets are met. However, that could prove to be a little difficult since the Dunder-Mifflin branded paper is said to be “priced largely above private-label copy paper.” However, you can be sure that plenty of fans of the series will want the paper packages that will include familiar phrases like “Our motto is, Quabity first” and “Get your Scrant on.” Maybe a huge fan of The Office also owns a business who needs a lot of paper and this will the key to saving our economy? After all, Dunder-Mifflin does have limitless paper, in a paperless world and you can buy it right here. If you need more convincing that their paper is of the highest quality, click here to check out Michael Scott’s Dunder-Mifflin commercial.