April 5, 2012


Six new clips from The Three Stooges have gone online.  Yes, the movie looks terrible, but it also looks like it’s staying true to the source material.  The problem is that staying true to the source material and then trying to transport it into a modern setting doesn’t look like it will work.  There’s also the argument that the movie is for kids, who will enjoy the slapstick and goofy sound effects.  Unfortunately, there probably aren’t a lot of kids who are die-hard fans of a 1930s comedy trio.  It all comes back to “Who is this movie for?” and I don’t have a good answer.  But I will say this: Fox is screening the movie for critics, and despite the cringe-worthy trailers and clips, I’ll do my best to give the movie a fair shake when I see it in its entirety.

Hit the jump to check out the clips.  The film stars Sean Hayes, Will Sasso, Chris Diamantopoulos, Jane Lynch, Jennifer Hudson, Sofia Vergara, Craig Bierko, Stephen Collins, and Larry DavidThe Three Stooges opens April 13th.


  • Pocketses

    No! Just…no.

  • jackie diane

    Quit yer bitchin’. At least it’s not some cynical updated bio-pic about how horrible actually BEING a Stooge was starring Sean Penn. Looks like a pretty faithful modern take on the OG. Wether or not you were a fan will be the telling point. Did you complain when the Stooges cameo’d on Scooby Doo? Or the Globetrotters in Futurama?
    Two words rhyme w/ “Shut the Hell Up and Enjoy the Movie.”

  • DubLBareL

    This is very true to the original shorts. This movie will be good!

  • pooper

    looks like intelligent, high brow, humor of the finest caliber

  • Max

    I don’t know why, but this movie actually looks ridiculous enough that I might have to see it.

  • Caz


  • LAME


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  • tim

    i predict a clean sweep at the razzies next year.

  • May

    Can’t wait for this movie. I WAS a little worried when the first trailer came out last year. But after watching the second trailer I am totally excited for this movie. All the people hating on this movie are a bunch of idiots!