Michael Chiklis Talks Shooting PAWN in 15 Days with $2 Million; Wants THE SHIELD Movie Based on Creator Shawn Ryan’s “Phenomenal Idea”

     January 15, 2013

michael chiklis pawn shield movie

Sheila spoke to the cast of Parker at roundtable interviews today.  We will have the full interviews for you soon, but we want to pass along what Michael Chiklis had to say about Pawn and a possible Shield movie.  Chiklis is a producer on the low-budget crime thriller Pawn, and stars alongside Forest Whitaker, Ray Liotta, Common, Nikki Reed, Stephen Lang, and Max Beesley.  This is the first feature Chiklis has produced, and it sounds like a challenge, “It’s a little movie.  All things considered, it’s a cool little film.  A lot of bang for the buck considering it was a 15-day shoot.”

Chiklis estimated he has been asked about a movie to follow up on his landmark FX series The Shield “ten thousand times.”  But he remains enthusiastic about the possibility: “I’d love to do it.  Ask Fox, please… [Creator Shawn Ryan] has a phenomenal idea to move forward with it.”  The Shield series finale is among the best ever, so it’s encouraging that the Ryan and Chiklis want to continue the story for creative reasons.  Hit the jump for the full quotes.

michael chiklis pawnQuestion:  Can you talk about what you have coming up next?  Michael, I know you have Pawn with Ray Liotta?

Michael Chiklis:  Yeah.  It’s a little movie I produced as a result of [Parker].  I’ve been thinking a lot about the second half of my career.  I’m facing 50 and it makes you sort of contemplative about the place that I am in my life and I’m thinking about the second half.  One thing that’s very important to me is the building of my production company.  I was talking to Brad Luff who is one of the executive producers on this film during the making of Parker and we got to know each other and we really bonded during the process.  He has a lot of the same desires and ambitions in that way.  He said, “Why don’t we make a movie together?” and I was like, “Okay.”  I was looking for someone on the executive side to partner with me in my production company, and he said, “No, I have a script and it’s financed.  It’s little.  It’s a tiny little movie, but if you respond to it, maybe we can just put it together on the quick.”

This was late September right at the end of the shooting of this [Parker].  I read the script.  It needed work but by December 2nd we were shooting it and we made this cool little movie.  I pulled together a pretty impressive cast with Forest Whitaker, Ray Liotta, Common, Nikki Reed, Stephen Lang, myself, Max Beesley.  I mean, it’s a scale movie.  It’s a little movie.  All things considered, it’s a cool little film.  A lot of bang for the buck considering it was a 15-day shoot.  You have to compare apples to apples.  You know what I mean?  Parker was a $30 million dollar, two-month shoot.  This was a $2.1 million dollar, 15-day shoot.  Just to give you some perspective, we shot the pilot for Vegas in 16 days.  That’s a 45-minute pilot.  You know?  (shouting)  “Run!, Run!”  All things considered, it was an impressive cast, some really nice performances.

Do you think a Shield movie would ever happen at this point or did the series end so nicely that you wouldn’t want to touch it again?

Chiklis:  Hell no, I’d love to do it.  Ask Fox, please.  This is the single most asked question of me.  It’s only since 2008 and I’m going to say over ten thousand times asked.  So, forgive me if I want to strangle you right now.  I’m teasing obviously but it’s just that Shawn (Ryan) has a phenomenal idea to move forward with it, but part of it is our availability.  We’re both very busy.  Part of it is Fox and changes over there.  We’ll see.  It’s possible.  But I don’t know.

the shield movie michael chiklis

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  • Sean

    I don’t know what this “Phenomenal” idea is, but I don’t just don’t see how a THE SHIELD movie could be a good idea. The show works very nicely as self-contained. A follow up just seems like a big, unnecessary risk.

    • http://twitter.com/colliderbrendan Brendan Bettinger

      Mostly agree with you. But the show will always be a great self-contained series. If they have a good idea and execute it, awesome. If the movie sucks, we can easily ignore it.

      Same attitude for Arrested Development.

      • Sean

        I guess for me, The Shield’s final scene wrapped things up perfectly. It had one of the best final scenes of a show I can remember. They really understood how Mackie’s self-preservation could escape the obvious consequences of his actions, but they still provided a prison for him which made perfect sense. It was an ending which rewarded his strengths while still punishing his weaknesses. If they continue the story, my memory no longer has him exactly where he should be.

        Of course, the people that gave me that wonderful final scene are the same people who have a “Phenomenal” idea. So if they could craft that ending, they probably do have a good idea for where things could go.

    • sferrin

      Not to mention the team was effectively destroyed with Shane dead and Ronnie in prison. Of course maybe they could have Vic off that annoying biotch from The Walking Dead. :-)

    • John

      Hey, they beat the odds with The Shield in the first place. My money’s on their ability to do it again.

      Let’s see The Shield movie!

  • kps88

    Agreed. The show ended perfectly, no need to revisit that.

  • Buno Dias

    I thought he was doing a Pawn Stars movie. Chiklis looks the same as that guy on History.

    • ada


  • kodie

    MAKE THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    I hated the ending of The Shield. I was a rabid fan. Can we PLEASE get the movie. I would love to see it and I know tons of other people who would as well.
    I still remember seeing the advertisements for The Shield when it came out. Those were good times. I need my Vic fix!

  • bob

    fuck that bald prick

  • GG1701

    I’d love to see it! But, I guess my fear is, they take the same risk that they did with the X-Files. At the end of the the X-Files TV show, Mulder & Scully were no longer in the FBI, and they were “on the run”. So, in their follow-up movie (“I Want To Believe”), it just didn’t hold the same interest for me when because they weren’t agents anymore working in that office.

    Similarly, Vic is no longer a cop (well, ok, he’s a Fed), but he’s not a cop, and there’s no Strike Team anymore. They’re all dead, or in prison. Vic’s not on the streets anymore running his game with the criminals. I’d love to see Vic Mackey again, but I’m nostalgic and sentimental. I just don’t know if it would hold the same feel for me.