Exclusive New THE PRINCE Trailer: Bruce Willis Goes Bad as a Sinister Assassin

     July 14, 2014


We here at Collider have a new, full-length The Prince trailer to debut for director Brian A. Miller’s upcoming action-thriller.  The film stars Jason Patric as a retired assassin who is drawn back into his old life when his daughter is kidnapped.  In the process, he’s forced to confront his former rival, played by Bruce Willis.  The film is unique in that Willis takes on a more nefarious role this time around, and it also features John Cusack in a supporting role as a character that comes to Patric’s aid.

Hit the jump to watch the new The Prince trailer.  The film also stars Jung Ji-Hoon, Jessica Lowndes, Jonathon Schaech, Gia Mantegna, and Curtis “50 Cent” JacksonThe Prince opens in theaters and is available on VOD starting August 22nd.

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Here’s the official synopsis for The Prince:

Jason Patric, Bruce Willis and John Cusack face off in this action-packed thriller. A retired assassin is drawn back into the life he gave up when his daughter is kidnapped. To rescue her, he must confront his former rival.




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  • http://www.JustPressPlay.net Lex Walker

    Kind of wish Bruce Willis was reprising his Whole Nine Yards role for this, just because.

    • JeanHBurdette

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  • Merlin235

    Bad guys fighting bad guys. I wonder which emotional chords they’re going to pull for people. Who do you root for, the guy who is trying to kill the daughter, or the guy who has already killed someone else’s daughter (assuming it was Willis’ daughter Patrick killed). Maybe you just walk away feeling dirty for having watched it at all. ha

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  • doctor_robot

    this looks awful.

  • Jasper

    Well, at least the poster is truly awful.

  • http://tarek-to-verso.over-blog.com/ tarek

    this is a Direct to Trash movie

    • LEM

      50 cent is in it so yeah, it’ll probably premiere in some dollar store claw machine.

  • Werefon

    Greedy and Lazy stars in True Shits.

  • scorpiola

    I hope this will be available in the theaters in my area. Although the poster above doesn’t have RAIN on it but I’ll still go to watch it in theaters just to support Rain since he participated in this movie

  • Whatchuptu

    Urgh….who gave the green light on the art direction for that poster. Bruce Willis and John Cusack look like they’re wearing their own faces as masks (#_#)

  • TurnerTC

    Very odd. Big stars, but the trailer looks like a direct-to-video movie (and Patric looks bored).

  • Gandhi Anderson

    Can’t wait to see RAIN on the big screen! So happy he got to work with Bruce Willis. Fighting!

  • pandapool

    LOL, Collider must’ve gotten a fatass paycheck to post about this piece of shit.

    And how about the 2 obvious studio planted commenters with the same Asian Dane DeHaan lookalike from above as their avatars? Whatever the heck a RAIN is… WTF

    “The film is unique in that Willis and the producers gave us all ten grand and sent a couple dozen hookers to the office this afternoon to ensure that we would write about it. Oh, and John Cusack blah blah Patric blah blah blah. 50 Cent.”

    • RedMercury

      Whatever the heck a RAIN is…

      He was the asian race-car driver in Speed Racer.

      Yeah, the movie looks like a “Taken” clone.

  • brNdon

    Was it the photoshop “artist’s” job to make Willis and Cusack look like older, wax versions of themselves?

  • MJ

    Finally. I have been waiting years for a reboot of the Fresh Prince. I hope they can give some of the old cast some cameo roles.

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  • Steven Fox

    What happened? The name Bruce Willis used to mean quality, now it`s straight ot DVD crap like this, with John Crapsack and 50 crap cents.

  • Raptor Jesus


    Yeah. Stupid.

  • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

    We need movies like this to remind us how hard it is to make something that even passes for good. The lesson here is that you need more than actors and guns.

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