First Image of Jonah Hill from the Set of THE SITTER

     December 21, 2010


Director David Gordon Green is just about to wrap shooting on The Sitter, which means we’re due for the first image from the set of star Jonah Hill in costume.  Hill plays a college dropout who agrees to babysit three mischievous children, played by Max Records (Where the Wild Things Are), Kevin Hernandez, and Landry Bender.  The night takes a turn for the worse when Hill loses the cocaine of drug dealers of Sam Rockwell and J.B. Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm), leading Hill and his charges on a chase through New York City.

The Sitter opens on July 15, 2011.  Hit the jump to check out the image.

Okay, so the image itself isn’t particularly mind blowing. But it’s early days. At least now we know Hill’s character wears dorky glasses and sports the old t-shirt/lumberjack shirt/hooded jacket combo. If I’m honest, Hill hasn’t really split my sides with laughter since Superbad.  But I’m fairly alone on that, I think, as fans of Get Him To The Greek will no doubt hasten to point out.

The Playlist calls the script for The Sitter is “quite funny,” which doesn’t excite much more than the image does.  However, comedy like this is usually as much visual as scripted, and no doubt the actors will ham it up with improvisation anyway.

Green has definitely changed his directorial palette in the past few years, veering away from dramas such as Undertow and All the Real Girls. Pineapple Express, his 2008 stoner flick, was very well-received. And he has since been working on the highly anticipated medieval comedy, Your Highness, with Danny McBride and James Franco. The question is, with The Sitter, can he be the director to finally make babysitting cool? Six months until we find out…

[Image removed at request of the photographer]

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  • Ben

    Jonah Hill was not in Pineapple Express..

  • a timely sneeze

    The article didn’t say he was. The article said he hasn’t gotten laughs from Hill since Superbad and just mentions the directors change of tone from more drama features to comedy with Superbad and Eastbound & Down. Achoo

  • ogreboy2666

    I seem to recalled this film from somewhere…
    Who knew that the world needed a new take on Adventures in Babysitting.
    Hopefully Thor makes a (spoiler).

  • NativeNYker

    Dear Mr. Garman,

    Although I am greatly flattered that you have deemed fit utilizing my photo on your site – I don’t however appreciate you doing so without my permission or compensating me for its use!

    That constitutes copywright infringement.


  • Droncz92

    Dear NativeNYker,

    It is just a picture of a movie. Thats what this is, a movie website. Get bent and enjoy your holidays.


    A loyal collider fan.

    • NativeNYker

      NO it isnt a publicity still. It’s a photo shot of Hill arriving on a movie set. big difference you daft dumbass.