THE SIMPSONS Parodies Opening of UP

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The Simpsons has always used social commentary as a staple of its ongoing success, and the second episode (Loan-a-Lisa) of season 22 was no different. Instead of using any of the main characters to parody Pixar’s UP, they actually utilized Scratchy and his female companion from the recurring Itchy & Scratchy Show and gave it a new twist that is all Simpsons. Hit the jump for the video and a bit more detail.

Now titled P.U., the sequence is sped up to compress the opening scenes of UP and I assume they grabbed the original music Michael Giacchino composed. While the P.U. sequence is really just an aside, the episode itself also includes Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is the focus of the new David Fincher film The Social Network. Here’s the parody clip:

And here’s the full episode:


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  • Guest

    There’s been like three UP references on that show now… this one was good but I do think they’re getting a bit too over-indulgent, especially with the high-brow stuff. It used to just be little references usually associated with Lisa but now we get all of these full-blown sequences and such that seem more like homages than parodies, it’s like the writers are trying to scream out “we’re smart!”

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  • Pizzaman

    hulu sucks, is not watchable in europe..

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  • Anonymous


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