First Images from THE RAID 2 Which Officially Began Production Today and Will Shoot for Over 100 Days

     January 31, 2013


Production has officially started on writer/director Gareth Evans’ The Raid 2 in Indonesia and we’ve got the first images from the sequel to share with you.  Picking up where The Raid/The Raid: Redemption left off, Rama (Iko Uwais) leaves the high-rise behind in order to infiltrate a Jakarta crime syndicate with the intentions of protecting his family and unearthing the corruption within his police force.  The sequel also stars Tio Pakusadewo, Putra Arifin Scheunamann, Julie Estelle, Alex Abbad and Roy Marten, and will shoot for the next 100-odd days.  Check out Steve’s interview with Evans in which he talks about the sequel, then hit the jump to see the first official images and read the full press release for The Raid 2.

Check out the full press release following the first images from The Raid 2:

Highly-anticipated Actioner “The Raid 2” Starts Production in Jakarta, Indonesia

Los Angeles, CA (January 31, 2013) – PT Merantau Films and XYZ Films announce the start of production for THE RAID 2 (Indonesian title, THE RAID 2: BERANDAL), the sequel to the wildly popular international hit THE RAID (aka THE RAID: REDEMPTION).  The film reunites writer/director Gareth Huw Evans with actor Iko Uwais, who will be reprising his starring role.  Ario Sagantoro is producing for PT Merantau Films, along with Nate Bolotin, Nick Spicer, Aram Tertzakian and Todd Brown for XYZ Films.  Executive producing are Rangga Maya Barack-Evans and Irwan D. Mussry.

In addition to Uwais, the international cast includes Tio Pakusadewo, Putra Arifin Scheunamann, Julie Estelle, Alex Abbad and Roy Marten.  The film is currently lensing in Jakarta, Indonesia and is scheduled to shoot for over 100 days. Line producing the film is Daiwanne Ralie, with Matthew Flannery and Dimas Imam Subhono serving as directors of photography.

Picking up right where the first film ends, The Raid 2 follows Rama (Uwais) as he goes undercover and infiltrates the ranks of a ruthless Jakarta crime syndicate in order to protect his family and uncover the corruption in his own police force.

The Raid premiered at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival, where it took home the Audience Award in the Midnight Madness section. It went on to play at Sundance and SXSW, before enjoying a theatrical release in the United States through Sony Pictures Classics. The film is approaching $15M in global box office.

XYZ and PT Mereantau Films are also in post-production on KILLERS, which is co-directed by Timo Tjahjanto and Kimo Stamboel, with Gareth Huw Evans and Rangga Maya Barack-Evans executive producing .  Evans and Tjahjanto recently collaborated on SAFE HAVEN, a celebrated segment in the horror anthology film S-VHS, which just premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

XYZ Films recently premiered Calvin Lee Reeder’s THE RAMBLER at Sundance as well.

“We’re incredibly excited to start the next chapter of The Raid story,” said XYZ Films. “Gareth introduced a rich and fertile world in the first film, and we’re eager to see him expand on that vision with Berandal.”

“To all our fans thank you so much for your support. We can’t wait to come back and show you what we have been working on,” said writer/director Gareth Evans. “We’ll be there in 2014 with a film bigger, better and bloodier! Wish us luck.”

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions (SPWA) acquired the film for the United States, Spain, Latin America and South Africa, and Sony Pictures Classics will once again release the film theatrically in the United States.

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  • sloan


  • Strong Enough


  • Ur mom

    OMG!! Cannot wait!! >_<'

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  • Yaws

    Yep! It begins right after the events of the first on interrogation. I guess then movie takes place months after that un prison.

    • Ur mom

      It takes place 2 hours after the first film.

    • Hooorah

      after the interrogation the story jump three years later in a prison.

  • Guess What

    Well, the first one was one of the worst movies ever made, so this is will probably end up either the second worst film ever made, unless it somehow manages to be as pointless, unlikeable and as utterly repugnant as the first, what with it’s completely banal script, terrible acting, appalling dialogue, paper thin plot, unlikeable characters and repetitious fight scenes that ALL LOOK THE SAME. But then again, what would I know, I can actually think for meself.

    • Roney

      tell u something,this site gave an A- Rating for this movie… and this movie win these awards in international film festivals..
      1.Midnight Madness Award at Toronto International Film Festival 2011
      2.Dublin Film Critics Circle Best Film and Audience Award at Jameson Dublin International Film Festival (JDIFF) 2012
      3.Sp!ts Silver Scream Award at Imagine Film Festival, Amsterdam, 2012
      4.Best Foreign Language Film 2012 by Indiana Film Journalists Association (IFJA

      guess what,the raid was ranked 4 in box office at the end of 2012,if u want kind of movie that u said go watch expandables where 1 man shot 1000 people with no scratch.

    • Ur mom

      No, that was Transformers.

    • Will

      Anybody stupid enough to actually admit that they thought all the action scenes looked the same should never be allowed to type another word about martial arts movies. Just because you can think for “youself,” doesn’t mean that your not an idiot.

    • Hell Yeah The Raid !

      Just go watch some dramas and die

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  • GunsOfNavarone

    Straight from middle earth. No one feed it.

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  • james

    DREDD> The Raid.

    • Ur mom

      I disagree, but they’re both great films. Dredd is very underrated, though.

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  • dogg

    Ass will be kicked.

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  • Hooorah

    The “sequel” was decided ages ago before The Raid was even made.

    Gareth has this project called BERANDAL, a movie set in prison, it was meant to be his third movie after MERANTAU (2009). The script was ready, the fight choreograph was ready, they even made a teaser for it (search Youtube for “Berandal teaser trailer”), almost everything ready except the money.

    Gareth was meant to shoot BERANDAL 3 years ago but he couldn’t because the money wasn’t enough. So he created a new story taken from BERANDAL script, something simpler and cheaper, to raise the money but at the same time also serves as a back story to BERANDAL, hence we got THE RAID.

    So basically both THE RAID and it’s sequel are actually one movie split in two, kind like The Hobbit. We’re not getting enough story in THE RAID because its just a “teaser” to Gareth actual project; BERANDAL which is now the sequel to THE RAID.

  • someone

    so…. should i say whoooaaooo like that?

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  • jason statham

    no story,waisted time for watch….

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  • Barry Prima

    jason : yeah, u can see the action movie like expandable with full of ” commedy “and more ridiculous things than action.

  • Barry Prima

    jason : yeah, u can see the action movie like expandable with full of commedy and so much ridiculous things than truly action.

  • Advent Bangun

    jason: didn’t all Jason Statham movie looks the same and no stories at all ??? :-D hahahahaaa

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  • mandong pinoy

    Anybody who buys the ticket for these kind of movies and expect a Coen-brothers type of plot is a stupid motherfucker. Its an action movie, duh! How much plot does it really need? You buy the ticket for the action not to digest plot. How much plot did the first Die Hard movie have anyway?

    The story in action movies are simplified so you can enjoy the shootouts or fight scenes or whatever. This movie wont compete for an academy award. And the story is not everything in a movie. Even movies with good premises/story arent always entertaining. Case in point Heaven’s Gate and English Patient.

    But even with a simple story, I liked how the director structured it. Its like Action action action. Then 5 minutes break and present a little plot detail. Then break time over, action action again. Then pause for another break, bring in a little suspense. The back to work with the action. And as it does this, the exposition becomes more and more clear. Twists were sorta predictable, but who cares. The fight scenes are just fucking awesome.

    As for the second one, Im pretty excited about it. Not expecting for it to have an Oscar-winning plot. I just want same of the shit that we loved about the first one. Eye-popping action with Mike Shinoda doing the score. Hopefully there would be more gun play in the sequel. Just as long as the action scenes are well coreographed I will forget whatever loophole in the plot it might have. Just dont turn the action scenes into transformers 3. Where it all becomes just one big loud messy explosion all over.

    Think about this, the first Die Hard series didnt really have any plot almost. And there were sequels too that didnt make a lot of sense either. But we forgave them because we just kept seeing the same shit on and on that we loved from the first film (except from the 5th which was disappointing).

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