THE REWRITE Trailer: Hugh Grant Back in Boorish, Romantic Form

     August 28, 2014


Some Hugh Grant romantic comedies are objectively good (a few of them are even great), others aren’t.  But, for some reason, I tend to like them all.  Good and bad.  Which means I’ll be seeing The Rewrite even though it was directed by Marc Lawrence (Two Weeks Notice), who does not tend to make my favorite Grant movies.  The addition of the always-welcome Marisa Tomei evens that out.

Going off the trailer, I’m pretty sure I know every single beat of the movie already.  It doesn’t appear to be in the league of Notting Hill or About a Boy anything like that, but it also doesn’t look as bad as Nine Months.  The film also stars Allison Janney, J.K. Simmons and Chris Elliott.  There’s no domestic release date yet but Lionsgate is releasing the pic in the UK on October 8th.  Hit the jump for The Rewrite trailer.

Here’s the official synopsis for The Rewrite:

Once upon a time, screenwriter Keith Michaels (Hugh Grant) was on top of the world – a Golden Globe Award and a hit movie to his name, a beautiful wife and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of wit and charm. But that was fifteen years ago: now, he’s divorced, broke, approaching fifty and hasn’t written a hit film in years. Luckily, his agent has a job for him – a university in the quiet town of Binghamton is looking for someone to teach a course in screenwriting, and with an empty wallet as his motivation, Keith can’t say no. Hoping to give minimal attention to his duties and focus on writing a new script, his attitude slowly begins to turn when he meets Holly (Marisa Tomei). A single mum working two jobs to earn her degree, the pair find themselves connected by their mutual need for a second chance.

The Rewrite Trailer Hugh Grant

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  • Kyle Chandler

    So hugh grant doing the same thing he always does is “back in boorish, romantic form”, but The Flash: “little originality”. Got it.

    • Evan Dickson


      • Kyle Chandler

        D’aww…I can’t stay mad at you.

  • tarek

    Even Boredom is bored when it watches Hugh Grant in a romcom.

    • Pernell Whitaker

      Which romcoms does boredom enjoy then?

      • tarek

        Enchanted ?

  • drewlicious

    Why doesn’t Marisa Tomei have more leading roles? Seriously underrated in pretty much every way.

    • CJ

      And she seems to be getting hotter every year. Without surgery or any of that Kidman-esque botox shit.

  • CJ

    I have to admit, MICKEY BLUE EYES is a guilty pleasure of mine.

    If it’s ever on TV I always watch it. I can’t explain why

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