The Thing to Be All CGI in FANTASTIC FOUR REBORN; On Back Burner Until After X-MEN: FIRST CLASS Is Filmed

     July 30, 2010

While I’m not sure that many would argue the previous Fantastic Four films were anything but disappointing from a sheer cinematic perspective (on the bright side, I’m sure they sold tons of merch to my nephews), 20th Century Fox still has future plans for the franchise with Fantastic Four Reborn. That said, Screen Rant is reporting today that the studio has made two announcements regarding the film’s status:

- The Thing will be 100% CGI rather than using a practical effect suit like the one worn by Michael Chiklis in the previous installments.

- The reboot itself is on hold pending the completion of X-Men: First Class.

For more info on the announcements and why neither sounds like a terrible idea, hit the jump.

I must agree with Screen Rant in that, while a well-done practical effect, the suit Chiklis wore as The Thing in the previous films stood out like a sore thumb when juxtaposed with the CGI involved in creating a dude that can stretch, one who is on fire, and a girl who is invisible. As such, I feel as if there are worse decisions that could be made regarding the reboot (such as making it in the first place…but more on that below).

As for the news that Reborn is on hold until the studio finishes X-Men: First Class, this gives me hope that there is still time to cancel the project altogether. Honestly, shooting on First Class doesn’t begin until September 21st of this year which gives the studio plenty of time to leave well enough alone and let the iconic superheroes live on in their native platform (and save me the trouble of hunting down the inevitably bad video game for my aforementioned family). Also, if worst comes to worst and the project is still a “go,” this means we won’t have to see images relating to the film for the foreseeable future.

X-Men: First Class is currently slated for a June 3rd, 2011 release with Fantastic Four Reborn hopefully lying low for awhile.

  • Neo-3

    Does that mean F4 won't start til June 4th or after filming is done for First Class.

  • Dan

    I think this is great news all round. Fantastic Four shouldn't stay in comics at all – not when their character library includes Galactus, the Negative Zone, Dr. Doom, the Skrulls, the Inhumans and more concepts perfect for the big screen.

    Iron Man's not the only concept that can fly.

  • JJ

    I don't get why you're against a reboot of the FF franchise. The first attempts were terrible and FF is a comic adaption worth getting right.

  • [A]

    as terrible as both FF movies were, having a real Thing on set was a good thing — a CGI Thing will probably look fake and.. let me rephrase that.. of course it's gonna look fake! but a bad fake.

  • Quatorz

    I think they almost *have* to do something with the franchise, don't they? I seem to remember reading that if they don't show active development then the rights will revert back to Marvel-who would probably love to have the FF back in their stable.

    But as for the CG Thing vs. costume thing…? I'm torn. The costume thing didn't look all that great but I can't help think of the Prequels. Puppet Yoda FTW.

  • Swizzle Stix

    my god. those fantastic four films were awful. everyone on these sites love to bitch about spiderman 3, but it's citizen kane compared to that foul garbage fox forced down fans throats. ugh. i shudder when i think of them. ps. cgi is a terrible idea. they should just perfect the suit.

  • Fo-shizzle

    u have no faith.

  • [A]

    in FOX? hell no

  • Jim Goff

    Because if they don't make this re-boot, the film rights go back to Marvel instead of Fox having it. Marvel would obviously make the better movie.

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  • kai

    i just want in my life time FF & spiderman can be in a movie with iron man or any other movie produced by marvel.

  • Fjkdsodjisad

    at least daredevil reverted back to marvel. kevin fiege said so at comic con. i dunno if it was covered here or any other site. but the crowd went nuts when they heard that they are in active development of a new daredevil. i have a feeling they wont follow through with this reboot of FF

  • Mark Higgs

    i just don't understand why everyone moaned about the first two films, i liked them and any chance to see my favourite marvel characters on the big screen, for me , is an opportunity not to be missed. Like the comics, these characters will take time to evolve, they should be given the chance.

  • tbone

    listen Hollywood has a 90% failure rate. So most of the films are going to suck anyway!
    Thor, Flash the Green aromatherapy candle from pier 1 imports etc are all gonna suck balls!

  • tehheeheheh

    they can teh Thing one of teh Worthy and they can battle Sin as the Norse god Skadi. Blockbuster business!

  • warren

    If done right this could be decent.The problems with the first two were many (bad story ,bad directing,bad casting).If they solve these problems and cast the right actors,it could work.One problem i have with the ff is Reed Richards i just think his powers(ability to stretch ) is way lame .They should just basically make him the smartest man in the world, and he creates all kinds of cool gadgets and weapons and just drop the stretching power.Also would like to see Namor in this one.