THE WALKING DEAD Season Finale Recap: “Beside the Dying Fire”

     March 18, 2012

Well, folks, here we are:  another season of The Walking Dead (this time a full 13 episodes, even if it was divided up over the holidays) has come to an end.  After a season that ran the gamut from “infuriatingly tedious” and “holy crap that was so awesome”, things came to an explosive close tonight in a season finale that might’ve been on par with this year’s mid-season finale…and one that was certainly better than last season’s final episode.  What happened tonight, who lived, and who died?  Find out in our Walking Dead recap, after the jump.


So, before we get into this double-shot of recapping goodness, let’s get something out of the way:  two weeks ago, I hammered out my normal Walking Dead recap, sent it along to Collider HQ, and was informed shortly thereafter that the fake-out opening I’d attached to the piece (wherein I claimed that Shane, who may very well be the most popular character on AMC’s series) wasn’t exactly going over well with the masses.  Upon going back and reading what I’d written, it was immediately clear that the irreverent tone and “Gotcha!” punchline I’d been going for didn’t work.  Like, at all.  It was the very definition of ill-advised, and I couldn’t help but agree with the reaction this piece generated–  it sucked.

And so, while I’ve got your ear, allow me to apologize for the lame-ass gag that opened our previous recap.  Sometimes—and I know this is going to be hard to believe—but even I make really stupid decisions.  You should go ahead and assume that all Walking Dead recaps will (by their very nature) be spoiler-fueled, but you can also rest assured that we’d never spoil something serious in the opening paragraph…nor will I ever work a faux-spoiler into said paragraph.

Now!  With that out of the way, let’s first address what happened on last week’s Walking Dead.

I was shoulder-deep in the SXSW Film Festival when last week’s episode aired, and—perhaps in a bit of karmic irony—I had the episode’s “big moment” spoiled for me by some of my loose-lipped Twitter friends long before I had a chance to sit down and watch the episode myself (in fact, I caught up with last week’s episode in the hour before tonight’s season finale aired):  Shane was killed, turned into a zombie, and was then promptly shot by Rick’s son, Carl.

Even though most of us assumed that Jon Bernthal’s character wouldn’t live to see season three, I think it’d be fair to say that most people expected Shane to get killed off in an explosive season finale, not in the season’s next-to-last episode.  We’d been given any number of clues that this was coming (from the storyline as it originally appeared in the comics to the fact that Bernthal has signed on for a new acting gig over on TNT, in Frank Darabont’s L.A. Noir), but still, the moment was shocking when it finally happened.

the-walking-dead-season-two-finale-2Shane’s death inspired an interesting discussion amongst my Walking Dead-watching friends, specifically the moment where Carl shot zombie-Shane.  This was similar to what happens in the Kirkman comic series, yes, but not quite the same, and it’ll be interesting to see why the show’s writers decided to factor Carl into this sequence.  As readers of the comics will be happy to tell you, Carl killing Shane is just the first step down a very dark path for the Carl character, and I’ve been wondering since the very beginning of AMC’s series if the show’s writers were planning on doing the same thing with the show.  Having Carl shoot a human Shane would’ve set him on that same path very clearly, but having him shoot zombie Shane seems to mean something else entirely.  Some of my viewing-buddies believed that this was Carl’s retribution for having failed to kill the zombie that ended up killing Dale, while others pointed out that the show’s writers could’ve done that with virtually any zombie-kill.  I remain undecided on the significance (if any) of this sequence, but—for what it’s worth—I’m hoping that the show’s writers take Carl on the same twisted journey that the comics-version of the character has taken (more on this later, specifically my concerns about Chandler Riggs’ ability to handle such material).

The rest of last week’s episode, by the way, was excellent.  For me, the episode perfectly captured what The Walking Dead should be on a week-to-week basis:  very little sermonizing, high drama, a few great zombie kills, a bunch of blood, and a few genuine-feeling character beats (I loved the scene with Andrea and Glenn, while the latter’s fixing Dale’s RV).  It’s funny:  before tonight, the best episodes of season two were the premiere, the mid-season finale, and last week’s next-to-last episode.  The same sort of thing happened in season one, if I’m not mistaken, with the writers really rising to the challenge for the premiere and the finale, but the stuff in-between falling a little shorter than I would’ve liked (narratively, anyway).  And so, headed into tonight’s season finale, I had my fingers crossed for a truly kick-ass episode, something that would build upon the goodwill that the show’s writers earned last week and that would honor the show’s own tradition of delivering great endings and beginnings.

the-walking-dead-season-two-finale-3So, did it live up to that expectation?

In a word, yes.  The episode’s opening showed us how the zombies that we all knew would descend upon Hershel’s farm got there, traveling from the city, through the countryside, into the forest, and—finally—ending up right near the farm just about the time that Rick and Shane got into their little Mexican standoff.   A friend who was watching the episode with me said, “Did we really need the backstory of the zombies here?”, but I think we probably did:  had we not seen how that particular group of walkers ended up near the farm, we would all very likely have called BS on the show:  “Oh, what, now the woods is packed to the rafters with the undead, the week after characters were traipsing around the forest without encountering…well, pretty much anything?”  I liked this opening, and like what followed even more.

From there, the episode turned into a full-blown siege of Hershel’s property.  Rick and Carl set the infamous barn on fire after luring a number of zombies inside, while most of the women (Carol, Lori, Hershel’s family) holed up inside the farm house.  T-Dawg and Darryl set to work slaughtering as many of the undead as possible, with Darryl making motorcycle-based zombie killing look like a helluva lot of fun.  Beth’s boyfriend also gets killed here, but he wasn’t the only one:  while Hershel entered the “Unlimited Ammo” code before opening up on a group of walkers, Patricia (Otis’ wife, and not one of Hershel’s daughters as was previously reported) ended up chewed to bits while making a run for it outside the house.  Through all of this, it should be noted, no one realized that Rick had killed Shane.  To my eyes, this added an extra layer of suspense on top of an already-suspenseful scene:  how were characters like Andrea, Lori, and Darryl going to react upon hearing that Rick had killed off one of the group’s best badasses?

the-walking-dead-season-two-finale-4Eventually, everyone managed to climb into one of the half-dozen-or-so vehicles scattered around the farm, put the zombies at their back, and hightail it the eff out of there.  The farm gets destroyed during their escape (the shots of the collapsing barn, engulfed in flames, were pretty damn impressive), and a few of the show’s lesser characters (though none of the original survivors) perished during the exodus, but for the most part the Survivors got outta there unscathed.  In the moment, I was shocked that Hershel made it out of there—he seemed destined to die with the farm—but it’ll be interesting to see what they do with the character going forward.

After driving for a long, long time (it’s apparently late at night when they escape the farm, morning—at the very least—when they finally get outta the car), Hershel, Carl, and Rick stop to try and regroup with the others.  Here’s as good a point as any to bring up something else that’s been bugging me across these past few episodes:  Chandler Riggs (who plays Carl) really needs to step up his game between this season and the next.  On both tonight’s finale and last week’s penultimate episode, Riggs set off some truly cringe-inducing line readings, and one can’t help but wonder how bad things really are if these are the takes that the show’s editors decided to use.  Riggs isn’t a complete disaster in the role, but if this show is going to take Carl to some of the places that The Walking Dead has taken Carl in the comics, he’s going to have to shoulder some pretty heavy material.  I simply don’t see Riggs—in his current state—being able to pull that off.  Am I crazy, or are you guys feeling the same way?

Hershel, Rick, and Carl fall back to the same stretch of highway where Sofia was lost in the season premiere (apparently, this was established, but also apparently, I managed to miss this bit of dialogue while hammering out the recap:  sorry, folks, and thanks for helping with the adjustments).  While the “search for Sofia” storyline is still a point of debate for many Walking Dead fans—which is to say, people are still bitching about the fact that the first half of the season spent so much time on this plot point—I liked that we returned to this spot.  It felt like things coming full circle in a way, and I liked seeing that one, lonely car with that (somewhat depressing, given all that’s happened) message to Sofia scrawled on the windshield.

the-walking-dead-season-two-finale-1During this sequence, the characters took stock of who survived and who didn’t (Shane was conspicuously absent, for instance), and—for the most part—everyone handles things pretty well.  Well, at first they do.  Soon enough, though, they realize that they’re missing Andrea, but the decision’s made to get away from the road and into safer environs before anything else might occur.  As it turns out, Andrea’s out in the woods with a pocketful of bullets and a pack of zombies nipping at her heels.  Though the odds are stacked against her, we got a few great zombie kills here that proved Andrea’s more than capable of handling things on her own (while we’re talking zombie kills, by the way, let’s take a moment to give this series’ special effects and makeup work a much-deserved shout-out:  you guys kick serious ass).

Still, though, she can only run for so long, and sooner or later those bullets are going to run out.  The Survivors end up running out of gas alongside a stretch of highway, decide they’re going to have to put off looking for Andrea for the time being, and a conversation ensues that might have a whole lotta bearing on the direction these characters are going to head in season three:  the point’s made that the farm—however safe it might’ve seemed—wasn’t really the haven it seemed to be at the end of the day, and anywhere these Survivors go is likely to be safe only for a limited time.  Does this point to the likelihood that the comics’ prison setting will make an appearance next season?  The episode’s final shot indicates that, yes, that’s where they’re headed.

the-walking-dead-season-two-finale-5More importantly, though, this conversation leads to Rick telling the rest of the Survivors what he learned at the end of last season:  everyone’s infected.   While it usually seems to take hours for a person to make the transformation from “dead human” to “thriving zombie”, Shane turned almost instantly.  Maybe that’s a bit of shortcutting on the part of the show’s writers, or maybe it’s just there to indicate how singular each case of zombie-ism is:  I remain unsure (note:  apparently, Jenner revealed in the season one finale that the “turning” process can take as little as a few minutes or as long as a dozen hours;  this plot point was forgotten by me and everyone else watching the show over at my place last night, but we thank the helpful commenter below for reminding us of this).  But in any event, Rick’s spooked enough to tell everyone else what he knows, and—as you might expect—the rest of the Survivors aren’t thrilled to learn this information.  Me, I don’t see what difference it makes (it’s kind of like worrying about whether or not you’re going to end up buried or cremated after death:  I guess it’s fair to have a preference, but—at the end of the day—does it really matter?), but to each his own, I suppose.

A lot has been made of Rick’s reversal here, the point where—as the people over on Reddit put it several hours later (in a bit of verbiage I’ve heard was lifted from Kirkman himself)—things go from a “democracy” to a “Ricktocracy”.  Some have pointed out that this is basically Rick “becoming Shane”, and it’s true that this is a major turn for Rick’s character to take.  I agree that this moment’s worth singling out, and the moment probably did deserve a mention in our recap last night.  The truth is, I think we’ve been building to this moment for some time, and I suppose I didn’t find this development as shocking as some other viewers did.  If nothing else, it’ll be interesting to see where Mazzarra and company take this in season three.

In the episode’s final moments, we got a truly massive surprise, one that left my viewing party applauding and cheering the screen:  while running through the woods, Andrea is suddenly overwhelmed by an undead menace, and then—just as she’s about to get all chewed up—a samurai sword whipped through the air, saving her life.  The sight of that sword was a huge deal to anyone watching that’s also read the comics, because it means that Michonne has finally entered the picture.

walking-dead-comic-michonneAnd, sure enough, we got an amazingly kick-ass money-shot of Michonne standing there with her two zombie-pets.  For those of you who haven’t read the comics, I’ll say no more about this character, but know this:  we may have lost Shane this season—and that’s worth mourning—but Michonne is going to add some much-needed badassery to this show, and I can’t wait to see who they’ve got playing her, how she’s going to handle the role, and what adventures lay in store for the Survivors now that she’s entered the picture.

All in all, The Walking Dead’s second season seemed pretty strong, but I’m also probably saying that because the last few episodes were so strong.  If we were to go back and watch the entire thing all the way through—which I plan on doing as soon as the season arrives on Blu-ray—I wonder how it’d play?  That first batch of episodes started strong, ended stronger, but there seemed to be a helluva lot of water-treading there in the middle.  The second-half of the season, on the other hand, seemed far more intense, more interesting, better written.  It really does seem like the show’s writers are fine-tuning their craft as they go along, and if the rumors I’ve heard about season three turn out to be correct, I think we might have something really special in store for us when the show picks up again….what, later this year?  Next year?  Stay tuned to find out, folks, and—after checking my entirely useless grade below (this is an episode grade, not a grade for the season)—feel free to sound off with your thoughts, predictions, and feelings about tonight’s episode in the comments section.

My grade?  A-

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  • Edward Lee

    Meh. I was a bit underwhelmed. No big revelations here, just a lotta set-up for things to come. I was glad with the direction of Rick’s story arc finally.

    • WEV


  • Jordan

    Hershel was reloading when Lori was shouting about finding her son.

  • Vu the nguyen

    Why was the wife all pissy towards her husband…seemed like he had good reason to do what he did regarding killing of shane.

    Loved it when rick went off on the group…”theres the door”

  • Alex

    The group does not go back to look for Andrea as you write -  “Soon enough, they realize that they’re missing Andrea, so everyone heads back out to track her down.” Daryl offers to go back for her, but Rick says she is either on her own or dead. They set up at the side of the woods to wait out the night (getting gas and supplies in the morning), not to wait or to search for Andrea.
    Seeing Michonne and her pets was certainly awesome though!

  • t

    i was hoping next season would start w a drastic time jump so we could get a different actor to play Carl.

    i think we’re stuck with him. or they go David Fincher on him and MAke him at least seem to be a better actor.

  • Jordan

    I completely agree with the critique of Rigg’s acting. It has gotten so pathetic that i would be happy if they recasted him for next season all together. I wouldn’t miss him.

  • Jordan

    Also, I think the reason Shane reanimates faster than others is this- He is carrying a higher dosage of the virus than other people due to the fact that he cut his hand with the same knife he killed a walker with. This leads to the brain being taken over faster… Just a thought.

    • ylanda71

      You have a credible possibility. No shocker though. It happens in zombie movies all the time. Some turn faster than others. Could be different chemistry, how the infection entered the system.

  • MattW

    Thanks for the review, I enjoy reading all of your Walking Dead recaps. Keep it up!…….regarding TWD, I’m disapointed that the Shane character is no longer going to be present to stir the pot and create some scary/psychopath related tension, he did a damn fine job at it. I’m escstatic the group is heading to the Prison,…some of the best moments in the comic series happen there. I hope Michonne comes off as realistic,…the zombie pets worked in the comics,…but it doesn’t seem like it would actually translate in “the real world” of this TV’s walking dead.

  • ylanda71

    Um, they did NOT go back for Andrea. They decided there was no way that was going to happen, she was either dead or um DEAD.

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  • lostafan

    Why did AMC say last sunday’s episode was the season finale??? All weekend was ‘don’t miss the season finale…” and then I just now notice a new episode tonight! Somebody working there must have a virus…

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  • dustofstars

    “While Hershal is doing unlimited ammo–his daughters -minus Maggie get chewed to bits-” first of all, the woman eaten wasnt his daughter, she was Otis’ wife, (Patricia?) and second of all the daughter (Beth?) made it out alive…

  • dexter

    i miss randall already

  • JoshW

    The one character I can not tolerate is Lori. For once can they call child endangerment services on her! She can’t keep her eye on Carl to save anyone’s life. Sheesh, find a sitter! The reason why a few people died, no sitter! And lord teach Carol how to pick up a gun or two and stop looking for a man to take care of her. All she does is cry every episode and say the dumbest things. I was looking forward to her being buried next to Sophia… :-)

    I died laughing at how selfish Rick was to have Jimmy pull up in the RV and not be ready to jump on as it was moving?lol You know, like how it’s suppose to happen in an action flick. I would’ve cruised past and gave him one shot to stick the landing and kept it moving. No way I’d stop.

    Other than that, well done episode and well written article. Definitely interested in seeing what season 3 brings.

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  • Marlboroliteman

    T dog rules!!!!

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  • Strong Enough

    Oh yeaaa bring in the short African katana swinging babe with the two zombies by the leash….oh yea….

    lets hope T-Dog dies next season.

  • Junierizzle

    I wanted to drop this show like a bad habit. But I never walk out on a bad movie. What a terrible season. I haven’t seen a show drop off like that in its second season since Heroes. Why was Lori upset? Why did everyone turn on Rick? Who cares if you’re carrying a virus that reanimates you when you die? You’re dead, there’s nothing you can do about it. What an irrelevant revelation.

    There my last rant about this show. Enjoy season three if you still like the show but I’m out.

    • WEV

      are you still here?

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  • dogg

    Ironically the show got better when it forgot about the zombies for a few episodes and worried about fast, gun wielding people. You don’t have to contrive ridiculous plot devices to incorporate them because they can THINK. Now it’s back to zombies, and the show is stupid again.

  • Anon

    Did you fast forward through this episode or something?

    1. None of Herschel’s daughters died. Patricia (Otis’ wife died) but both Maggie and Beth are alive and well at the end of the episode.

    2. The group has no intention of going to look for Andrea (only Daryl mentions it). Rick makes that clear when he says “She’s not at the farm. She’s either somewhere else or dead. It’s hopeless to look for her” or something similar. They only stop in the woods because Rick’s car is out of gas.

    It’s also interesting how you didn’t mention at all Rick’s total character reversal where he basically becomes Shane and is like “This is no longer a democracy”.

  • Christian

    I’m extremely happy with how this episode turned out. The action scene was so intense that I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I was looking over the characters’ shoulders and expecting something to leap out at them constantly. I also like how Rick is transforming into Shane. At least it seemed like it. Kind of like how in Breaking Bad Walter eliminates the evil drug lords only to become one himself.

    I was so happy when Shane died. I hated his character so much as he kept repeating himself with his “I love you Lori”. I don’t understand why Lori freaked out as she asked Rick to take him out episodes ago. As well everyone knew that he had killed Otis… so WTF?! As well Carol is such a dumbass. By far the weakest link. Please kill her off soon.

    As for Carl, I am so confused by his character. It must be bad acting as I have no idea if he’s good or bad. His character seems to make incredibly stupid choices.

    I must admit this new character entering the pictures looks BADASS! I cannot wait for season 3!

  • Christian

    By the way AMC announced Danai Gurira is playing Michonne.

  • Wade

    Man, I was hoping the “big revelation” was that the virus was man-made. With everyone coming back, ie.shane, it was a given. I waited a full season for nothing but disappointment

    • Teinen

      You watched the entire season waiting for your own theory to materialize?
      Wow. I’ve never been so pleased by morons jumping on a bandwagon than Walking Dead. Thank you morons for helping make this show possible!

      • Wade

        Don’t most people have theories when they watch suspenseful shows? I’m not all butthurt about it. Just figure it was something mind blowing the way it was presented. I’m still a fan. It just would have led to the ah-ha moment instead of “say what?”

  • Justin

    Who’s going to mourn Shane? He wasn’t likable in the comics, and he wasn’t likeable in the show. He wasn’t a bad ass, he was a psychopath. Daryll’s a bad ass, Andrea’s a bad ass, shit, Glenn has his moments of badassery, but Shane was as annoying as half of the other characters on the show.

    If I’m going to mourn anyone it’s Dale. He might have been annoying on occasion, but he was one of the few characters on the show who actually thought shit all the way through.

    • Christopher S

      Thank you! I’m so glad that I am not alone in thinking that.

  • Blurb

    If the daughter who tried to commit suicide succeeded then there wouldve been a zombie loose inside the house that people wouldnt have been prepared for. Knowing that simply dying can turn you into a zombie is important information! No more suicides allowed!

    • AlexHeyNa

      Unless they shoot themselves in the head….

  • Mark

    Wait, so Hershels’ kids are gone? That’s gonna mess with a really good moment of the Prison.

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  • Lando

    Did the press get a different cut of the finale? Because the episode you described is quite different than the one I saw:
    - That isn’t Hershel’s son, he’s Beth’s boyfriend.
    - Hershel’s daughters clearly survive. How you can mistake this, I do not know.
    - That wasn’t a coincidence that they found each other on that stretch of highway, it was their fallback point. And it was shown (via the windshield and supplies), and stated (by Rick), from the second Rick and co. get there that it was where they lost Sophie and where the others would go to regroup.
    - The group does not go looking for Andrea. Nor do they stop later, many miles away to do so. They ran out of gas.
    - It was revealed in the 1st season finale, by Jenner, that the turning process has been reported to be a quick as a few minutes to as long a many hours.
    I’m not gonna hurl any insults your way, but if you’re gonna recap a show you should probably pay attention when you watch it.

  • Christopher S

    Thank God I watched the show for myself instead of just going off your review, because there are so many discrepancies between the information you presented and the actual information. How can we take anything you said in the recap seriously, or any of your take on the show because you may be completely wrong, like you were here on multiple occasions. O and by the way, please use commas and grammar instead of all these horrible parentheses…sigh. I think you need to stop getting your information confused because you can’t discern between the information presented in the comics and the information in the show.

  • D.

    I’m sorry I like your reviews but are you watching the same show…. at no point do they decide to go back for Andrea. Rick clearly states ‘She won’t be there and we have no idea of knowing where she could be.’

    Your critical eye leaves something to be desired.

    As for the show itself. You are right the only good episodes are the first and last. I think they need to change up the writers. I’m barely routing for the survivors any more because it is just one utterly moronic decision after the next. They never had a get away plan… they never had an emergency supplies just in case they were discovered… While I’m griping, no one thought to pick up ANY of the weapons around the CDC… I thought the Jenner reveal would be more interesting.

  • BBwolf777

    Just a few points I’d like to mention.
    1. Drama fans dont lose heart w/ the loss of shane, we still have the puppetmaster pulling strings even in the last min. of the show…yes..none other than Lori. Shane was doing fine w/ ricks return until lori lost her marbles and told him to stay the hell away from her and carl…thats what started his psycosis and building hatred. Then she begins to flip flop w/ his emotions and wispering in Ricks ear that shane is a problem while hiding her pregos >:(
    2. As to the info of spontaneus “Walkering” upon death…thats huge…as accident prone as these folks are, Rick should have put out an all points bulletin.
    3. Lastly, lets not forget our future Captain Hook and walking talking conflict machine…Darells nutty brother..hope he comes back in soon. >:)

  • Slq

    Hello complainers! If you all watched the show then why are you reading a recap? Stop bitching and write your OWN recap then.

    • Erin

      The problem with Scott’s recap is that it’s so filled with incorrect information those who don’t watch the show and solely rely on these write-ups will be crucially misinformed about important events in the show. Those of us who both watch the show and read recaps are simply enjoying the camaraderie of mutual fandom. Oh, and a few of us write our own reviews, too. For a professional writer to commit the number of factual errors that this review does is beyond problematic, and insulting.

  • James

    Michonne has arrived! That’s all the reason I need to continue on with the series.

  • Vinícius

    About Lori being pissed at Rick. I also thought it was weird, but she looked to get really angry when he said Carl was the one to shoot Shane, when he turned.

    Did anyone else see that? Because she being pissed at Rick for killing Shane makes no sense (although, her reactin isn’t quite appropriate for my theory either).

    I don’t know, just putting it out there.

  • blueorangeny

    I thought it was a great episode and I can’t wait for Season 3, Prison, Governor, and Michonne in the picture. Plus any other minor character that will come out of the prison.

    Lori is a bitch.

    And as far as “Ricktocracy”. I kind of match that speech with the one in the comics. I don’t want to ruin it for the one’s who haven’t read but there was a moment in the comics, he kind acted the same way and preached the same in some levels. I don’t want to reveal any more but if you read comics, perhaps you see what I’m speaking about.

  • PhilB

    We need Lori out of the picture. She needs to bite the dust already. That would serve Carl well. Besides, she lost her badass-ness side and became an annoying frustrated apocalyptic housewife.

  • criticprik

    this is a pretty crappy review, mainly because it seems like scott wampler didnt so much watch the episode as he did glance at it out of the corner of one eye while tweeting “omg did you see that?” on his iphone…..or something.
    if you’re going to critically review an episode, at least get the facts straight concerning what happened in the episode. i really dont think thats too much to ask.
    sadly, many net-based reviews are like this. we come here to read these reviews with a bit of the expectation that we’re reading the insights and words of someone who knows the show, its characters and backstories particularly well; someone who can reference forgotten but key facts from an earlier episode or season, draw links, and make theories or predictions from an informed viewpoint.
    instead we get reviewers who mix characters up, forget plot lines, and ask their readers to clarify things for them that they seem to be too lazy to do themselves. thats pretty lame. i call BS on scott wampler.

  • Elaine

    Correction please – Shane is not the most popular character in the AMC series. He’s a lying pig. Daryl is the most popular.

  • AlexHeyNa

    Ricktatorship. Not…Ricktocracy -_-

  • CB

    Sorry I’m so late but I always wait for the series to release so I can watch it more closely. There’s got to be a relationship between the burn-pits and being turned into a walker. The group burns the walkers and they bury their loved ones. Rick and Shane noticed the walker security guards had no bite marks and they also noticed, for us, a burn-pit on the grounds. Hummm? Could there be something inhaled through the smoke of a burning walker? All those dead on the highways are dead…no shot in the head…yet they never turned. Shane had just burned a walker pile recently from the barn and the smoke could have still been in his system which could have caused a quicker turn for him and that time could be lengthen through the natural cleansing the body does. Comments?