August 9, 2014


Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Jessie and Lisa may have been best friends on Saved by the Bell, but apparently off camera, there was some serious drama going on and that’s exactly what The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story is going to explore.  Things looked pretty peachy in that first image of Lifetime’s versions of Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, Dustin Diamond, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley and Lark Voorhies, but that’s definitely not the case in the first clip from the movie.

Hit the jump to catch the The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story clip and find out what happens when tempers flare during a photo shoot.  The TV movie is set to air on Monday, September 1st at 9pm and stars Dylan Everett, Sam Kindseth, Julian Works, Alyssa Lynch, Tiera Skovbye and Taylor Russell McKenzie.

If you watched the show all through the 90s, you’re bound to have some fun with this, but between those baby faces and the fact that everybody seems super short, it’s hard not to notice that these actors seem a little too young for this.  Plus, the tone feels more satirical than I anticipated.  Perhaps it’s just because we’re getting this clip completely out of context, but as presented here, it’s more like the actors are making fun of their 90s counterparts rather than playing them as real people.

Here’s the official synopsis of The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story:

Lifetime takes a nostalgic look back at the ‘90s TV show that changed the landscape of Saturday mornings with America’s favorite teens. “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story” delves into the experiences of six unknown young actors placed into the Hollywood spotlight, exposing the challenges of growing up under public scrutiny while trying to maintain the squeaky clean image of their popular characters both on and off-screen. “The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story” is filming in Vancouver and the movie will premiere Labor Day, Monday September 1, at 9 pm PT/ET.


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  • 80sRobot

    This has become a thing. I am an Old Robot.

  • theseeker7

    sure, it’s completely natural for an actor in full makeup and costume to suddenly start doing pushups in the middle of the floor while waiting in between takes at a photo shoot lol

    I’ll go ahead and give Mario Lopez the benefit of the doubt that he never did something like that.

    • Redjester

      Mario doing pushups before being on camera actually makes sense to me as it would make him look more ripped/give him greater definition. That’s actually pretty common. The Dustin Diamond being able to do seven or so pushups is a little less believable lmao!

      All in all, though, let’s call this what it is, a highly exaggerated version of the truth manufactured to paint Dustin’s castmates in the douchiest light possible.

    • LittleLeadmen

      I’ve been on a lot of sets and I see it all the time. A lot of actors like to do something physical to get their head in the right space. Pretty common.

  • alk

    Are you telling me THESE are the closest they could get to the original actors? They look NOTHING alike….well maybe Dustin Diamond’s actor.
    But the others are completely unrecognizable.

    • Redjester

      That’s actually my favorite part of the trailer, how everyone here looks like mini me versions of the actual cast, well except for Dustin Diamond who to no surprise to anyone vastly improved on the real him.

  • Redjester

    This film should be titled “Saved by the Bell: Revenge of the Nerd”

    It would be a whole lot closer to the truth than to try to make us believe this all actually happened. We get it Dustin, you thought you were treated differently on the set. You were always jealous of the girls that lined up in your male costars dressing rooms. This is payback, we get it. Just don’t try to make us believe it isn’t anything more than a highly exaggerated version of the truth where everyone looks like a douchebag except you.

  • MJ

    Horrible music kind of puts a weird vibe into this…sounds like if Musac commissioned a cheap version of Robin Thicke.

    I think I’ll watch Sharknado 2 again instead.

    • Kyozoku

      Really? You’ve never heard Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison” before? You’re giving away your age, there, MJ…

      • MJ

        Probably, but that still doesn’t make that music sound any better to my ears. And I do like some Hip Hop.

  • Cedhollywood

    I wonder if Access Hollywood will cover this at all when its premiered.