Insane Trailer for Action Film THE RAID [Updated with Images and Official Synopsis]

     September 9, 2011


Before today, I had never heard of Indonesian director Gareth Evans’ The Raid. However, this morning everyone was talking about the rave reviews the action flick received  from its screening at the Toronto Film Festival late last night, and after you watch this trailer you’ll understand why. Seriously, the trailer is absolutely brutal action from wall-to-wall. The pic centers on an elite police squad that scales a 30-story high rise in order to take down a kingpin. That’s it. That’s the plot of the whole movie. If the finished product is anything like this trailer, I’m definitely in. The score for the film is being done by Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda. Hit the jump to watch the very NSFW red band trailer.

[Update: We've added some new images and an official synopsis after the jump.]

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s the poster [from Badass Digest]:


Here are the new images [click to enlarge]:





Finally, here’s the official synopsis for The Raid:

In the heart of Jakarta lies a rundown apart¬ment infested with druggies and drifters. It’s ruled by a ruthless drug lord who uses the tenement to shelter his junkie customers, pushers, enforcers and brutal killers. The apartment block is considered untouch¬able by even the bravest of police—until one early morning when, cloaked under dawn’s dark¬ness, an elite SWAT team, led by officer Rama (Uwais), raids the peril-filled structure.  As Rama’s squad races between the maze of rooms and floors, encountering a barrage of gunfire, machetes, and ruthless hand-to-hand combat around every corner, the stakes get higher and higher building to an explosive crescendo and an ultimate battle.




  • Stephen Staunton

    Ugh, can’t watch outside US.

  • Kris

    Anyone else find it ironic that this was screened at TIFF… but yet if you live in Toronto you CAN’T watch this trailer because of MTV’s STUPID REGION LOCK!!!

  • gisss

    “absolutely brutal action from wall-to-wall” yea yea fuck you as Plinkett would say. You just can’t mention that if you’re not american stay away because “we don’t give a fuck about you”. Normally I’m a polite person, but now I just did an american act. Just for you guys.

  • Oliver

    To watch the international trailer go to

    Sorry Collider!

  • Warpcrafter

    Holy shit! Gotta see this flick!

  • Alastair

    Isn’t this a very similar synopsis to the new Judge Dredd film?

  • bigbob



    seems that whenever there is some sort of overt and styilized violence in the film Collider reviewers don’t want to come off UN-COOL so they proclaim the film a MUST SEE.

  • sense 11


  • Migz13

    Looks interesting:D The Expendables just got their asses kicked!

  • pi

    i wonder if this will have that good sense of humor about it like The South Korean bad ass action flicks.

    • brattre

      Probably not . Never mind, The Yellow Sea should be out in stores

  • hawks5999

    I can see the “how it should have ended” already:
    Take floors 1, 2 and 3. Set explosive charges. Get 50 yards away. Boom.

    • Shadow47

      Get 50 yards away?
      they trapped inside the building.

  • Tyler Durden

    Finally, something good from Indonesia, hope this can trump the previous gareth evans picture “Merantau”

  • deathon2legs

    I think this trailer achieved what most full length action movies attempt to do in 2 plus hours. I’m not a fan of violence for the sake of violence (as in most current “horror” flicks), but in the right context it makes sense. This film sets the stage for violence with its premise and to tone it down would be disingenuous. I imagine it is more of a survival story than a cop movie. What do you do when you find yourself in over your head? Rules be damned! We need to survive and it’s going to take everything we can dish out…it certainly gets my blood pumping.

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  • João Paulo – Brasil

    Woooooooooooooooooow very violent

  • Corin Prendiville

    So a bunch of SWAT cops know martial arts as well as Bruce Lee and go up against gang criminals in a an apartment complex who also know martial arts really well, mix in automatic weapons and large knives and you got yourself an action movie.

    Well, there wasn’t a disclaimer saying it reflected reality, so I could watch it. =] The stylization looks well done, but its nothing more than violence and gore.

    I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with that though, considering most hollywood block-busters are nothing but non-stop adventure and vapid action w/ no real story or purpose.

  • LouisAnthoni

    Awesome ! My Dad (former SEAL) was the technical advisor for this movie! He lives in Indonesia and sent me set photos for this a few months back. Didn’t think anything of it then, so it’s cool to see it on here!

  • Frank

    This sounds like a dead-simple yet appealing high-concept premise for a Hollywood blockbuster. So it wouldn’t surprise me if a Hollywood studio soon buys the American remake rights to this.

  • Ferdy_K

    Woot Woot! Time for Indonesian’s Cinema to kick some ass !


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  • brattre

    Should insert INSANE in title more often (to get this post count)

    There are more INSANE HK, Japanese and (not called Man from Nowhere) Korean movies out there. Indonesia hasn’t showed anything and this trailer shows only loww-bdgt locations uhr-dated choreography with some violence and firecrackers. No style whatsoever in it.

    • zanirma

      @bratte, apparently a lot of critics who have seen this movie (not just the trailer) at TIFF think this movie deserved to be hailed as the best action movie of the year, or in years, as some of them have said.

  • brattre

    And The Raid is one buttugly name for a film

  • harumi

    Huwoooo……. BRUTAAALLLL!!! Cant wait this movie played in Indonesia!

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