Akiva Goldsman May Pen New Draft of THE RING 3D

     August 21, 2014


Yes, Akiva Goldsman is an Academy Award-winning screenwriter, but have you seen Winter’s Tale?  That’s the kind of movie that is so bad, it could wind up becoming a warped classic for that very reason.  In fact, the group I saw it with still hasn’t stopped talking about it.  “I like pecans,” “I have a chicken,” Colin Farrell’s haircut, Russell Crowe’s finger-painting – the list of absurdities could go on and on.

Even though A Beautiful Mind is quite the achievement and Goldsman has a number of other strong scripts to his name including Cinderella Man and a personal favorite guilty pleasure, Practical Magic, ever since Winter’s Tale, it’s been tough to get excited about anything he’s working on, and sadly, now that means having more doubts about the future of The Ring franchise as well.  Goldsman is currently in talks to pen a draft of the next installment, The Ring 3D.  Hit the jump for more.

the-ring-posterDeadline is reporting that Paramount is in talks with Goldsman to write a new draft of the script.  The plan to make another Ring film has been around for a while, but just about a month ago, news surfaced that F. Javier Gutierrez was signed to direct it.  It makes sense that they’d want to bring another writer in to give the script a polish before they really get going, but a brand new draft?  I wonder what happened to what David Loucka wrote so many years ago and if any of that material will still stand.  But perhaps we’re better off without anything he’s penned.  Eddie is a childhood favorite, but have you seen Loucka’s last two films?  Dream House and House at the End of the Street are both pretty ridiculous.

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a new The Ring film, almost ten years in fact, so it’s not going to be easy getting this franchise going again.  According to Deadline, in the film, “Samara returns with a familiar video tape to strike terror again,” so that might rule out the reboot or prequel approach, but what damage could that videotape possibly do nowadays?  Aren’t VCR players obsolete?  And do the younger moviegoers this movie will likely target even know what they are?

No matter what they run with, I’m nervous about this one.  Everyone’s allowed a big screen blunder, but Winter’s Tale is a tough one to shake off and on top of that, we know what tends to happen when horror franchises continue when they shouldn’t.

  • FoonZeeS

    I hope he keeps churning out crap so he keeps busy and forgets about The Dark Tower.

    • Why oh Why?

      Why someone thinks Ron Howard is the right guy for that job is mindblowing

  • http://www.collider.com/ DNAsplitter

    I think it showed that Akiva Goldsman isn’t a talented director – not writer. He’s capable of putting together great screenplays and if teamed up w the right director can make amazing films.

    • Person

      Haven’t seen Winter’s Tale but from what I’ve read, the script was a big problem there. He also wrote Lost in Space, I Am Legend, and a few other clunkers. But A Beautiful Mind will always be an all-time great.

      • lord jim

        A Beautiful Mind is a travesty.

    • This Guy Still Gets Work WTF?

      Dude, Goldsman ain’t a good writer OR director

  • CJ

    3D? Ugh! This sounds like a bigger stinker than THE RING TWO.

    Although the ‘unrated’ edition of that movie is a bit better.

  • randommale7

    We really need to make a support group for those of us who have seen Winter’s Tale…but it almost feels like watching it was a rite of passage as well…

  • randommale7

    We really need to make a support group for those of us who have seen Winter’s Tale…but it almost feels like watching it was a rite of passage as well…

  • lord jim

    I hate Goldsman for the simple fact that “A Beautiful Mind” was the worst case of Hollywood taking a true story and making a completely ridiculous and cheesy fairy tale out of it, that has absolutely nothing to do with the real Nash and his mental state.Russel Crowe was great but that movie was just one big lie, Goldsman made everything up, so why couldn´t he make up the names as well?