Former WALKING DEAD Showrunner Glen Mazzara to Write THE SHINING Prequel THE OVERLOOK HOTEL

     April 11, 2013


It appears that Stephen King’s beloved novel The Shining is all the rage at the moment.  King is set to release his sequel novel Doctor Sleep later this fall and the Shining-centric documentary Room 237 recently hit theaters, but now it appears that the story is headed to the big screen once again by way of a prequel.  Glen Mazzara—who previously took over for Frank Darabont as showrunner on AMC’s The Walking Dead before being forced out of the position halfway through the most recent season—has been tapped to write the screenplay for the Warner Bros. prequel film The Overlook Hotel. Hit the jump for more.

the-shining-overlook-hotelWord first broke that Warner Bros. was considering a prequel to The Shining last summer, when it was reported that writer/producers Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and James Vanderbilt (Zodiac) were developing the film alongside producing partner Bradley Fischer (Black Swan).  It appears that the trio has settled on a story that they believe warrants a full film, as Deadline now reports that Glen Mazzara has been hired to pen the screenplay for The Overlook Hotel.

No further details for the film are given, but it’s reasonable to assume that the story will involve the haunted goings-on at the titular hotel prior to The Torrence’s arrival.  Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining is a masterpiece so Mazzara certainly has some big shoes to fill, but it’ll be interesting to see if he strikes a tone similar to Kubrick’s film or if his take falls more in line with King’s original novel.

Mazzara did some solid work on the first half of The Walking Dead season three, but the show took a bit of a creative nosedive in the back half.  He reportedly exited the showrunner position due to a difference of opinion over the show’s direction in season four.  His other TV writing credits include The Shield, Hawthorne, and the Starz series Crash, which he created.

What do you think, readers?  Is a Shining prequel necessary?  What would you like to see from the film?


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  • Bo

    There is no way that this can be anything other than pure, unintelligent junk! Come on, The Walking Dead? Kubrick? The Walking Dead? Anybody getting my drift here? Jeez, what a world! My last reply, with tongue firmly in cheek is….’the horror….the horror’. This is what Brando/Kurtz was referring to at the end of Apocalypse Now!!!!

  • Leo Spaceman

    I bet it will start off decent, but only after changing the feel and tweaking the world, and then work its way to a “big” game changer before stuttering in place for the last half and then killing someone for the sake of being what feels right and needed and then just kind of ending.

    • Thomas K.

      I have a problem with all you “Purists” having a problem with them using proper film-making and story structure techniques to make a potentially really good film. Rather then sacrifice good movie making procedures just for a few “Oh shit!”-moments in a film that lacks a story.
      I ALSO, have a problem with people claiming sequels, remakes, or prequels ruin the original films… unless they have improved on them to the point where the original is no longer as good it was during it’s first showing….. the Original’s will ALWAYS be superior, they are THE ORIGINAL.
      I’m not using any examples for either argument, because all that will do is bring fan-trolls to defend their favorite properties.
      But the 4 people working on this OBVIOUSLY want to do it as FANS of the Shining, who loved it, and want to re-visit from the creative stand point.

      Now, with a masterpiece like The Shining. I don”t think it SHOULD be touched. But guess what, I’m not a Screenwriter, Producer, Executive, or Director. If YOU want to make sure it is done right, then YOU DO IT.
      If you don’t support it, don’t buy a ticket and then go buy The Shining on BluRay, and you will have done your part in this cycle.

      Filmmakers like to be challenged. Fans like to be entertained. That’s what separates us from them.

  • Bababooey

    I agree with Dr. Spaceman

  • Stephen King

    Just heard rumours its going to be a modern day version with hauntings over Skype calls, and Siri going haywire …”What can i hel -Redrum Redrum- you with?”
    Synopsis: Newly recruited Cook Dick Hallorann (Typer Perry), manager Stuart Ulman (Justin Timberlake) & Hotel caretaker Watson (John Cena) battle it out against the ghosts of The Overlook Hotel, including the appearance of the spirit of Harvey Derwent (David Hasselhoff) ;)

    But in all seriousness I also think this will be rubbish, they should probably be putting their money into adapting the Sequel Doctor Sleep like its only 5 months away and production could begin summer 2014.

  • Great white hype

    It will probably be about the previous caretaker who also went crazy and successfully killed his wife and twin daughters. Jack Torrence was a loser who couldn’t get the job done because Danny was a psychic little brat. Problem is there would be no suspense. We already know how it ends for them.

  • DG

    Seriously who are the douches involved with The Walking Dead firing all these showrunners? First Frank Darabont, then Glen Mazzara. They must really suck at life and not get along with anyone remotely creative.

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  • Snacks

    I have always felt The Shining movie was overrated. It actually was kind of slow. I didn’t read the book so I can’t comment on the original story.
    I did enjoy Glen Mazzara’s portion of The Walking Dead. Intense stuff. Seems like a good choice to put a spin on a Shining prequel. Using a TV guy who is used to putting more focus on stories due to the nature of TV will bring a fresher approach. And now with a bigger budget he can play with more special effects.