February 11, 2010

Twilight Breaking Dawn slice.jpg

According to Deadline, Summit Entertainment has officially decided to adapt Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in Stephanie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga, into two separate films, which will be shot back to back. This decision has been rumored for a while now and given the novel’s 756-page length, it makes sense from a creative standpoint.  And obviously, it makes sense financially; with the record-breaking box-office bows of the first two, why wouldn’t they want to squeeze as many flicks as they can out of the source material?

The next step for Summit will be finding a director to handle the apparently more mature (and at-times downright gross) territory that’s delved into with this entry in the series. Originally, they had their sights set on New Moon helmer Chris Weitz, but he had other ideas…something about gardening or retirement or something. Per Deadline, the studio’s now looking for someone “high-end” to take the reigns. Series screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is currently in the process of penning the Dawn scripts, with filming slated to begin in October.

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