Steve Carell’s Replacement on THE OFFICE Won’t Be Revealed Until Next Spring; Harvey Keitel not a Long-Term Option

     September 10, 2010


Personally, I’m very glad to have this story come out of the woodwork, because otherwise every week would bring a new rumor to the table suggesting who might replace Steve Carell after he completes his last season of The Office. Thankfully THR has gotten word from NBC that a final decision likely won’t be made until production on the seventh season wraps next spring. By the end of the season, the audience is supposed to know who will replace Michael Scott, and since TV production will end well before the final episodes air, production wrap will be the perfect time for an announcement. In addition, new details have surfaced that confirm viewers shouldn’t be worried about which newcomer will replace Michael Scott (like the recently buzzed about Harvey Keitel), but which current cast member will step up for the job. More details after the jump.

the_office_nbc_tv_show_image_steve_carell_as_michael_scott__1_With the end of Michael Scott’s reign over Dundler-Mifflin on the distant horizon, the seventh season is being plotted very carefully. The first half of the season will be a celebration of Carell’s final year on the while focusing on specific characters in each episode in a way not too dissimilar from the way Lost would focus on an individual character or two. In this format, the series attempts to show us who the potential successors to Michael Scott will be. For example, Daryl (Craig Robinson) shows some ambition by taking an issue to corporate right over Michael’s head. Then the second half of the season will be all about finding Michael’s replacement complete with a big online push from NBC polling viewers about who should replace Michael Scott. Meanwhile guest stars like previously announced Timothy Olyphant, and recurring characters from Amy Ryan (Holly Flax) and Melora Hardin (Jan Levinson) will stroll through Dunder-Mifflin.

However, once the time comes to replace Michael Scott, viewers will find that it may not be a guest star who becomes head honcho. While Harvey Keitel has emerged as a favorite  for showrunner Paul Lieberstein, an insider from the series says, “That got out of control. It was idea on the table. It could be a fun arc, but it’s not going to be a long-term option.” But at the same time, if a current employee at Dunder-Mifflin steps up to supervise, they won’t necessarily be the new star of the show like Steve Carell. Apparently writers are tempted to have the character who becomes the Scranton branch’s new boss completely bomb and thus allow for a different successor in the eighth season.

While the prospect of a new boss at Dunder-Mifflin is an exciting one, once Carell leaves the show, writers will really have to step up to keep viewers interested in a series that seems to have run its course and taken the characters about as far as they can go. While a slew of guest stars on The Office as potential replacements for World’s Best Boss sounds like fun, sooner than later it will just become a gimmick, and no one wants to see a great comedy series like The Office go out in flames. Unless something earth-shattering crops up, this will be the last speculation and talk about replacing Steve Carell for awhile, but stay tuned as more exciting news about the forthcoming seventh season of the series is surely on the way.

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  • Vik

    I know money rules everything, but if the producers had any integrity, Carell’s final episode will be the show’s final episode.

    • AJ

      As sad as it really is to say, you’re right. Great show but Steve Carell really makes the show.

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  • Smitty

    I think Rhys Darby should be the new boss. He’s a perfect fit. The Office can survive without Carell, he’s not the show. Most of the people I know that watch the show can’t stand him anyways. If Ricky Gervais don’t change his mind about joining the cast, I think it has to go to Darby.

    • flyonthewall

      Rhys Darby? Are you kidding me!? He is the one hit wonder of stand up comedy and would be a horrible replacement. He would be bringing his only character (i.e. from Flight of the Conchords) with him that would be tired and old in about 5 seconds. I would rather be slowly roasted over hot coals than be forced to watch even a TV Commercial starring this so-called comic/actor.

    • Rusty Shackelford

      Seriously, wtf are you talking about? Of course Michael Scott IS The Office, it will suck with out him. If someone can’t stand Michael Scott then they shouldn’t be watching the The Office because they clearly don’t understand its point.

    • Jason

      I also think Rhys Darby would be amazing.

  • Rhcpmisha

    What about Jim Carey?

  • Bballstar24

    I vote jim carrey

    • w8er

      jim carrey would be the only reason to continue with the office

  • Theigs

    Danny McBride

    • matt

      Thomas Lennon

  • Rasero

    Cosmo Kramer should replace Steve Carell!

  • jon

    Rhys Darby would be a great fit. I loved his character in “Yes Man” and while watching “Yes Man” I was actually reminded of Michael Scott. The thing is, do we really want another Michael Scott? I also see a lot of people just throwing names out there that are completely off the radar, like Jim Carrey or Thomas Lennon. I heard a rumor and it would be a pretty good fit and a rework of the title role, Tim Allen. I have been waiting with baited breath to see him on TV again and think this would be a great fit.

  • Barney

    Steve Carell’s Replacement on The Office to Be Matt LeBlanc. Confirmed.

  • Mike

    Hello!! Zack Galifinakis would be my pick.

  • Thomas

    Rhys Darby all the way!!!!

  • Carl P.

    I honestly, and randomly, think Christopher Walken would be a good replacement.